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I’ve always had a fascination with dreams.

It’s funny, because I seem to go through periods when I dream a lot. And then there are other times, when I dream very little or not at all.

Although, I’ve read that we always dream…however, we don’t always remember them.

Lately, it’s been a time when I’m not dreaming…or rather not remembering.

Years ago, I used a “dream dictionary” as a way of helping me to interpret my dreams, but eventually I realized that the “dreamer” is the best interpreter. I think dream dictionaries are good as far as giving a broad over-view of dreams, but my own subconscious will sometimes use unique symbols that only I will understand.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my reoccurring dreams, and then invite you to share in yours.

I’m in an elevator…and it’s going up and down. Sometimes the elevator is moving fast…and other times it’s moving excruciatingly slow. I’ve even had dreams, where the elevator feels as though the cable has snapped…and it’s crashing downward.

*This dream usually occurs when I feel confused about the direction of my life, or when I find it difficult to make a decision.

Another reoccurring dream, is that I’m trying desperately to make a telephone call. I keep pressing the buttons in total frustration, because I can‘t seem to dial the number correctly…and when I finally do dial the number, I keep getting disconnected and have to redial all over again.

*This dream usually occurs when I’m not listeing to my intuition or not hearing it’s guidance correctly.

And one of the most eeeky dreams, involves my teeth. I’m either pulling my teeth out of my gums, or my teeth are so loose, they just fall out on their own and I’m spitting them into a sink.

*This dream usually occurs when I’m not speaking my truth, or finding it difficult to communicate it.

Recently, I found a fascinating website Dream Moods that gives some wonderful information on dreaming, such as: the importance of dreams, types of dreams, remembering dreams, common dreams, and also frequently asked questions about dreams.

So if you share my curiosity of dreams, please check it out. I think you’ll find some really cool stuff.

Sweet Dreams, everyone!


  1. Ok it's official!!!

    Either you are me trapped in a mans body, or I am you trapped in a pregnant womans body!!!


    I LIVE for dreams and interperatation!!! AND I have my own dream journal too!!

    Especially since I've been pregnant! My dreams have been SOOOO vivid! Some are nightmares though about losing the baby! :-( But others are good dreams about pushing my baby in a trolley in a toy store! *GiGGLeS*

    I even had a dream about YOU Ronnie a couple of months ago!

    LOL don't ask me why, but you were stuck in a washing machine and I helped you out! And then, we were sitting on a park bench laughing hysterically at a croaking frog!!!



  2. OMG Giggle...I SWEAR TO GOD...when I was writing this post today...I kept thinking about lie!

    For some reason, I was wondering (because you are pregnant) if you were dreaming more. I've heard many women say that when they were pregnant, they dreamed A LOT!!!

    Isn't that funny???

    It's and I and Nitebyrd are triplets!

    OH...and that's so funny about your dream of me in a washing machine!!!

    (I wonder if I was stuck in the "rinse cycle"?)

    tee, hee!

    Maybe I'm going into the laundry business!?!?!?!?

    Thanks for stopping by, dearest one.

    Wishing you the sweetest of dreams!

  3. Hi Ron
    I am with Giggle. My most vivid and memorable dreams where during my pregnancies. It must be something hormonal. I can still remember very clearly a dream that I had when I was pregnant with my daughter (who is 8 1/2 now). I dreamt that I delivered her early and the doctor told me to take her home and keep her in the oven on a very low setting. In my dream, I forgot about her being in the oven and when I finally remembered, she was charred black. Freaky right?? I sure it was sort of fear of being an incapable mother coming out of my subconscious.
    For the most part, I do not have recurring dreams, with the exception of when I worked as a waitress. I used to dream about waiting tables all night long.
    And mostly, I do not remember my dreams.
    It is funny that you post this, because just a few days ago, I was sitting in bed very early in the morning reading a book, my husband was still sleeping. All of the sudden he cracked up laughing in his sleep. He was laughing so much that he woke himself up. Of course, then I started laughing, but I had no idea what was so funny. He was dreaming of course. He told me all about his dream, which was slightly humorous set to words, but apparently it was hysterical while he was asleep.

    I think it is fun to think about what your dreams mean although I have never relied on their interpretations too much. Fun post Ron.

  4. When I was a child, I had a terrible recurring dream about a dog with no head that was chasing me. The dog barked, but had no head.

    After my mother died, I had dreams where she would show up and I had to tell her she was dead. When my sister-in-law died, I had a dream where she came to my house. When I saw her, I screamed, "There is no fucking way I'm telling you you're dead!" I never had those dreams again.

