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Out of all five physical senses, smell is my personal favorite.

I guess that would also include: taste, since both smell and taste go together.

I’m virtually a smell addict.

I’ve been known to smell my food before I eat it, and also magic markers, leather, crayons, Elmer’s glue, erasers, bicycle seats, and even paper.

One of my favorite things to do in a bookstore, is to sniff the pages as I’m reading a new book.

(I’ve gotten several paper cuts on my nose from doing this)

I also enjoy wearing a fragrance every day.

My cologne collection looks like the entire fragrance department in Neiman Marcus.

(I believe you can never have enough cologne)

And being someone who has studied aromatherapy, I’ve discovered that scent evokes the most powerful of memories.

To this very day, whenever I inhale the aroma of Jovan Musk Oil Spray…

…I’m immediately transported back to my senior year in high school, when I would be listening to the song Rock The Boat and making out with my girlfriend in the front seat of my fathers car, as she told me how good I smelled, while ramming her BRACES into mouth, causing severe hemorrhaging to my lips and gums.

Warning: Jovan Musk Oil unleashes the beast.

Another one of my fond memories is when I was in Catholic Grammar School, and the nun’s would give their students tests, that had been copied using DITTO ink.

The scent of liquid Ditto was out of this world.

Sniffing Ditto paper was like experiencing an hallucinogenic. I mean sometimes after a long whiff, I would actually see little pink elephants in tutu’s flying around the classroom.

And those damn nun’s always kept a close watch on all the students, because god forbid if any of us would sniff the test papers too long, Sister would immediately start clapping her hands real loud, screaming…


Sister could be such a Kill Joy….

Have a "sweet-smelling" weekend, everyone!


  1. OMG Ron!!! You are the BEST storyteller of anyone I have ever met (not in person) in my life!! I LOVE this story... I was there with you are you vividly described your actions and odors!! WOW!!! We used to sniff rubber cement in elementary school... I think we got high from it-- or maybe it was just killing our brain cells... I can't say I'm a sniffer... but I do appreciate good smells.... Living in France, you get ALL SORTS of smells... I know that Barbara, Brigitte and Dawn can all attest to this... METRO SMELLS-- UGGGG!!! That is, people who DON'T put deoderant on ... and who haven't bathed in God knows how long.... Also, that God awful smell of cigerattes.. I thank God that I cannot smell all the piles of dog poop that dot the streets... Ahhhh... that's the life, eh?!
    On the other hand, our neighbors are all wonderful cooks and sometimes when we come home the delicious smells wallow in the stairwell and I feel like knocking on their doors and inviting myself for lunch/dinner...
    I love the smell of our apt. when I am baking yummies..... Take care.... Leese

  2. Every so often, I have to open a box of Crayola crayons and inhale deeply. That smell IS childhood.

    I love scents, too. Aromatherapy is something I intend to incorporate into my facials and massage.

    Remember "Brut" and "Hai Karate"? And when every man in the world wore "Aramis"? P-U! LOL

  3. Hi Ron,
    I don't know why smell seems to be the sense that takes us the most often back to our younger years?

    The school years were olfactory "treasure chests" !
    The strongest memories were of the cafeteria.
    Oh ! How we loved to hate the food but chowed it down half the time !I remember the smells of the industrial cooking welling up,as well as of the smell of homogenized milk, and the soapy smell of the tables that were reguarly wiped down

    It cost us... 25 cents to eat lunch !
    Those were the days he he he

    Hugs to you and have a great day in Philly.

  4. Sniffing glue huh???
    This explains alot. ;)

    Really what you need to explain is how you got into my bedroom???? My bottle of Jovan musk is not as full as it should be and I was wondering. hehe
    Ah but really, I only have the body spray... not the yummy oil. It's still quite nice and sort of does take me back to high school too. Not as much as day old pizza and spilled beer does though but that's a whole other topic.

