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Last weekend I borrowed several films from the public library and two of these films had to do with the topic of reincarnation.

So I would like to share my feelings about this.

Since the first time I ever read anything about reincarnation, I always felt there was truth to it.

For me, the belief that my soul returns from previous lifetimes seemed totally natural.

Back in the mid-eighties, when I was heavily investigating the whole purpose of life, I left myself open to the possibilities of many theories, philosophies and beliefs.

However, for as open and willing as I am, I also filter everything through my own consciousness to see if it feels right for me.

I am both open and highly questioning.

I have also come to understand that not everything can be 100% proven, but that some things are just a “knowing.”

I believe that life is like attending school and the whole purpose of being here is to experience things that my soul has come to learn. And I also believe that it may not be possible to experience these things in one single lifetime.

There have been many times in my life when I was able to feel that reincarnation is possible, but one in particular...

Back in the nineties, I had the chance to visit the country of Japan.

Now Japan was not a place I ever had the desire to visit, nor was it a place I ever thought would hold any interest for me. But I accepted an acting job because I thought it would be something new to experience and also because the salary was very attractive.

So I went.

I spent two months in the city of Kobe performing in a theatrical production and also had the opportunity to visit the magnificent city of Kyoto.

And it was while I was in Kyoto, I knew in the center of my soul that this place was extremely familiar. In fact, even before the train got into the city, something told me that I was about to experience an "awakening”.

As our group was walking through the narrow little streets that led us to the area where the sacred temples were located, I felt overcome with emotion. Once we actually got to the temples, I shared with a close friend of mine that I wanted to be alone so I could walk the grounds by myself.

I remember sitting down on a bench in a secluded area and just breaking down into tears.

It felt as though I’d come home.

And it wasn’t just the breathtaking beauty of the place that was affecting me, it was something much deeper.

It was as if a spark of remembrance had been ignited.

While visiting the temples of Kyoto, you are permitted to go inside and actually perform the sacred rituals that the Japanese people do when they pray. And while I was performing some of these rituals, it felt as though I had done them before. I could FEEL the sacredness and reverence of WHY I was doing these things.

Throughout the duration of our visit that morning, I felt myself more and more connected to the Japanese people and their culture, as if I were one of them.

This feeling of familiarity continued throughout my entire two-month stay in Japan. And when it was time for me to return to the States, it was very difficult. I remember sitting on the plane next to my good buddy, and as we pulled away from the gate I said to him, “I feel like I’m leaving my home.”

It took several months for the feeling of homesickness to leave me. And even to this day, I still feel that deep connection.

When reflecting back on my life, I can recall several times feeling a familiarity while looking at a painting, or seeing a period-style of clothing, or hearing a specific piece of music, or even meeting someone for the first time and not feeling like it was the first time.

And immediately sensing deep inside myself…

...a powerful knowing.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Wow Ron, that is quite an experience. Thanks for sharing it.
    I strive to keep an open mind about everything in life. I believe that anything is possibly. Just because I haven't experienced something doesn't mean that it hasn't happened for other people.
    Most of my family is....let me say this very gently, very narrow minded. And I was for the most part raised to believe ONE THING. But my late grandmother went against all the "rules". She taught me to believe or at least acknowledge all things in life that go unexplained.
    I am grateful to her for that.
    So of course having said all of that, I am open to the possiblity that reincarnation is possibly, even though I have never had an experience as you described.
    It's like, I've never seen a ghost, but my best friend of over 20 years swears to me that she saw can I not believe her?? When she looks me in the face and tells me the story with the emotions of someone who has just experienced something real. Of course I believe that it is possible.
    And reincarnation would definitely explain that feeling of de ja vu that we all have had.
    Very interesting post Ron. I enjoyed it.

  2. Morning Nicole!

    You're so welcome...glad you enjoyed!

    Hey...I've heard you speak of your grandmother in one of your posts, and as soon I read about her, I had a REALLY cool feeling about her. And I bet I would have enjoyed spending time with her and talking!

    How wonderful that she left you "open" to the possibilites of the unexplained and ALSO to go against the "rules."

    I so admire those qualities in someone!

    I've also had people tell me about seeing ghosts/spirits (my mother, for one) and like you, all though I've never personally witnessed that...I believed them.

