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Years ago, I was very fortunate to be asked to teach a creative dramatics class at a summer camp in a small town not far from where I lived, in Mount Dora, Florida.

Each day I taught six, one-hour classes, Monday thru Friday. My contract was for six weeks. The children ranged from four and half years old, to twelve. The younger ones were definitely my favorite.

And let me tell you…I have a new-found respect for ANYONE who teaches.

The energy expended from teaching, is by far MORE than any amount of energy I’ve ever used to do something physical.

(I came home everyday, feeling as though I had been digging ditches for six hours!)

Also, I now know what it’s like to have your attention stretched in ten million places, in order that everything runs smoothly.

I have discovered what “multi-tasking” means.

(however, that doesn’t mean I do it well)

Even with the tremendous emotional drain, what I learned in the way of expressing “non-conscious freedom” from being around the children, was well worth it...and I'd gladly do it again!

I often thought, “Who’s teaching, who?”

From an acting point of few, an actor must become like a child in order to act. So, what better way for “me” to learn…than to be with children.

To watch them execute an acting exercise, and literally throw themselves into it without any worry of doing something wrong, was mind-blowing.

Children have the wonderful ability to abandon themselves…and “just be.”

They can freely express their feelings and emotions; not giving a damn.

(I love that)

Everything is right out front, in the open. Nothing is hidden.

They just, “are.”

And the way they LOVE.

They would come up to me throughout the day, and just wrap their little arms around me, and say… “I love you, Mr. Ron.”

Because they LOVE… just to LOVE.

They just , “do.”

Ahhh…to be “childlike”.

Photo: Garlyn


  1. Oh children are wonderful!
    What more can you say?

  2. Morning Akelamalu~

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady. And thanks for saying Hi!


  3. oh, this was just lovely. What an amazing time that must have been, Ron. I've taught small groups of children in the past, but nothing as intensive as that.

    Kids just say the first thing that pops into their heads...not always a great idea for ME to do, but as I'm working to get that childlike 'innocence' back, maybe sometime it'll be safe! LOLOL

  4. Hey Miss Grace!

    Not always a good thing for ME to do either...yet I still LOVE it!


    There's something so refreshing to hear a child...just spit it out!

    (even when it's not fabulously complimentary...and directed towards me)

    I love when I hear a blood-curdling scream in the store...and know that it's a child just letting it out!

    I bet YOU'RE a wonderful teacher!

    Thanks for stopping by's always my pleasure.

    Mr. Ron

  5. Small wonder the Big Guy invites us to come to Him as small children.
    Who wouldn't wanna be loved like that!

    (I hope you don't mind a visitor.)

    Stay well....

  6. Hi Mel...and welcome!!

    Absolutely not....I LOVE to get new visitors!

    I've actually seen your comments around some of my favorite blogger buddies, and have enjoyed them.

    You said it Mel...I think He DESIRES us to come to Him as small children...because we're so open to LOVE!

    Thank you for dropping by and sharing your "warm energy"'s always welcomed!

    Be well,
    Mr. Ron