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If you pursue acting long enough, you will definitely experience your share of good and bad reviews.

And believe it or not…BOTH reviews can be challenging.

However, this is an aspect of being an actor that taught me a really good lesson.

Let me share a little about both….

Bad Reviews

I was fortunate to have had bad reviews, right at the beginning of my career. And I say fortunate, because I was able to start learning from these things early on.

I remember my first REALLY bad review…

I was cast in a play in which I had the lead role. I was in my early 30’s and struggling with a sense of who I was.

I was personally moving through a tremendous amount of self-doubt, and worried constantly about what other people thought of me.

The experience of getting this bad review, unquestionably ruffled my self-doubt, but in a positive way, began to teach me how to roll with the challenges of this business and stand back up.

The day after an opening night is always nerve-wrecking, because you’re desperate to read the reviews, yet at the same time closing your eyes, in fear that the critics will say something negative or even SLAM you.

And with this particular review…I was slammed.

I can’t remember the exact words, but it basically said I was the weakest link in the chain. It also said I no had variety in my performance.

And the most difficult part, was showing up at the theater that night, and having to get back on stage and perform again. The other cast members didn’t know what to say to me, and the tension in the dressing room was thick. It placed them in a awkward position of wanting to say something to help me feel better, but realizing that no matter what they said, it really wouldn’t help.

So I had no other choice than to feel like shit for awhile, and then discover a way to grow from it.

Good Reviews

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why would a good review be a challenge?”

With this particular play, I was at a point in my career where I was willing to stand up to a director and respectfully question his or her direction. And I constantly questioned this particular director throughout the rehearsal process, because I could see that their vision of the play, was not in harmony with my own.

Now I can’t say that the director and I ever got ugly with one another during rehearsal because we really liked one another, but we definitely had different ideas. And I think they knew me well enough to know, that whatever I felt was best for my character…would be ok. So they eventually left me alone and allowed me to do my own thing.

However, it always felt as though I was performing in one play…while the other actors were performing in another.

The day after opening night when the review came out, was just as uncomfortable as the experience I shared above.

In this particular review, I was the only one that the critic really raved about, and they were harsh in their words towards a few of the other actors, and also the director.

So appearing at the theater that night for the following performance, was not a pleasant experience for me.

You could cut the tension in the dressing rooms with a BUTCHER knife.

So…what do you about this?

I honestly felt bad for the other actors and director, because I totally knew how they felt. But nothing I could have said to them, would really make them feel any better.

So you see…even when you get a good review, there can sometimes be a shadow side.

Good reviews…bad reviews.

I would like to tell you that reviews didn’t affect me…but they did.

And I’m glad, because I was able to eventually learn something from them, which continually helps me with my life in general.

Any REVIEW…whether it comes from a newspaper or someone else’s personal opinion of me…

…should remind me of one thing…

…how do I really see MYSELF?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Note: Thank you all for stopping by and sharing in my trilogy this was fun!

And I lied...there's still one more post that I may decide to add to next weeks stay tuned for another DRAMA story....!


  1. Hey dahling,
    what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!

  2. The bad review wasn't because of your wee spots on your jocks was it Ronnie? :-P *GiGGLeS* Just playing!

    Well here's a good review for you...

    Your blog is the BESTEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!! heeheeeee xx

  3. You're a brave man, sir.

    Dunno that I could ever do what you've gotten to do.

  4. I suppose thats the hardest part about being an actor. Having to deal with other peoples opinions. Do you ever miss it RON? the stage, the attention, the myriad of other peoples expectations?
    or are you happier in your nest?

  5. Aloha Debi!

    You said it, girl!

    That's perfect!

    Thanks for sharing, Debi!

    Hope you have a MAVAAAALOUS weekend!

  6. Good Morning Giggles!


    They SLAMMED me because of that DAMN wee spot!



    Thank you, dear one!

    You're so SWEET!

    SOOOOO happy to have you here!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I think if acting is something a person wants to seriously pursue then they just have to understand that with the good comes the bad. As in all of life.
    And a really good actor will learn from the reviews. Of course I don't mean they should read every one and take it all to heart. But really, we all know inside somewhere what our strengths/weaknesses are and just need reminders now and then to bring certain parts of ourselves out at times and to put away some things at other times.
    I tend to not take criticism, even the really helpful stuff, very well. I'm working on it.
    For now, just tell me I'm wonderful and I won't become too difficult. LOL

    I was in a couple of musicals in high school, and only because back then they wanted a big chorus and I didn't have to really know how to sing or dance or act. LOL I could just be one of the backups that mill around on stage as extras in scenes. In one scene for George M, I was a 'lady of the evening' with no speaking or singing. Just had to walk across the stage with another girl and catch a set of keys to the guys room. If my memory is correct, I was in a short black dress with black fishnets and high heels. And in another scene I got to wear a pink gown and a BOA! LOL While you don't get newspaper type reviews in high school, I'm sure there were a few catty bitch girls who commented that I made a good street walker. LOL

    p.s. the 'spotted underwear' post below I didn't get a chance to comment on but OMG, was it hysterical! You've sure had some very interesting experiences during your years as an actor!

  8. Morning Dear Mel!

    Acting taught me how to walk through the doors of my fears.

    I feared every night walking on that stage...but I know that needed to do it.

    Fear is my greatest teacher.

