Who Blogs More, Men or Women?

Have you ever taken notice to the percentage of men versus women who read and comment on your blog?

It’s impossible to tell who is actually reading my blog because not everyone who subscribes to my feed, comments. But when it comes to the people who I blog with closely and who also comment, it’s definitely more women.

I read more women’s blogs, so I know that has something to do with it.

But I’ve noticed while visiting and commenting on many of your blogs (both men's and women's), there also seems to be more comments from women.

I believe that a lot of what attracts a reader to a blog, depends what you write about, your style of writing, and your particular energy that may draw one more than the other.

I definitely know that what I share and how I express myself on this blog attracts more women, but I also have a small group of men who read and comment regularly.

However, these are specifically men who are very open, sensitive, and enjoy communicating.

Yet, I still can’t help but think that blogging, primarily when it comes to a personal blog, is a medium that attracts more women.

Could it be because women communicate and freely expressing themselves more?

Are women more naturally open?

What about you….?

Do you have more women than men, or more men than women that read and comment on your blog?

Or do you have an equal amount?

I’m just curious to hear your observations and thoughts on this.

Thanks, folks!

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