    I don't know you if know this, but Philadelphia is notorious for it's ghosts tours. I took one the first summer I moved back. I never actually saw a ghost, but it was interesting to hear the tour guide explain the stories and history of each house that we visited.

    M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) is originally from Philly, and I heard him say on an interview, that this is the reason why so many of his films use Philadelphia as it's backdrop.

    BTW...I freaking LOVE The Sixth Sense!!!

    And it's funny you mentioned De Ja Vu, because I want to share a post about that in the future. I JUST had a de ja vu experience happen to me this week. Aren't they cool?

    Anyway...I'll save that discussion for another time.

    Thank you Nicole, for stopping by and sharing your own feelings about reincarnation!!!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  3. what a beautiful post Ron. I love when new friends share personal experiences and emotions, gives me such a heightened sense of who they are.

    I've never had as strong "a knowing" as you had in Japan but I have often experienced Deja Vu - it is an amazing feeling.

    Also - my view has always been that the universe is so huge that anything and everything is possible. We carry with us so much energy, our aura, our karma - all of that must go somewhere when our bodies move on.

    I have a little Friday goodie for you at my place.

  4. Afternoon Dianne...

    Thank you my friend! Glad you enjoyed.

    I had a feeling when I first started reading your blog, that you were a VERY open-minded soul!

    Me too! And as I shared with Nicole, JUST this week I had a Deja Vu experience while I was in the bookstore, and it got me feeling about writing on the topic for a future post. Isn't Deja Vu the most incredible thing?

    And like you so beautifully shared here, I too feel as though the Universe is so HUGE, that much of it is discovered as our consciousness expands. I believe it's a process.

    If you ever wish to read more about stuff like this, you are more than welcome to visit my other blog (Foot Notes). You'll find the link on the sidebar of this blog. It's a blog I started over a year ago, where I share similar experiences like this, PLUS things about alternative healing. You may find it interesting.

    oooooh....and FRIDAY GOODIE????

    I can't wait to see!

    Thanks a lot for stopping by today and sharing your feelings, Dianne!

    Always cool!

  5. Hello dear Ron,
    I cannot comment on this today as I would like, we will talk on it at length one day in the future though as I love everything you said here.
    I believe too.
    And the Geisha picture at the bottom, OMG. I will just say that I am FASCINATED with Geisha. I love certain things about Japan, and the culture and have never really investigated why. I would love to say that I WAS a Geisha.
    I also have something else to tell you about a possible past life.... but for another day.
    I've just been online tooooo much today working on a project for hubby and my head is spinning. Plus I got NO biz work done yet and it's almost dinner time! Yikes. So I MUST get something accomplished or I'll feel that I failed a promise to myself.
    Be back soon. Happy weekend! M

  6. OMG, did my comment not go thru????
    If it did not, let me know in email. I'll try to log on later. M

  7. What an incredibly cool experience you had in Japan, Ron. How amazing and intense!

    I'm kind of like but highly questioning. But, if I'd had an experience like yours, I might be leaning more towards it.

    Thanks for sharing...and I hope you can return to Japan again some day for a visit.

  8. Evening CrystalChick!

    YES, my friend...your comment went through!

    Thank you for letting me know that it may have acted weird.

    Hey listen, I know that one day you and I will be talking in person about A LOT of things, so please don't worry about commenting right now. I totally understand that you're busy right now with work related things, from your post yesterday.

    So glad you enjoyed the post and the photo of the Geisha. When I saw the image, I knew I wanted to use it for this post. I also know how much (like me) you enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha!!! Great film wasn't it???

    Anyway, M...we'll talk later.

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you VERY much for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by!

    Take care.

  9. Howdy Rhea!

    You're very welcome. So glad you enjoyed reading about it.

    Good for you! I think it's wise to be open, but ALSO question. Not everything will feel the same to everyone.

    And one of these days I DO have a feeling that I will visit Japan again. It was such a beautiful experience for me. Such a lovely culture!

    Thanks for dropping in today, Rhea!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I think this may be my most favorite post so far. I loved it, and I so understand!!!

    I have always felt that way, and sometimes I am pulled away from this if I really do not belong. Does that make any sense?

