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You may have noticed on my left sidebar, a little square box that say’s Entrecard: Blog Highlight of the Day.

And you may have wondered, “What the HELL is that?”

About a month ago on BlogU I read an interesting post about Entrecard. It’s an ingenious way for bloggers to help promote one another’s blog. This is done by something called “card dropping.”

I can’t tell you, how many wonderful blogs I’ve discovered since joining Entrecard.

(you can click on the actual card that you see displayed on my widget, to find out more about the blog that I am currently highlighting)

The process to sign up is quite simple. Entrecard gives you the option of either using one of their pre-made cards, or you can also use a personalized card if you would like to create a graphic of your own. Entrecard then gives you the widget code to place on your blog.

(if you click on the letter “E” on my Entrecard widget it will open a window, where you will see my own customized card and blog profile)

The Entrecard system works by accumulating credits, that allows you to purchase exposure time on someone else’s widget.

(Note: credits are not actual money)

Each Entrecard user requires a certain amount of credits to land on their blog. Some are high and some are low.

Example: Currently it costs 16 credits to land on mine. When someone who is an Entrecard user, clicks on the yellow drop bar, their card will appear within my account. I am then given a chance to view their blog and decide whether or not I accept or decline it. If I accept it, their card will be displayed on the widget that you see here - and stay there for 24 hours.

You are given credits for displaying someone else’s card, and as these credits accumulate, they can then be used to purchase exposure time on someone else’s blog. You are also given credits each time you drop your own card on some else’s widget.

Now, to be honest with you, I don’t use Entrecard in the total manner in which it was designed. I'm not a huge card dropper...I find it a little too time-consuming. I presently choose to use this system, as a way of highlighting blogs that I find interesting, and would like to share with my readers.

Since I don’t use Entrecard to the fullest, I’m supplying you with a link to a thorough explanation of the complete workings and benefits of Entrecard.

So, if you have some time this weekend, and would like to do some “blog promoting” by giving and getting some exposure, please check out Entrecard.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. That sounds interesting Ron, if a little complicated. I may take a look when I've got a little more time. I'm off on a weekend break today. :)

  2. Well, now that sounds like a fun thing.

    Only, true to my nature, I suck at staying disciplined in doing 'stuff' like it's mean to be done...
    But I do so enjoy visiting around and discovering a new victim. LOL

    Perhaps I'll get a chance to go exploring this weekend.
    Now I'll have a sane method to my madness.
    ...yeah, right.....LOL

    Have a joyfilled weekend, sir!

  3. Sounds complicated!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. When I first saw Entrecard I thought you had to buy it, like a yearly subscription or something.
    Interesting. I clicked on it and how neat that the blogger highlighted has an Etsy page and sells jewelry and goes by 'Crystal' something or another! I'm in good company. :)
    I have often thought I'll get an Etsy page at some point. My excuses are:
    I'm very busy with craft shows right now.
    Blogging takes up my extra time.
    My kids take up whatever is left after crafting and blogging.
    My husband needs a meal now and then. Altho, I could leave a takeout menu on the kitchen table... hmmm. That would free up more time for blogging, er, I mean looking into Etsy.
    OH wait, more excuses:
    Neptune is the highest elevated planet in my chart, sitting at the door to the 10th house and opposing Jupiter. Does this mean anything to you??
    Neptune IS great for creativity, but
    after I get done fantasizing about the career I want to have and after I get down on myself for lacking the follow-thru I need then I wander off to go fantasize about something else, probably some mystical idea. Maybe trying to figure how I can bless all of the beads and fill them with different energies that people need.
    Then I get distracted, or try to escape from whatever it is I was doing in the first place and head right for Starbucks.
    Is that so wrong???

    What? Where am I? OH right, Entrecard. Looks interesting. I'll be sure to daydream about it often.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend Ron!!

    p.s. Kudos to your highlighted blogger, she has some nice items!

  5. Cool idea, Ron. I'll try to find some time to check it out!

  6. Mornin' Akelamalu~

    Yes...tis' a little complicated!?@?#?

