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Being in the cosmetic industry, it amazes me how each year more and more celebrities are getting on the bandwagon; creating their own fragrances.

We have everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Paris Hilton, and David Beckham to Sean John, all promoting an aroma.

Now, it wouldn’t be fair for me to say which ones I like and which ones I think smell like a cows rectum, because when it comes to selecting a fragrance it’s all very personal.

What I might think smells wonderful, someone else may find repulsive.

And what someone else might think smells heavenly, I may find putrid.

But what I can say, is that some of these celebrity fragrances have been well thought-out, finely crafted, and smell unique. While others seem as though they were created with a childs chemisty set and are copycats of everything else that’s out on the market.

I remember the first time I picked up a bottle of a celebrity fragrance and inhaled it. And the first thing I thought was, “Is this what they smell like?” I often have a preconceived idea of what I think a particular celebrities fragrance would smell like, because of how I see them. But quite often, I find that the fragrance does not match my image of them.

One in particular was Christina Aguilera (who I happen to adore and worship). The second her fragrance hit retail stores, I immediately stopped in Bloomingdale's because I was dying to see what it smelled like. Well…I was totally blown away, because it smelled nothing like I thought it would. I can’t say that I didn’t like it, but it didn’t even come close to the image I have of her. It actually surprised the hell out of me.

So, this just goes to show that what I might image a celebrity would enjoy in the way of a fragrance, does not always match their celebrity persona.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the idea if I were a fragrance, what would I smell like and what would I call it.

Personally, I’m drawn to more earthy and spicy scents. I tend to like the aroma’s of amber, musk, cedar wood, and patchouli. I also enjoy the aroma’s of black tea, pipe tobacco, and fig.

Not only do they seem to work well with my body chemistry, but they also seem to be both calming and grounding for my hyper personality. I also tend to get a lot of compliments when I wear these types of fragrances.

So, if I were a fragrance I would be in the category of woody, spicy and more natural.

And if I were to name my fragrance, I would call it Elixir.

So, if you were a fragrance what would it smell like and what would you call it?


  1. My fragrance would be called "BlackLOG - Ode of moi" it would contain hints of

    Chlorine - from excessive swimming

    A touch of cat - once you have them they get everywhere.

    The aroma of music - difficult one to define but hey it's my fragrence and music is a huge part of my life.

    Rubber - not for everyone but it helps with bouncing back.

    As the smell will be intolerable to anyone but the hard of sniffing, the bottle had better be damned good (might help if it is impossible to open) that people will want to buy it for that alone. How do you think the Iphone has got so successful?

    As your in the Industry I'll leave it to you to bring it all together, market it and send me large cheques every few months.

  2. When I saw your title I immediately heard Miley Cyrus singing, "If we were a movie, you'd be the right guy, I'd be the best friend..."

    I love the smell of cinnamon. Always have, always will. So mine would smell of high quality cinnamon (not like a Brach's candy and not like a Glade candle, classy, you know?)

    And I'd call it Cardiogirl on Fire.

  3. Ron my friend you have given me something to ponder this morning! I'll think about this and get back to you! Enjoy the day, is it as pretty in Philly today as it is in Pgh? Your friend from the OTHER side of the state...

  4. sometimes I want to smell like cake and flowers.

    sometimes an old leather jacket. or maybe a leather highbacked chair and wool blankets in front of a fire and hot cocoa.

    sometimes thanksgiving dinner.

    I have this Philosophy stuff that smells like cotton candy and violets, and that's nice too.

    Oh, and sometimes whiskey and tobacco. It's more alluring than one would think. I don't mean like Jim Beam and a Marlboro but like a Glenlivet and pipe tobacco that almost maybe smells like almond biscotti eaten around the Christmas tree, dipped in a tea that isn't quite minty and not really cinnamon but maybe a bit gingery but not really I think it's cloves. Or nutmeg.

    I want to smell like someone's happy place.

  5. Oooh, you DO smell good!! And we've never even met in person. But if you are wearing musk and patchouli.... it's got to be good.
    I am loving it!