    Remember I told you I had a reading a couple of months ago? Well, she told me many things that were true about me and my life ...things she had no way of knowing!!

    One of the things she told me is that I am an old soul, and that I was a healer in the past. I could tell you so much about what she said..but it would start a book. She also told me things about my future.

    I will tell you one thing. Lately, a couple of times during meditation I've seen a hand writing on ancient scrolls or something, but I could not read the language. No one knew about this except two people in my family, and they have never talked to Elizabeth (the medium). In fact, I drove by myself to Palm coast to met her. Anyway, when I walked in the room she said..I see writing all around you. Let me tell you, she had my attention!!! Seems I have a monk on the other side that is contacting me. He was a scribe.

    For as long as I remember, I've felt a strong connection to Egypt..almost to an obsession. :O That is one of the places she saw in my past. Now I want to travel there.

    Well, I could go on and on about this, but enough tonight. I am usually quiet about what goes on around me and within (such as during meditation) because some even in my own family would freak out. :O hee, hee

    Here is Elizabeth's might find it interesting.

    Hmmm...I wonder if we knew each other in a past life. :)

    Love, light, and Laughter to you, my dear friend,


  11. Good Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    Thank you. Thank you for sharing so much yourself on this post!

    I respect and honor that.

    Yes...what you said here makes PERFECT sense to me. PERFECT.

    One of these days when you and I meet, I think we will probably end up talking for several days about how similar we feel. And I have no doubt that we knew one another in a past life.

    (maybe we both worked in a wine vineyard in Italy!!!!)

    I know too well, the feeling you describe about not feeling as though you belong. I quite often feel as though I live with one foot on this earth, and another foot in another world. And it's a challenge to keep them both balanced, isn't it?

    Your reading with Elizabeth sounded awesome. And I believe EVERYTHING you shared about it too!

    It's funny that you mentioned Egypt, because I TOO have always felt drawn there. In fact much of the history of Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy originated from Egypt...and what I found out MUCH later, also from Japan. And I think that's why I felt so "reconnected" when I visited.

    Thank you so much for leaving the link to Elizabeth's website. I will DEFINATELY go by and check it out!

    And once again, dear friend...I really appreciate sharing your feelings here. You've added much insight to this post!

    And I hope you realize just how much HEALING you share with your beautiful art work. Everyone feels it when they visit you!

    I'm so DAMN happy that we've met!


    tee, hee!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Love ya!!

  12. Hey my friend, I finally have two spare minutes to read a post or two. Whew!

    I've never been one to believe in reincarnation, but that's not to say that I don't respect your position on it. That's the beauty of this life, we don't always have to agree.

    I'm more of a heaven and hell type of thinker. It is definitely interesting though as my views of religon and the afterlife have changed throughout my 42 years on the planet. I think our life experiences play a huge part in our beliefs. Makes me wonder if when I'm eighty if I will hold the same feelings as I do today?

    At any rate I appreciate your willingness to express your own beliefs. It's not a topic that everyone is as comfortable with. But I guess that comes from more of the closed minded people anyway.

    Hope your having a great weekend!

  13. Bummer man! I left you a comment earlier and it appears the blogger gremlins have eaten it. Bastards!

    Too long to try to re-create. (Ha that's funny considering you're talking about reincarnation)

    Oh well I'll simply say hello this time around and hope it goes through.

  14. I also think that we're are at some stage after death re-born almost, if that's the right terminlolgy? Hello by the way, nice to speak with you. I also beleive that when the wind blows, its spirits that haven't past over fully, they are the wind.

  15. Hello Indigo!

    Welcome...and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

    I think I know what you mean by what you shared about a stage "in between" death and being reborn, and I totally agree with you. In fact, I think I may have even read that somewhere awhile back. It's that stage of continued learning, BEFORE being reborn.

    And I just love your feeling about the wind...that's so beautiful!

    Thank you very much for sharing yourself on this post Idigo, you've added much!

    Please stop by anytime, you're always welcome.

    Enjoy your weekend~

  16. Howdy Jeff!!! you can see, your previous comment went through. Thank you for telling me about that, though. It's happened to other people who have left comments too. I hope it's not this damn new comment format I've added!?! I may just revert back to the old way.