    Growing up, my parents were not perfume or cologne wearers. Mom had a bottle of Shalimar but I don't really remember her ever wearing it. Dad would only splash on some after shave. And my sister wasn't into perfume either.
    I guess when my 'nose' started to develop I really ran with it. One too many trips into Spencers for Patchouli and other heavy oils must have been the beginning because for years now I've been into 'scents'. I still love Patchouli. Tunisian Opium. And making blends with aroma oils like Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, etc.
    Strange that when I open the bottle of benzoin oil I have in my aromatherapy containter it reminds me of my Mom. Maybe it makes me think of a hospital for some reason and she was a nurse before having children. ?
    Hmmm.... what other perfumes do I have??? Oooh, I like CK's 'Contradiction' alot! I have Obsession too but that doesn't work for me anymore. A few little bottles from Liz Taylor. Some lavender body spray. A couple sample vials of this and that. I used to LOVE Avon's Odyssey. A friend gave me the lotion a couple years ago. That's another memory of high school. Oooh, and a perfume fight with my girlfriend at the local Mall. I got doused with Island Gardinia, another Jovan one.
    And another thing I remember was that my Mom always bought Jean Nate for my Aunt for Christmas and good goddess they still make that! And my NanNan gave me Anais Anais for Christmas one year and after she died it was something that reminded me of her. Hubs got me a new bottle some years later but it just didn't quite smell the same. You know how one person can wear something and it's pleasant but on another it smells like cat pee. And our bodies change too and sometimes seem to want new fragrance experiences. Well, I kept the bottle as a memory anyway. :)

    AND THE SPA in Cancun had the deeeeelightful smell of Peppermint and Cucumber diffusing thru the main lobby every single day. It was very pleasing. And of course the oils they use for massage. Ohhhlaaaalaaaaa.

    Thanks for sending me on my very own trip down fragrance memory lane. Now I've got to heat up the aromatherapy neck packs and get upstairs (only a space heater up there) to work!! I think I need to get the diffuser going too with something for creativity as I've been really lacking in that department lately. What do you think?? Some orange, lemongrass?? I'll definitely need some peppermint to stay away. Gosh, it's COLD today and I just want to snuggle under the covers with the dogs and read. But Valentine's cards won't get finished that way. Off I go.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I'm going to make a confession. Smell is also my favourite (the confession part is coming up). The scent my Honey leaves on clothes, on sheets, on washcloths helps me when I miss him too much. Last time he was at the house, after he left I was gathering towels for the laundry and I kept his washcloth because it smells like him after a shower. *sigh"

  6. Bonjour Leesa!'re funny!!


    YES...I so totally agree that some smells are just AWEFUL!!

    Summertime in a city is the WORST!

    As you shared, subways can be a place of horrendous odor! OMG and you're SOOOOOO right about NOT using deodorant!! Sometimes walking down the street in August is like one big armpit.

    And I love the horse poop left on the street from the carriage riders.


    And even though I'm a smoker, I'd have to agree with you that cigarette odor is not at all pleasant. This is why I don't smoke during the day, because I don't ever want that odor on me when I'm at work. I usually smoke only when I'm at home or when I'm in someone's home who is also a smoker.

    And aaaaah...there's nothing like the smell of good cooking and baking. I'm always delighted when I smell spaghetti sauce simmering in someone's home!


    Thanks a bunch for dropping by today and sharing in some wonderful scent memories Leesa!

    I'll be thinking about you the next time I'm sniffing airplane glue!

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    SEE!!! and are diffinately siblings, my friend!

    Smelling a box of crayons is like an orgasm! And they MUST be CRAYOLA CRAYONS too! Some of the cheaper ones you can get in the dollar store are not the same (they usually smell like birthday candles).'s so WONDERFUL that you plan on incorporating aromatherapy into your facials and massage!! I do the same thing with reflexology and reiki, and it really adds so much to a session. made made poop at the mention of BRUT, HAI KARATE and ARAMIS!!!

    All three of them were scents I used to wear, yet the thought of using them now...makes me barf!

    I have such horrible memories associated with Armamis.

    Did you know that Aramis is STILL the hightest fragrance sold at Christmas time in the business??

    (Along with Chanel#5)

    Thanks for sharing the scent memories, Sis!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend of sniffing CRAYONS!