    So what popped into my mind for the name of my perfume was.... Goddess. Of course I had to Google that name and see if it was already a perfume, which it is. By Kimora Lee Simmons and it combines gardenia, rosebuds, lily, musk and exotic woods. How interesting!!! Because I have a perfume by Reese Withersooon, for Avon that I just got and it's Gardenia scented and I LOVE musk and exotic wood scents.

    For a lighter scent, I'd maybe use lavender and lilac... two flowers I adore. Hmm... maybe call that one ... OM
    Ah, but found that name is taken as well by The Gap.

    Hey I think I just might have to dab some Chai tea behind my ears or bathe daily in Soy Cocoa. Then everyone would know I'm in the room! LOL

  6. Good morning Ron!

    Wow - this is a tough one! I don't wear fragrances as I tend to be randomly sensitive to them!

    Sometimes my boss comes to work smelling like she bathed in Eau de Old Lady. She smells overpoweringly of gardenias or something.. I don't know. I'm really not a fan of flowery scents.

    If I were a fragrance though... I would smell sweet and earthy. Maybe a combination of vanilla and amber? Way less on the vanilla though... it would have to be subtle. Because you know... I'm a pretty shy and meek character. LOL!

    My fragrance would be called Simplify. :)

    I think I would really like your fragrance, it sounds great! :)

    Have a wonderful day my friend. Talk to you soon!

  7. Morning BlackLOG!


    OMG...that was BRILLIANT!!!

    the bottle had better be damned good (might help if it is impossible to open)...


    Honestly though, I think it's a GREAT idea! And it's funny you mentioned rubber, because one of my favorite fragrances has the scent of RUBBER in it, and I gotta smells VERY good.

    And listen, if I do end up creating your fragrance I'll send you your LARGE cheques at the end of each month, ok?

    *I'll only take a 2% commission.

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    Always a pleasure seeing ya!

  8. Hi Cardiogirl!

    Cardiogirl on Fire.

    GREAT name!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like you and I enjoy the same "spicy scents."

    I too LOVE the smell of cinnamon.

    not like a Brach's candy and not like a Glade candle, classy, you know?.


    Aren't those Brach's cinnamon candies HOT enough to burn your tongue off??

    Thanks sooo much for adding your fragrance creation to this post, my friend.

    Enjoyed it!

    Have a SPICY day!

  9. Hey Brndoutw8tress!

    No problem, my friend. Feel free to stop back anytime. I realize that some people may need to think about this for awhile.

    I'm sure (with your creative genius) you'll come up with something FLAWLESS!

    Maybe something to do with being a waitress!?!?

    aahhh, yes...the weather here in Philly is heavenly. Sunny, warmer temps, and NO rain.

    Have a great day!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Howdy Lora!

    I cannot believe you mentioned Philosophy because when I lived in Florida I use to wear several of their fragrances and I LOVED them. They have one that's more on the spicy side, which was my FAV! I also love their skincare products.

    sometimes whiskey and tobacco. It's more alluring than one would think.

    I so totally agree! So many people think the smell of pipe tabacco would be horrendous, but when combined with other fragrances it actually smells sexy.

    sometimes an old leather jacket. or maybe a leather highbacked chair.

    LOVE IT!

    One of my favorite fragrances from Chanel has leather in it and I will always wear it during the colder winter months.


    Thanks so much for adding your enjoyment of fragrance to this post, my friend!

    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about it!!

    Have a VUNDERBAR day!

  11. Good Mornin' Crystal Chick!

    HA! I knew you would enjoy sharing in this post because of our mutual appreciation of SCENT!

    I know that we also share the same love of patchouli. When blended with other fragrances, patchouli is wonderful.

    OMG...I can't believe you mentioned OM, because that was one of my favs from that GAP, but is hard to find anymore. I use to also use one from them called GRASS, and it was perfect for the warmer summer months. Unfortunately, they longer make it.