    I also had a dream that Ryan Peake and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) were performing in a club and they were dressed in kilts. I won't go any further into THAT dream. :P

    Giggle and Ron, we need to plan a family reunion!

  5. Mornin' Nicole~

    SEE!!! I guess it's true...pregnant women do dream more vivid and memorable.

    Thanks for sharing your "baby dream." When you said that the doctor told you to keep the oven on a low setting, I laughed. How cute. I kept thinking of a souffle!

    I too have had dreams, such as your husband, when I wake myself up laughing. I remember giggling up a storm! In fact, I had one of those a few months ago and was telling someone at work about it. They usually happen to me upon waking up in the morning.

    The type dream you mentioned about waitressing, I've had with certain jobs too. When I was a cashier, I would dream of ringing on a register all night long!!!

    Always great seeing ya, Nicole. Thanks again for sharing a little "dreaming" on this post!

    Have an awesome Monday!

  6. Thanks for the Link Ron! gonna go check it out.
    I only remember my nightmares, and thats no fun.
    I love the twilight of thoughts just before I fall into the sandmans arms.
    Some of my most inspired thoughts come from that place..
    sleep sweet my friend!

  7. Morning Triplet Sister Nytebyrd~ just reminded me of a reoccuring dream I had when I was a child about being chased too! Not by a headless dog...actually I can't recall who or what was chasing me...but I know that I was running from my house to the neighbors (back and forth)!!

    It's interesting that you mentioned the dream about telling your mother that she was dead, because my own mother had a similar type dream a few months after both her parent had passed. She was at a cocktail party (in the dream) and she saw both her parents there...and they both told her, "Don't ever worry about us...because we're very happy."

    ohhhh...ohhh...and do you know whats funny your dreaming Nickleback and kilts? Sorrow left a comment on one of my past posts, about how she enjoyed the site of a man in kilts.

    (hope you don't mind me sharing this Lady Sorrow)

    I'm wondering...was Sorrow in the dream too??

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for sharing your dreams, Miss Nitebyrd...I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about them!

    Have a GRAND Monday!

  8. Top of the mornin' to ya, Lady Sorrow~

    Sometimes I have nightmares too! The reoccuring dreams that I shared here, are sort of night mares, although I think of them more as anxiety dreams. Those times in my life, when I feel unsure or fearful about something.

    And yes...I do know what you speak of when you say, "twilight of thoughts" just before you fall. Sometimes that happens to me when I share Reiki too. It's that "in between place" of wake and sleep.

    Thank you for sharing today, dear Lady. It's always a joy!

    Ok...let's sing it...

    "Mr. Sandman...give me a dream...."

  9. I don't really have recurring dreams but I have had prophetic ones - personal not as in seeing plane crashes or anything like that.

  10. The most vivid dream I've ever had had was when I was a kid. I dreamt I was flying down the stairs, out the back door and into a spiral around the backyard.

    I think it means I want to fly. ;)

    Oh.. I totally want a stuffed pig like in that picture!

  11. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    WOW...that's so cool!

    I don't think I've ever had prophetic dreams.

    Being a Scorpio, I know you must be VERY in tuned to your intuition. Scorpio's are know to be very psychic, so that doesn't surprise me at all!

    Thanks for sharing that, my friend.

    Enjoy your evening!

  12. Hi Anndi!

    I know...don't ya just LOVE the little piggy?

    Me too!

    In fact, you're not going to believe this, but that's the whole reason why I used the photo!!!

    Hey...and thank you for sharing your dream, Anndi, because I had a good friend in Florida, who would have very similar experiences such as you described. She really enjoyed it too. I sometimes think of her and wonder if it still happens.

    GREAT seeing ya, Anndi. And thanks for sharing!

    P.S. And if I ever find a little pig like that, it's yours!

  13. ron..this is very interesting. I know I dream, but I don't remember them most times. When I do dreams are vivid in color and that is sometimes a curse. I usually dream about other people.
    I think sometimes I dream about events from my when I was a teen. I try to bury them deep and sometimes they come out in my dreams...I ican tell when I have had a dream of then...because I am quiet and sad, but at least I don't dry anymore.

    Have a fab day ron.

  14. Evening Miss Jones~

    Thank you for sharing about your dreaming of past events, because you made a very good observation. I too have had dreams of past events (childhood memories or dreams about past relationships). And it's seems, just as you said, that when those past memories are experienced (through the dream)...the emotions tied to that memory...are somehow released from the subconscious.