    Oy Vey!

    Anyway...thank you SO MUCH for sharing your feelings about reincarnation. And I totally respect YOUR opinion also. I think it's great that you're open to actually feel about it.

    People either seem to feel one way or the other about it.

    It's funny that you mentioned about how your feelings about religion and the afterlife have changed in your 42 years. ME TOO!!

    What I felt when I was younger, has definately changed from how I feel now. And I won't be surprised if my feelings change several more times. To me, that just means we are growing and expanding, and with that...are perception changes.

    Thanks again for sharing yourself on this post, buddy!

    You've added much!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  17. I completely understand that feeling.. when you come across something seemingly so foreign to you as it's clearly miles away from what your culture is and then you feel like it's a part of you.

    I get these feelings about people as well. And I was home the minute my Honey held me, I know we've been together before. Connected.

  18. Oh ron, I believe as you do. I've experienced it with many things in my life too. My last name is Greek, but I didn't know till mother once spoke of it...My intersest was always Greek mythology and I devoured Greek history hungrily. Why would a 5th and 6th grade child become a denizen of the library...seeking books on anything Greek. I had no idea what drove me in this direction...till mother said...It is your history. Then she proceeded to give me my own history.

    I will one day post of that time and of mother and father's meeeting.

    Ron...what a wonderful adventure you had in Japan.I loved this post and You...we've met at another friend. I just know it. :D

  19. Hiya Anndi!

    Me too...people as well!

    And even with people I've met through blogging.

    And maybe even more so.

    Because the thing that's really wonderful about blogging, is that because we don't initially SEE the person...we're able to FEEL more about the person's essence, and I think we connect on a much deeper level, quicker.

    Libra's are VERY intuitive about people, and things in general. So I think we're naturally very open. My mom is a Libra also, so she and I feel very much the same way about things.

    Thanks a lot Anndi for sharing your feelings on this post!

    So glad we've met fellow Libra!

  20. Hello Miss Jones....

    WOW! What an awesome experiece you shared here...very COOL!

    I actually got chills when I read it.

    For many years as a child, before I ever knew what reincarnation was, whenever I would look at a pianting or photograph of Greece, I felt a drawing to it. I always remember being so enthralled with the color of the sky against the whiteness of the architecture. And whenever I've met someone from Greece, my ears suddenly perk up! I've never visited there, but I have a feeling I would be very connected to it!

    (and I happen to LOVE feta cheese)

    I would really enjoy hearing more about the meeting of your parents.

    Hey...maybe you and I lived sometime in GREECE! I totally wouldn't doubt it!

    And like I shared with Anndi...I think blogging brings certain people together on a very deep level of connection.

    And I'm honored that you and I have met....AGAIN!

    Thanks for sharing on this post, Spiky!

    Always a wonderful thing!

  21. I am so with you on this Ron. Reincarnation is the only thing that makes sense of our existence in my mind.

    How interesting what you felt in Japan. I had a similar feeling in Egypt - no, I don't think I was Cleopatra! ;)

  22. Akelamalu...

    For me too!

    As you may have read in Gyspy-Heart's comment, she TOO feels the same about Egypt! I kind of do too.

    But I bet you WERE Cleopatra...

    Because I was BUDDHA!

    tee, hee!

  23. Hi there:


    You have received the Post of the Day Award from The Rising Blogger! You can read all about it here: here.


  24. Hi JHS!

    Ok...for the first time in my life...I'm SPEECHLESS!!, speechless!!!

    I think not.

    tee, hee!

    Anyway, THANK YOU...thank you SO much for this touching honor!

    And thank you even more so, for selecting this post.

    It means a lot to me!

    I left you a comment on your blog to say thank you there.

    I read the instructions for passing this honor on to someone else, and will do that within the next week or so.

    Thank you again!


  25. Déjà vu! Probably just going back to this post again for you as you read new comments 4 months after you posted it... I didn't know your blog then so I am happy Barbara picked this post for the special award! Felicitations, Ron! You are an excellent writer and recounter of experiences, so it's a real pleasure to read your blog!