    Goddess from Kimora Lee Simmons, I've smelled. And honestly, it's very good. She came out with several others, but I don't care for them as much. Too sweet.

    I think maybe you and I should go into the fragrance business together; creating natural scent made with essential oils - I bet it would SELL!!!

    We can call our company name...

    ....Crystal Clear!

    As always, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing, neighbor!

    You're the BOMB!

    Have a great day!

  12. I like earthy, clean, spicy and/or herbal scents. I don't care for really sweet, flowery, apple-pie-chocolate-vanilla fragrances.

    My all time favorite cologne, which is hard to find now, is Blue Grass.

    I'd like to have a subtle yet memorable scent called "Bitch."

  13. Good Morning Penny!


    BRAVA...I freakin' LOVE it!!!

    And I love the combination of amber and vanilla.

    Your preference in fragrance sound very much mine. I enjoy anything on the "natural/earthy" side.

    OMG, and I had to laugh at this...

    ...Sometimes my boss comes to work smelling like she bathed in Eau de Old Lady...


    I know what you mean because I've had similar experiences. It's the "amount" of fragrance that some people apply that makes you want to wear a gas mask.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and adding your fragrance to this post, my friend!

    You GO, girl!

    Have a great day!

  14. Howdy Nitebyrd!



    Oh shit, that's FLAWLESS!!!

    Hey listen, this reminds me of a red wine I saw a month ago in the wine store called BITCH. I swear to god! And the label is so cool.

    Me too, I like earthy, clean, spicy and/or herbal scents. Not much for sweet either.

    I know Blue Grass. It's made by Elizabeth Arden and it's great. Clean and fresh. If I ever stumble upon it, I'll send it too you!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

    So glad you're back. I can't wait hear all about your trip.

    Have a great day!

  15. Ron, they sell "Bitch" wine in World Market. I chose to buy a bottle of "Zombie Zin" on my last visit but will try the "Bitch" next time!

  16. How do I answer this intelligently? Without sounding like I've no clue what I'm talking about?? I have a VERY sensitive has to be just a wisp of something, or it'll make me feel nauseous.

    I know what I like and what I don't like, but (as with food as well) I've no power to discern what I'm smelling/tasting.

    Which basically means, I have no answer whatsoever.

    HOWEVER. Being well, ME...I will climb on my soapbox and proclaim that either you smell like CRAP, or you smell just heavenly....(and I'll swoon just a teeny bit).

    And because "Ah love ya, Ron...ya'll just know ah do...." I'm sure you'd smell just delish.
    (insert teeny swoon here.)

  17. I followed you home from Thinking Out Loud. I really enjoyed that post. That was so funny! I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Okay... If I were a fragrance, I would be fruity, light and airy, with a hint and only a hint of floral. And I'd call it Whisper.

  18. Hey!! new here..thought I'd look around...take in the smells... ;) saw that coming didn't ya?!
    My fragrance name would be something along the lines of..the old Calgon commercials...'take me away'. lol
    the scent would be musky and spicey and a wee bit dirty.
    hummm..did that come out right??

  19. Hey Nitebyrd!

    So you've seen it????

    Isn't the name flawless? I'm tempted to get a bottle and try it!

    Another one I want to try is Fat Bastard - I hear it's great.

    Next time I'm in the wine store I'll look for "Zombie Zin." It sounds like a HOOT!

    Thanks for sharing, Sis!

    I'm always looking for new wines.


  20. Hello Dear Kathryn!

    either you smell like CRAP, or you smell just heavenly...



    Well...hopefully I smell heavenly.

    I know many people such as yourself who are VERY sensitive to fragrance. It's hard for them to even be around someone who's wearing cologne. Also too, there are some people who BATH in it, therefore it makes it challenging for ANYONE to be around them.

    (even someone like me, who loves fragrance)

    I bet you would like some of the fragrances from Bath and Bodyworks. They're very light (more of a body mist, rather than a perfume). I've used some of them myself and really enjoyed them.

    Hey, listen...your comment gave me a great idea for a name for you if you were a fragrance....