    Very interesting, isn't it?

    This is why I've always felt that there is "something" to dreams.

    Thank you very much for adding your experience to this post.

    Have a FAB evening, Spiky!

  15. OK, time to inturpet your dreams.

    Elevator- moving up and down, fast and my works on Frued. You're worried about your sexual performance and the snapping cable means you're considering a vasectomy.

    Telephone- Clearly you are concerned with using up all of your anytime minutes.

    Teeth- If their floating in the water in the sink, then it means you should pee before going to bed.

    So there you have it. All figured out. Either that or you've just had too much pizza late at night.

  16. Ron, great post! I am fascinated by dreams and interpreting them.

    I can't really relate to the elevator or the phone dreams, but the teeth falling out is one I've had before. It was freaky awful.

    My worst reoccurring dreams are when I have tornados chasing me or snakes following me. I know I'm stressed when these pop up.

    You know that chocolate can give you more vivid dreams if you eat it before bed? It can also cause night terrors, if you're prone to those.

    Nitebyrd's headless dog has me totally freaked out. That's scary stuff!

    Giggle, you and Nitebyrd crack me up. Ron in the washing machine huh? hehe

  17. HOLY HELL, JEFF....that was freaking hysterical!!!!

    Where do you come up with these things????

    I LOVE them!

    Your ELEVATOR dream explaination was PRICELESS!!!

    DAMN Dr.'re amazing!

    Always GREAT seeing ya, buddy. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Howdy Rhea!

    THANK YOU for saying that you TOO have had the "tooth dream!"

    The link that I placed on this post to Dream Moods has a whole section on dreams about teeth. I found the information amazing. I know of one other person in my life who has had these dreams too.

    It's funny that you mentioned things that chase you in dreams, because as I told Nitebyrd...I've had those same type dreams. More so when I was younger.

    I know...weren't Giggle and Nitebyrds comments hysterical? And did you read Mr. Jeff's?? I feel like I'm on Saturday Night Live.

    Hey...thanks for sharing that information about eating chocolate before bed, cause I DO love and eat chocolate often. I had no idea.

    Thanks for also sharing in my fascination of dreams. I REALLY do think they reveal much about our subconscious.

    Enjoy your evening, Rhea. And I hope you have a night filled with sweet tornados or snakes!

    tee, hee!

  19. Wow, this post took me back to a dream I had in
    6th grade. I still remember part of it and I was a crossing guard back then so I remember telling my girlfriend who 'worked the corner' with me while waiting to cross the little kids.
    I was at home, and a blue, dark midnight blue, bull was chasing me around my bed. As long as I was on it, I was safe. I seem to also remember it being both in my room and outside in the garage, but being on my bed, it was okay. Strange. I'm sure I looked it up in one of a couple books I have on interpretation, but don't remember right now what it symbolized.

    I dream fairly often I guess but don't remember alot of them. I do believe that for people who work with dreams and either research the information in books or do it intuitively it's a wonderful way to evaluate what's going on in one's life. As you know, there are many ways to investigate ourselves.
    Happy dreaming!!

  20. Helloooo CrystalChick~

    Mucho thanks for sharing your dream!

    I couldn't help but wonder what a BLUE color of the bull symbolized? Aren't dreams interesting?

    oohh...I ALWAYS wanted to be a crossing guard, cause I thought wearing that yellow strap thing would make me feel like a policeman!! I also wanted to be an altar boy too...BOTH of which I was not!

    Like you, I do believe that our dreams have deep meanings...and they've always held a deep fascination for me!

    Again, thank you for sharing, M. And thanks for stopping by!

  21. Wonderful subject!!

    I dream a LOT, and I know this will sound crazy...but I receive messages in the dreams. I also have spirit visitors there, and it is where I met my shaman animals, especially my main one the alligator!! :)

    Thank you for sharing this...I will certainly check out the site!

    Going to catch up on your other posts now!

  22. Evening Dear Gypsy-Heart~

    WONDERFUL seeing you!!!!

    Hey...I don't think your crazy at all! I think that's awesome and I'm not at all surprised.

    One of these days when we meet in person, we must talk more on this, because when I was living in Florida, I met a Shaman who gave me a session and he told me ALL about the various Shaman animals in my life.

    It was SO interesting. And I TOTALLY believe it!!

    Thank you so much for sharing on this post, dear friend!

    P.S. Don't ya just love DREAMS?