    So I'm very grateful for it!

    And what's that saying?...

    "There's nothing to fear but fear itself."

    And it's so true!!!

    Thanks SOOOOO much for dropping by this morning, Mel!

    I always enjoy sharing with you!

    Have a FUN weekend!!!!

    Hey....Halloween is JUST around the corner!!!!!!

    BTW...I just bought several mini pumpkins....they're so damn cute!!!

  9. Top of the Mornin' to ya Lady Sorrow!


    I DO miss it!

    Yet, I have a feeling that I will be returning. Even if it's just for my own enjoyment.

    I remember many years ago being on stage, and hearing a voice that said, "Your time in the theater is complete for right've learned what you've needed to learn."

    I knew that my life was about to take another path, so I went with it.

    My life has always been a series of surrendering, and each career that I've had, has brought me into surrendering in different ways.

    Acting was a HUGE stepping stone that placed me perhaps, in the deepest part of that. It was a means to learn how to JUMP...and LET GO.

    I will always have the soul of an actor. And that's something which will go with me whatever I do.

    I'm a DRAMA QUEEN!

    And right now...I believe it's what I'm doing at this moment....

    ...SHARING my life experiences with others.

    But who knows where my life will take me next!?!?!?!

    oooh ...and I can't wait to find out!

    It's like the TV show Knots Landing...stay tuned for next week!!!

    tee, hee!

    Thank you SOOOO much for adding your thoughts and questions on this post, Sorrow!

    I so ENJOYED them!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Good Afternoon Crystal-Chick!

    What you've shared SO TRUE, my friend!

    SO TRUE!

    There's not much difference between being reviewed ONSTAGE and being reviewed OFFSTAGE, and that's what acting has taught me.

    I can't say that hearing someone's opinion of me doesn't faze me, but having had stage reviews...ALWAYS brings me back to: How do I really see myself?"

    It's a never ending lesson for me.

    oooh....ooooh...and your part in George M. as the lady of the evening sounded like SO MUCH FUN!!! Hey...did you know that Joel Gray did that show on Broadway?

    I bet you had a BLAST performing it, M...swinging that BOA around!!!


    So glad you enjoyed the spotted underwear post! Thank you.

    And as I mentioned, I have one more that I may throw in on next weeks posts!!!

    And it's PRETTY crazy!!!

    As always, I thank you for adding your thoughts, feelings, and stories you share on my posts.

    I always enjoy them!

    Have a GRANDE' weekend, M!

  11. Well here's a review for you Ron


  12. Evening Akelamalu!

    Thank you, dear lady!

    I think we ALL can identify with REVIEWS in one way or another, ya know?

    Theater reviews were a great way for me to learn about myself.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Akelamalu!

    I can't wait to catch your Flash 55 for the week!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. what I loved about you (one of many things I love about you) is how you take everything and work with it

    see it.feel it.touch it.learn from it.laugh at it.

    I LOVE that about you!

  14. Good Evening Dianne!

    Thank you, dear lady.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring words....

    "see it.feel it.touch it.learn from it.laugh at it."

    ....that's the KEY!

    It TRULY is!!!!'ve changed your avatar!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    I feel so blessed in having met you, Dianne.

    Thank you for your presence here.

    It's MUCH enjoyed!


  15. Hi Ron! Your trilogy was great to read and I laughed myself silly with the underwear story! That's hysterical and I'm still giggling...ah the "wee" problems of life we humans have. :)


  16. Good Evening Linda!

    So nice to see ya!

    How are ya?

    Thanks so much for stopping by for a little theater TRILOGY!

    I couldn't resist sharing this with everyone!

    So glad you enjoyed!

    Yes...aren't the "wee-wee" problems
    a "wee" bit challengeing?


    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Linda!

    Enjoy the rest of your evening!

  17. I so understand. It was similar in art critiques. The most challenging class is where I learned the most.
    She made us do a series of six to eight pieces every two weeks! We had to stand up in front of the class and talk about our work while they asked questions and critiqued it. Then the professor would ask all of us questions about it until finally she critiqued it.
    We all had some grueling ones. Kind ones were when she would say, "this is not your best work" ..painful ones were when she would have a "these are awful" look on her face, and say you can just "paint over these"
    I confess, after a few of my earlier critiques I drove home
    with tears streaming down my cheeks. :O Boo hoo...poor me.

    After I got over feeling sorry for myself I would pick up my brushes and either go back into them and do better or start over from scratch. Like you, I knew in my heart she was right.

    I learned more from her than any teacher I had!! I grew to respect her, and she continued to be a mentor after I graduated. Now she is a dear, dear friend!

    I love your stories!

  18. Good Afternoon Dear Gypsy-Heart!


    I had a feeling (being an artist) that you would understand this exactly.

    I could FEEL your experience as you were sharing it, and just knew what you meant.

    These reviews or "critiques" can either paralyze us...or cause us to move ahead.

    And no's difficult, especially when you're first starting out, but if we KNOW in our hearts that we're meant to do something...we move ahead.

    I can honestly say (such as you) that these reviews taught me SOOOO many "postitive" things.

    It's like what you and I talk about all the time...

    ...the shadow sides of light and dark.

    They both exist together.

    I can't not thank you ENOUGH for sharing your great lesson story on this post, dear wonderful friend!

    You always add much!

    Thank you!

    Hope you had a great day!