  8. Bonjour Barbara!

    AAAH, yes...I so totally agree with you about the school years being an olfactory "treasure chest."

    (and what a BRILLIANT way of saying it Barb!)

    It's funny...everything you just mentioned, actually caused me to remember those same things!!

    I learned through aromatherapy, that the reason smell is our strongest memory, is because it's so close to the brain. And not only the brain, but also that scent can actually be held in the cells of our body, which is why they hold on to the memories.

    This is why I always advise people to never purchase a new cologne if they're not feeling well (physically or mentally), because you will always associate that feeling with the cologne.

    As ALWAYS, Barb...I thank you for stopping by and sharing!

    Have a great weekend!


  9. I have a very keen sense of smell too Ron, in fact MWM says I I have a permanent smell up my nose! LOL

    I agree with you about certain smells invoking memories. If I smell Tabu perfume it takes me right back to when I was 18 because that's the perfume I wore.

    You know what else? I can smell snow!

  10. Bicycle seats!


    You're killing me!

    Please ! note the !!! abundant ! use of these little !!!!!! gems!

    Some nice guy left a few of them at my place!

    I'm a bit particular about smells. A large number of fragrances don't sit well with me. I'm the guy who will whine incessantly when dragged through the cosmetics section of a department store. It's sensory overload for me.

    And don't even get me started on Petuly Oil! That stuff makes me want to gag. Anyone wearing that crap should just be shot on site out of general principle. YUCK!!!

    My disdain for that foul attack on the olfactory glands knows no bounds.

    Oh the humanity!!!

    Give me roses or give me death!

  11. Hello my dear twin Annndi!

    WOW...what a fabulous scent memory!!

    Aren't we Libra's such ROMANTICS??

    (and here's MY confession)

    I would sometimes do that same thing with my partner.

    (like sleeping with his T shirt)


    Scent for me (as I'm sure it is for for many) can be so comforting. It has the ability to capture the LOVE and allows us to be close, even when we may be far away.

    (didn't I tell you we were ROMANTICS??)

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for sharing, Anndi!

    Have lovely weekend!


  12. Hellooo Crystal Chick!

    OMG...I alway knew you and I were like two peas in a pod!!

    SEE!!!...I just KNEW you were a lover of Jovan Musk!! Every once in awhile while I'm in CVS, I'll open the bottle and take a whiff, so that I can have a flashback!

    You and I would be a sight to be hold shopping in Spencers together...I use to LOVE going to that store when I lived in Florida!

    We also enjoy the same type of fragrances. I too, like the heavier scents. I wore Obsession for three year and then finally had enough.

    And what you shared is very true...

    ...our body chemistry changes as we get older, and the scents that we once enjoyed don't have the same effect on us as they use to. I once smelled a bottle of cologne that I used to wear when I lived in NYC during the 70's and I thought to myself..."I can't believe I ever wore this CRAP!"


    oooh...and Jean mother wore that for SOOOOO many years because it was the only fragrance my father bought for her. I've got to say though...I still think it's a very fresh, clean scent.

    I don't only wear men's fragrances either...I wear several women's too. To me, a scent is a scent...and if I like it, I'll wear it.

    Yes...lemongrass, orange and peppermint are ALL wonderful oils for what you want. They help with keeping the brain alert.

    OMG...and isn't it FREEZING???

    Last night I went to dinner with a dear friend of mine and are teeth were actually chattering! We walked home down Walnut Street while the snow fell from the skies. It felt so magical!

    I LOVE winter!

    Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing your trip down fragrance memory lane, M! I REALLY enjoyed it!

    Stay warm...and enjoy your weekend!

    And good luck with your Valentines cards!


  13. Good Afternoon Akelamalu! can smell SNOW???

    That's incredible!

    oooh...oooh...and mentioning Tabu made me immediately remember the time when that fragrance came out! And from what I was lovely fragrance too! Do you remember Chantilly??? A girl I went to middle school with wore that and I loved the way she smelled.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the scent memories, dear lady!