    This topic has ALWAYS fascinated me, Ron! Even though I have certain beliefs about life and death, my personal views are very open-minded and I DO indeed believe in the idea of past lives and reincarnation... I call it "recycled souls!" Like we just keep coming back for more...
    Did you every see Shirley Temple's film-- I forget which one by now... when the kids go up to heaven and come down to be born to their parents.... Not that I think we choose who we are born to, but I do believe that once we die, we can be born again and come back to live and learn on this planet earth...
    This may sound weird, or maybe not.... but I feel like I have lived other lives, I can't pinpoint it... But, when I meet people I have never met before and have the feeling that I have known them all my life- I think that I have met them in another lifetime and we are meeting up again in this one!!
    I really feel strongly about that about my ex-hub. I feel like we were together in a past life and something happened and we are no together again in this life... It's uncanny, but I think it's true...
    Have you ever seen the film, "Groundhog Day," with Bill Murray and Andi McDowell? If not, rent it!!! It's one of my favs...
    It was really cool reading about your very moving experience in Japan and I DO know how that feels... I felt that way when leaving Australia and coming back to the U.S. after being in NZ and Australia for almost 6 months...
    And, just so you know how touched I was by this post... I had lots of tears pouring down my cheeks while I was reading it!!
    Take good care, Ron!!!
    ----Leesa : )

  26. Bonjour Leesa!

    I can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful comment on this post!

    It was beautiful!

    It's funny, because I haven't gone back and read this post in MONTHS, but last night, after I found out that Rising Blogger had chosen it...I went back and read it again....

    ....and it's funny that you said you cried when you read it, because I DID TOO!

    It felt like I was there again and was feeling those things for this first time.

    For myself, I know that there is something to reincarnation, because like you...too many things have occured in my life that point to it.

    Like you...

    ....meeting people and just KNOWING it's not the first time!

    And also, visiting places and FEELING so connected...that you can feel it in every cell of your body, that you KNOW this place.

    I feel that way about Germany, even though I've never visited the country.

    I think it's wonderful that you keep an opened mind and heart to things, Leesa...because there's more to this world, than what our eyes tell us.

    oooh...and I've not seen either of the films you mentioned here, but will definitely look for BOTH in the video store! In fact, they have a whole section on Shirley Temple movies! Wasn't she an amazing little actress? And ALL her films made me teary-eyed!

    SO sweet!

    Thanks again for sharing on this post, Leesa!

    Your words meant a lot to me!

    Have a wonderful Monday, my friend!


  27. Hi Ron!

    Thanks for your insightful words.. Guess we are on the same wavelength!! I just cried again... while reading your new comment!!! I guess this subject makes me all teary or something!! When I was in Hawaii a few years ago, I visited the memorial for the first time at Pearl Harbour. It was soooo touching... I was reading some of the letters that were displayed in their little museum and I could have sworn that I wrote one of them.!!!!! It was sooo eerie.. but when I was there, I felt like I had lived that period of time... Like I was one of the servicemen who lost his life during that time... I was convinced!! Anyhow... it was very touching for me.... I really felt like I had been there before...
    Take care Ron!!!!

  28. YAAAAY Leesa!!!!

    I'm so glad you found your comment!!!

    And I thank you for sharing your experience about Pearl Harbour....WOW!

    SEE!!!....this is what I mean.

    Thanks again for sharing, dear lady.

    And one of these days when we meet at Starbucks for coffee, we'll talk MORE about this!

    Have a wonderful day, Leesa!

  29. My husband felt something similiar once when he visited Paris for the first time. The feeling of having been there and knowing this place was so strong, he had to sit down and compose himself. His companion wanted to know what was wrong, but my husband couldn't bring himself to sharing the experience. I was the first person he told.

  30. Hello Diane!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing that experience on this post, dear lady!

    I can TOTALLY identify with your husbands feelings. While this was happening to me, I couldn't share it with anyone either. It took days for me to share it with my friend who had traveled to Japan with me.

    And even now, when I remember it...I still get emotional.

    Thanks again for sharing, Diane!

    Enjoy your day!

  31. Diane sent me, Ron. I share your beliefs. We learned about Edgar Cayce back in the late 60's and since then, I have studied reincarnation by reading many books. I have not been to Egypt, but it is the one place I want to go on the planet. I 'know' I've been there before. When we were in Rome, the feeling hit me at the Colisseum, and in the Roman Forum - I've been there before, too.

