Solano Hair Dryer Review

Back when I was a professional cosmetologist it was nothing for me to purchase a new hair dryer every year. And sometimes, depending on the quality of the dryer, every 6-8 months.

I remember purchasing my first Solano hair dryer and thinking that I spent WAY too much money for it. At the time, I probably paid about $60.00.

Well...that dryer ended up lasting me four years.

And I'm someone who had a tendency to drop my dryer on the hard cement salon floor several times a week, and even that didn't destroy it. So not only was it reliable, but also durable.

The one I had purchased was Solano's Original Hair Dryer

*Includes one narrow fiberglass concentrator

*Original classic turbo design

*Ceramic thermal grill offers consistent heat temperatures

*2 speeds and 3 temperature settings allow for design creativity when drying

*Removable filter for easy cleaning

*Extra long, heavy duty 11.5 foot cord with hanging ring

Price: $89.99

Solano also provides diffusers, individual blow dry nozzles, and flat irons.

So if you're looking for a dependable, durable, and an overall outstanding hair dryer, I highly recommend Solano.

You can purchase them through either Folica or Beauty Sak.


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