    *now this afternoon I'm going to the store and taking a whiff of Tabu!!

    tee, hee!

    Have wonderful weekend!

  14. Howdy Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *please note the exchange of !'s


    Oh man, your comment made me HOWL!

    Let it out man! Let it out!

    Patchouli is one of those scents that people either LOVE or HATE. I actually like it when it's blended with other oils, but alone it CAN be overwhelming. And it also depends on how much someone puts on. Many people douche with cologne.

    But let me tell you something, I totally understand your sensitivity to scent, because I know SO MANY individuals who are the same way. In fact, I've actually seen people walk through the department, sneezing and coughing. Customers will sometimes ask me..."How the HELL can you stand working in here with all these scents???"

    Fragrance is diffinately not for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings, buddy!

    That was FUN!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    *I've got to go now, because there's a couple of bicycle seats on streets left UN-sniffed!


  15. >>>I’ve been known to smell my food before I eat it, magic markers, leather, crayons, Elmer’s glue, erasers, bicycle seats, and even paper.

    Smelling food is pretty ordinary, that list of foods, not so ordinary.

    Fun post


  16. Greetings David!


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share a comment!

    Nice meeting you.

    OMG...that's FUNNY!

    Ya know something? Perhaps the way I wrote that, actually does sound like I EAT all that yummy stuff!?!?!?

    (ok, I admit it...I DO eat Elmer's glue)


    Drop by any time David. You're always welcome here!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. Good to be I've missed my Ron-alogues LOL

    (though I must find this "Jovan Musk Oil" LOL)

  18. Aloha Debi!

    oooh...ooooh...ooooh...IT'S SO FREAKING GREAT TO SEE YA!!!

    You've been missed too! can find Jovan Musk in any DRUG STORE, and it's not expensive.

    Wait til you drives people WILD!


    Thanks for stopping by Deb!

    Enjoy your Saturday!


  19. Hi Ron,
    Just read your latest post. I've always been a smeller myself and recognize familiar fragrances fairly easily. I love the smell of all sorts of flowers, nature (aside from horse poo), and then there are those "bring you back scents" which can harvest emotion. Fresh mint always reminds me of my grandmother and her garden. Certain perfumes are "that person's" smell. One men's scent I adore is Chanel Platinum Ă‹goiste- ever smell it?
    Hope you have a great weekend and that you don't run into a SCUNK!

  20. Bonjour Brigitte!

    Thanks for stopping by for a little "sniffing!!"

    Don't ya just LOVE to smell???

    Oh boy...I SO agree about those "bring you back scents!!!" I LOVE the smell of fresh mint. It reminds me of summer, when my mother would clip some from her garden and mix it with her ice tea!


    And YES!!!...I know the scent Egoiste Platinum that you spoke about. It's a WONDERFUL scent!!! Chanel use to have one simply called Egoiste, that didn't do very well, so I think they stopped making it. It was very spicy.

    Like you, I too enjoy the scents of nature. And I bet in the country side of France...the scents are HEAVENLY!

    ALWAYS a delight sharing with you, Brigitte!

    Hope you had wonderful Saturday!

    It's FREEZING here. Tomorrow we may even get some SNOW!


  21. ron, I know you don't make this stuff up - it's too out there for that but how do you think of it to write about it? I could never do a blog like this and have anybody show up and actually want to read it...AND then be funny too? you are missing your need to go be a comedy writer or create a show or something and make lots of money...


  22. Hellooooo Linda!

    Thanks dear lady!

    Some of my other readers have asked me the same thing. I'm looking into self-publishing an Ebook on, which is a website that allows you to self-publish, and then they sell it for you and take a percentage of your sales.

    I've been feeling the desire to start doing something with my writing, so I'm spending a lot of time online, finding out ways to do it myself. There's A LOT of great information about publishing!!

    Yes...everything I post here, are actual true things that have happened to me, and then what I add all the "inner dialogue" that went through my head at the time I experienced these things.

    *all the things I was thinking

    I always watch myself as I experience different things, so I can remember all the details.

    I've had some of the strangest things happen to me throughout my life...and when I look at them...I always see the HUMOR.