    Which is why, at present, I only use it to "highlight" someone else's blog.

    And, I've gotta tell you...I've discovered some REALLY interesting blogs.

    Thanks my friend, for stopping by...and I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend break!!!!


  7. Howdy Nitebyrd~

    Yes...please do check it out if you have some of time...

    I have feeling you would find some really wonderful reading! amazes me how many blogs are out there!!!

    Great seeing ya, Miss Nitebyrd!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Howdy Bek~

    Yes....a "wee" bit complicated...but once you sign up, you can use the system in whatever way suits your fancy.

    At present, I just like sharing some really COOL blogs I've discovered.

    Thank you for dropping in today,'s nice seeing ya!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Hellooooo Mel~

    Hey...that's what I've REALLY enjoyed about Entrecard...discovering new blogs and sharing them with other people.

    You can use this system as involved or univolved as you wish.

    Give it a peek if you have a IS FUN!!

    (and you know you and I like to play!)

    Have a JOYFILLED weekend too, dear lady.

    Enjoy that porch swing!

  10. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing Ronnie!!! You know I'm addicted to this kind of stuff! Widgets especially! :-D

    ROCK ON!!!

    BTW RAT GiRL Part 2 is out if you wanna go see it!! :-) xx

  11. Mornin' Mary~ crack me the HELL up!!!!

    You should also think (or fantasize) about becoming a comedian and writer! You're very good at BOTH!

    I hear you, though...being an air sign, the mind can be blown in several different directions at once. EVERYTHING looks delicious...however, what do I choose FIRST? And how do I stay focused?

    It can be challenging for me too!

    (ooohh..I agree...doesn't STARBUCK'S bring everything into FOCUS???)

    I love and laughed at how you said, "Maybe trying to figure how I can bless all of the beads and fill them with different energies that people need."

    That's actually what I do with Reiki...ZAP everything!

    Hey...actually, Entrecard would be a GREAT way to hightlight your jewelry.

    Oh, well...if you feel like it check it out...if not...I guess it wasn't in the STARS!!!


    Have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL weekend you crazy lady, you!

    Always such a treat talking to ya!

  12. Good Day Giggle~

    Or rather Good Night, to you in Australia!!!


    Yes...I have a feeling, YOU would love Entrecard. Check it out if you feel like it.

    Ok...I'll be over later to check up on the Divine Miss Rat Girl!!!

    Great seeing, dear Giggle/Rat Girl!

  13. Ronnie I've added it but I don't know what to do next! LOL (it's the blonde hair dye!)

    At the moment its my card showing... but I don't wanna promote my card... I want to promote someone elses!! LOL

    Can you click on it so I can promote you? *flutters eyelashes*


  14. Sounds interesting will pop over and chck it out!
    Hope your keeping well :)

  15. OH MY GOD Casdok!!!!!

    What a WONDERFUL surprise!!!!

    I'm so excited...I can't stand it!

    Are you back...or just visiting?

    I hope all is well for you and C. I think you guys often and send you much good energy!

    Yes...if you have some time, check Entrecard made find it FUN!

    Thank you SOOOOO much for taking the time to visit, dear lady.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Oh Giggle you are sooooo funny!

    What happens now, is that you must log into your account and your dashboard should appear. If some has dropped a card on your will see it there.

    Either accept or decline it. If you accept...the card will just appear on your widget.

    You just got give it a few days to get your card noticed by other users...and trust WILL get drops. I get 10-15 a day!

    I will go to your blog now and drop my should see it in you dashboard. Just click accept and it should be there.

    Read all the info on the Entrecard Site...they will explain a lot to you (FAQ'S)

    Good luck...I SOOO glad you signed'll enjoy it!

  17. there a book (Entrecard for beginers) cause I could use it.
    Actually, I'm keeping it low...Aliens might still looking for me, ya know. hehehe.

