No Cell Phones for Mildred Pierce!!

For me, one of the most wonderful things about watching a majestic old black and white film, is the fact that there are NO CELL PHONES!

Could you ever imagined, Joan Crawford, in this fabulous scene as “Mildred Pierce” using a cell phone???

No friggin' way!

Joan always needed something BIG and HEAVY to throw across the room.

A tiny little cell phone would not have had the same effect.

By the way…in a previous scene…Veda, Mildred's daughter (played by Ann Blyth) SLAPS THE HELL out of her mother, while they're both standing on a staircase. I usually rewind the film to the beginning of the SLAP five or six times…it‘s hysterical.

(It's so refreshing to see Joan abused for a change).

You GO Veda!

Photo: Glenderful

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  1. LMFAO!!! I just LOVE that you can't stand cell phones!!! LOVE IT! :-) xx