    Life truly is a movie.

    And a each moment is a series of takes.

    And you'd be surprised how much "funny stuff" there is to write about!!!

    Thanks for stopping by this evening, Linda!

    I always enjoy sharing with you!


  23. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right about that ditto paper ink. I had forgotten all about that until your post. How euphoric was that? I would volunteer my services to sister Monica so I could crank that machine and inhale those fumes. There were times when I swear I was in heaven and hell at the same time just being around the ditto machine was a sexual experience. The thought of those days of yesteryear has brought back many memories.
    I can recall pouring about 1/2 bottle of CANOE calogne on my self each day before class and then sniffing my arms all day and when Bunny (yes her name was Bunny) was close she would swoon and want to be close to the smell.
    Ron, because of you I ran to Walgreen's and bought a bottle of CANOE and English Leather and now I am about to embark on trip to youthdom. If only I can get a hold of the ditto ink !!!!!!

  24.'re comments are ALWAYS a POST unto themselves!!!

    HOLY are such a FUNNY man!!

    I laughed my ass off!!!

    You're the FIRST one on this post to mention your rapture with DITTO! I think it may be because, like went to catholic school around the same time that I did.

    And was it NOT the BEST stuff???

    And YES!!!.... I too wore Canoe and English Leather. I always think back to those times when I see them in a drug store. I can't believe they still make those!?!?

    Anway my're presence here is always so enjoyed! You bring such "good stuff."

    Thanks Dave!

    Hope you had a great weekend, buddy!

    P.S. and if I ever find ditto ink...I'll let you know!

  25. Welllllllllll.......NOW I understand! ;-)

    Yup--used to sniff the copied papers......heck, used to volunteer to DO the copying for teachers..(self serving, I'll admit)

    As for the smelly stuff--I have one fragrance that gets worn regularly, though I have about a bazillion bottles of the stuff.

    Though, yaknow....I'm coming to like the smell of White Shoulders on me.....less 'bug spray-ish' than I orignally though. LOL

  26. Hiya Dear Mel!

    AaaaaaaH...and another person who SNIFFED the copied papers!!!

    I think you, Dave and I, are the only ones on this post who share that MAGIC!!

    Wasn't it just the BEST???

    And OMG...can I just tell ya how much I LOVE the scent of White Shoulders, Mel?? I still meet several customers, who ask if my store carries it. Unfortunately, we don't, but I usually direct them to Perfumania in the mall. They carry it.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in "sniff moment" with us, dear lady!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    It's snowed here...but for like 5 minutes!?!?!


    But I will's gotten nice and COLD!!!


  27. hahahahaha OK..this was great!

    To this day, I have one particular scent stuck in 'that' part of my brain. There is this little goldenbrown worm thingy, with legs. It rolls up in a spiral when you touch it. Don't ask me why, but as a kid, I smelled them. And to this day, when I smell certain types of avocados? It smells EXACTLY like that little creepyworm...and I can't eat it!

    On a side note, there's nothing quite as much of a turn on that to stick my nose into that spot on a man - where his neck connects with his collar bone - and smell something heavenly. Gio is a favorite...but good clean mansmell is just as hot!

  28. Hiya Grace!

    OMG,'re funny!!

    Now you have me SOOOO curious as to what that "wormy thing" was!?!?!

    I'm trying to think, because I'm assuming it was a toy, right? And I was such "toy kid" but that doesn't ring a bell.

    Oh well, I'll google it later tonight!


    Hey and listen....I TOO LOVE the smell of Gio! I really like all the Armani scents. In the store that I work in, it's actually the MOST sold men's fragrance!

    What a scent!!!

    Always GREAT seeing ya Grace!

    Thanks for dropping by!


  29. LMAO I can't stop giggling!

    The wormy thing? It's a real worm! LOLOLOLOL I think it might be a centipede of some sort..and it's about 3/4" long


    OMG...I'm dyin' ova' here!!!!

    What the HELL made me think it was a TOY???? glad you straightened that out for me!!!

    Maybe I'll google it tonight!!!