    Life is a classroom, as you said, and it seems you are being given many lessons about patience (so am I), and so far, neither of us is learning it well. LOL

  32. Greetings Kenju!


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share a comment.

    Nice meeting you!

    Hey, I too have read several books on Edgar Cayce!! Back in the 80's I read his works on the use of natural healing formulas. I even purchased a few of his products...and they WORKED!

    I've never been to either Egypt or Rome, but it's funny you should mention those two places, because I feel very drawn to both.

    aaahh, yes...PATIENCE...isn't it an enjoyable lesson?



    Please feel free to stop by anytime. You're always welcome here!

    Have a great evening!

  33. OMG I completely relate. I TOTALLY believe your experience in Kyoto- and everything you said I too have experienced. Absolutely fascinating. I recently saw an odd film - believe it or not produced by Hallmark of all things- called "the love letter" --- it is definitely not as high budget as the bigger films- but an interesting concept. Something to watch with tea and biscuits (or in my case Wine and um... more wine?) Bwahaha!

  34. Hellooooo Sibyllae!!!

    OMG!!! You're NOT going to believe this, but ALL DAY today I was thinking about you, so when I saw your comment I FLIPPED!!!

    It's so GREAT seeing ya, dear lady!!

    I hope you had a Happy New Year!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Do you remember me sharing with you on your blog about how MUCH I LOVED anything Japanese???

    Well...THIS post is WHY!

    Hey...and thanks for recommending that film The Love Letter, because I know the play and had no idea that they made a movie out of it, so I'll definately look for it!

    oooh...and I'm actually sipping some wine right now, myself!!

    tee, hee!



  35. Hi Ron! I came by your blog by accident but I am finding you put a smile on my face everytime I read a new story. I know this particular story is a bit old but I feel compelled to comment. I have always felt that I am a level headed no nonsense kind of person but I can't ignore my experience. When I was a kid, 4 or so I remember telling my mom that I didn't want her to leave on the air plane. She said she never was going to leave but I CLEARLY remember what I thought was she, dressed in a purple pant suit with a smoke in hand standing at the airport waiting for a plane. That image plus others of 'mom', stuck in my head over the years and as I got older 'mom' had long thick dark hair and was a heavy smoker. Whenever I think of myself in situations I always envision a cigarette in my hand but I've never had a smoke in my entire life and I am a 41 yr old woman!! Around my mid 30's I had a fear that I was going to die..I was going to go through a picture window at the hands of someone abusive. I was scared for a few years and somehow this image from my childhood that I thought was mom, turned into me? I'm not sure I'm even making any sense but I'm happy to have someone to share this with because I could never with my family. Do you suppose I saw myself if a past life? I'm no longer afraid but I know exactly what I might have looked like if I was a reincarnated person...amazing. Thank you for reasing/listening! I think you are fabulous and I thank you for your honesty in all your blogs! Freebird68!

  36. Greetings Freebird68!

    Welcome...thank you so much for stopping by and sharing a comment, and also for your kind words!

    Nice meeting you!

    It's funny, I keep forgetting about this post, but then someone will sometimes leave me a comment here; sharing a similar experience of "sensing" the possibility of reincarnation.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience - it was fascinating. I really enjoyed reading about it because I too had thoughts (when I was younger) that I was going to die. My own mother died very young, so I think part of my fear was that I thought I would somehow follow in her path. She and I were very close and I somehow sensed she was going to die.

    As far as your question about seeing yourself in a past life is TOTALLY something that I could indentify with as you've already read about my experience in Japan on this post. So yeah...maybe you were getting a glimpse into another life.

    Some people believe that reincarnation is nothing more than "cellular memory" - meaning, that when we feel connected to another time and place, it stems from our ancient ancestory, but to me, how does that explain the VIVID visions we sometimes have of what we may have actually looked like in a previous life?

    I find the whole thing about reincarnation fascinating and know that it most likely will remain a mystery because I can't be 100% sure. But yet deep inside myself, something tells me that there is truth to it.

    Thank you again for stopping by and sharing.

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcomed here!

    As you may have already read, I'm taking this week off from posting here, but will return on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!