    It would be light, soft, and transparent!

    Thanks for dropping by, my friend!

    Always great seeing ya!

    Hope you had a marvi day!


  21. Greetings LaTonya~


    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a comment. It's so nice to meet you!

    Don't you just LOVE Valerie? And isn't she a wonderful writer? And talk about funny....she's a HOOT!

    Hey...I LOVE the name of your fragrance Whisper.

    fruity, light and airy, with a hint and only a hint of floral.

    Sounds awesome!!

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcome here!

    Enjoy you evening!

  22. Welcome tt!


    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and taking a look around.

    It's a pleasure to meet ya!

    I LOVE the name of your fragrance...Take me away!!

    Very original!

    Didn't you love those older Calgon commericals? I never watch TV anymore, so I don't even know if they'e still on?!?

    musky and spicey and a wee bit dirty.


    Sounds like MY kind of fragrance too!

    Please drop by anytime. You're always welcome!

    Have a wonderful evening.

  23. I inhale every time my good friend, the psychologist, enters the room.
    I've never asked what he wears, I'm too busy inhaling it and he knows it.
    Dang that fella smells good.

    And I, on the other hand, can wear very few things without smelling like Raid Ant and Roach Killer. I guess Raid isn't bad, all things considered.
    The medications I'm on leave me smelling ME as a tinny, stale garlic clove. *sigh* Because I'm convinced the rest of the world can smell the same thing, too--I have a whole closet full of fragrances with that same Raid smelling results.
    Well..... HAD.
    The girl is extremely grateful for my contributions.

  24. Hiya Mel! had me in HYSTERICS!!!

    without smelling like Raid Ant and Roach Killer...

    Well...I LOVE the smell of garlic, my friend, so to me you'd smell wonderful.

    Gee...I wonder what fragrance your psychologist wears? Just ask him one day and I'll see if I can send you a bottle from Philly to spray on himself!!

    woo! woo!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Always a JOY!

    Hope you had a great day!

  25. back in the day I invented a fragrance
    it was
    'Yo Ho'
    and would smell of one night stand sex and white wine spritzers with undertones of hairspray and latex

  26. OMG....Dianne....I just want you to know that I SHIT when I read your comment.

    and would smell of one night stand sex and white wine spritzers with undertones of hairspray and latex.


    And the name Yo Ho.


    You. Are. The. BOMB.

    I love ya, dear lady. And thank you for the wonderful laugh!


  27. crap, lost the whole damn comment...anyway, I don't know what I would be but soft and floral with a hint of spice and clean ... no idea what we would name me...and I am too tired to care tonight :) how about "sleeping beauty" :)

    love ya

  28. These days I'm feeling chocolatey and dessert-like. So it would be something reminiscent of Bath and Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar

  29. Hi Linda!

    Sorry about losing the comment. Don't ya LOVE Blogger's commenting system????


    Hey, I LOVE that name...Sleeping Beauty!!!

    And a soft and floral with a hint of spice and clean. ...


    Thanks for dropping by, dear lady!

    Hope you have a GRANDE day!


  30. Welome Miss Journey!

    Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing a comment.

    Nice to meet you! said the magic word CHOCOLATE! One of my favorite womens fragrances has chocolate in it, mixed with vodka. I know that sounds VERY strange, but for some reason the two smell heavenly together.

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcome here!

    Enjoy your day!

  31. Well my favourite fragrances are in order of preference

    1. Jo Malone 154 cologne
    2.Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily cologne
    3. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist

    I have no idea what is in them, well apart from the second one there is obviously Ginger in there somewhere. Maybe you can tell me Ron what a fragrance personal to me should contain going off the ones I like?

  32. Good Afternoon Akelamalu!

    You're exactly like me, m'dear!

    I know those three fragrances that you mentioned and I LOVE each one of them.

    Isn't Jo Malone the BEST??

    I stopped in one of the Jo Malone stores in NYC and went NUTS because they allow you to create your own fragrance!