    Have a fab weekend Ron, honey. Oh, I also want to say "Hi" to Bekah...Hi sweetie. YO...Cause that's how we roll here in the hood.

    Ciao babes. :D

  18. Howdy Spiky~

    You always make me LAUGH!


    I think they're looking for me too!

    (that's why I use the George Jeston avatar!)

    tee, hee!

    Hey...and thanks for letting me know about the Entrecard book...I had no idea. I'm only just beginning to get the hang of this stuff!

    Thanks for stopping by, always make me SMILE!

    Have a FAB weekend!

  19. I didn't know anything about Entrecard, so thanks for taking the time to explain it and show what it does. Sounds pretty cool! I like it.

    So, I'm curious, what led you to choose George Jetson as your avatar? I like it. :o)

  20. Howdy Miss Rhea~

    Hey...I think you would LOVE Entrecard!

    It's really a wonderful way to meet new bloggers and then help spread the word.

    I really don't have the time to drop my card as much as I should. Like I IS time-consuming, so I prefer just highlighting the blogs I find interesting and helpful for me and my readers.

    I found some REALLY wonderful blogs in the Blogworld.

    Take a look and see if it's something you might be interested may enjoy it.

    OH...and about my George Jeston avatar....

    Well...the blog template that I had before this one, I had customized to reflect The Jetsons cartoon. It was pretty BRIGHT and WILD. I had icons of all the Jetson characters on the sidebar (the whole family was there, including Rosie, Astro and Mr. Spacely)

    I used George as my avatar at the time...and when I switched to THIS template...I just decided to keep him.

    As a kid...The Jetsons was my favorite cartoon to watch on Saturdays.

    (but don't tell anybody...I really AM George Jetson...ssshhhh)

    Thanks for stopping by for a read today, Rhea...always nice chatting with you!

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Ok, I swear i WILL get round to it!
    I've only JUST started reading posts and blogs of a wider crowd! lol

    I have a little something for you on my blog Ron, its in the post "Bless the Bloggers"

  22. Hello Francesca~

    I just came back from visiting your blog. I saw that you arrived here from Blog Catalog. You're blog is beautiful! Unfortunately, it's in Italian...and I only know a few Italian curse words.

    Ok...I'm a little confused...I use to have a blog visitor from Italy, last year...are you THE Francesca??

    If you ARE it's GREAT seeing you again!

    If you're's GREAT meeting you!

    Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment!


  23. Good Morning Trub~

    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    I'll be over in just a minute...

  24. I didn't know you knew how to speak Chinese Ron. That is what this post is right?

    Sorry, you know how technically challanged I am, but whatever you said, I'm sure it was nice.

    In closing I'd like to say, "yang, fung low."

  25. Howdy Jeff~

    YES...and when you sign up at Entrecard, it comes with 2 egg rolls and a fortune cookie!!!!

    I is a bit involoved, and it takes some getting use to, but DAMN...I found some of the coolest blogs through it.

    I honestly don't use it the way most people do...I just don't have the time.

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy. I hope you had wonderful Saturday!

  26. That's an awfully cute puppy highlighted on your Entrecard today ;-) BIG grin! Thanks for featuring my blog today Ron!

  27. Entrecard sounds interesting but I'm not sure I have time on top of my full time day job and my nighttime/weekend writing gigs. But I am interested and think about it. Thanks! I learn something new at every blog I visit.

  28. Evening Misty!

    You are SOOOOO welcome, my friend!

    I'm proud having you here!!

    Drop anytime you wish!

    Isn't Entrecard GREAT???

    Enjoy your evening!

  29. Greetings Ashely!

    Welcome..and thanks for taking the time to visit and leaving comment!

    I've seen your avatar at so many of the blogs I visit, so I feel like I know you!

    YES...Entrecard takes a little involvement, but once you get the hang of's actually easy. And it's a wonderful way to discover some wonderful blogs.

    When you have some time, check it may be something you find fun and enjoyable!

    Thanks again for stopping by. It's nice finally meeting you! Stop by anytime!