    To me it sounds like you enjoy the a combinations of earthy, powdery, and spicy.

    Cashmire mist is considered a powder, but yet it also contains deeper notes.

    Also too, I think our sense of fragrance changes as we get older. I use to enjoy more citrus fragrances, but over the years have moved into more spicy.

    Two fragrances you may want to try are Narcisso Rodriguez or the original Prada. They're absolutely YUMMY.

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    And thanks for sharing!

    Enjoyed it!

    Have a great day!

  33. I am with you on the earthy scents. I love cedar, cinnamon and other spices. I have to be honest though, patchouli kind of freaks me out. It makes me think of dreadlocks, hairy armpits and angry lesbians. That might be because I know a woman who fits that description who wears the fragrance to the point of making me want to lose my cookies. Ah, the power of scent.

  34. Good Morning Jen!

    I have to be honest though, patchouli kind of freaks me out. It makes me think of dreadlocks, hairy armpits and angry lesbians..


    OH. DEAR. GOD.

    That was HYSTERICAL!

    I know how you feel though, because patchouli freaks out alot of people. The second I tell someone that a fragrance has patchouli in it they say, "Oh I HATE the smell of reminds me of the 60's."

    But don't you love the scent of cedar wood??

    Thanks for dropping by, Jen!

    Always a pleasure!

  35. I used to like citrus fragrances when I was younger too Ron! I also like musky scents. Tabu was a favourite of mine when I was in my early 20's and I still wear it now sometimes. Thanks for the tips on what to try. :)

  36. Hi Akelamalu!

    Tabu....ah, yes...I know it well!

    You're welcome, dear lady. Hope you enjoy them!

    Happy sniffing!


  37. Ron - you are so great!!! And, I do love the smell of cedar wood.

  38. Hi Jen!

    You too, my friend!


  39. Me again Ron...

    Just needed to re-comment on a couple of things. :)

    "It's the "amount" of fragrance that some people apply that makes you want to wear a gas mask."

    You could NOT be more right on this one my friend!!! I find that I am a bit like Kathryn in that my nose is extremely sensitive. I am the first to know when someone around me has marinated in their favourite scent overnight in preparation for a day at our "no personal scents" office. Seriously... there are signs everywhere that request that scented personal products not be worn in our building. And yet... some people, seemingly especially the person who sits 8 feet away from me... insist on bathing in the Eau de Old Lady! WHY???!!! Geez. lol

    I feel so much better now that I've gotten that off my chest. Thank you. ;o)

    "But don't you love the scent of cedar wood??"

    Oh wow, do I ever!!! There is a fellow that I know, he lives near me actually. He's always been very friendly and seems like a great guy but never really stood out in my mind. The other day we chatted in the yard and I realized he smells like cedar, mixed with a little bit of heaven!!! Haven't really stopped thinking about him since then. It's amazing what scents do to me!!! It's either *really* good or *really* bad! :)

    Have a great day Ron! Thanks again for having such an awesome blog... haven't said that for a while. ;o)


  40. Good Morning Penny!

    And do you know what's funny?

    Coco Chanel believed that a woman's fragrance should enter the room before she did.

    And Chanel #5 proves it!

    OY VEY!

    aaaaahhh yes, cedar wood...there is something about that fragrance that is so comforting to me. And ...also very sexy!

    woo! woo!

    I'm the same way, I either feel really great about a scent or not.

    Thank you Penny! I so enjoy having this blog because of all the awesome people who stop by and share - and thanks for being one of those people!

    Have a great Sunday, amigo!

  41. All of your names are awesome!!!
    I got my perfume customized for a cheap price at

  42. Greetings Wicked Charms!


    Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment. So nice to meet you.

    Yes...aren't the names awesome??

    Thanks for the info you shared. I'll definitely check it out.

    Enjoy your evening!

  43. Hey Ron,
    Yes,all the names are awesome.
    Well...some of them.
    It's really great you just have to contact them and give a description of yourself or the person the scent is for.

    Have a good one!!