Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Review

Think of foundation primer as wearing an undergarment.

I mean you wouldn’t put your clothes on without first putting on a bra and panties, would you?

…..maybe some people would.

Many years ago a friend of mine was working as a representative for Laura Mercier and first introduced me to the importance of using a foundation primer.

Not only does a primer promote the longevity of your foundation, but it also acts as a “protective shield” to the outside elements; allowing your foundation to look better and stay color-true for hours.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is a water-based formula, free of oil and silicone—vitamin enriched to protect the skin and ideal for all skin types.

It’s virtually weightless so it feels as though your wearing nothing at all.

As someone who use to be a wedding makeup artist in Florida, where heat and humidity run ramped, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer was always in my makeup kit because it truly helped in keeping the brides makeup fresh and in place all day long.

So even if you don’t wear undergarments, you’ll definitely want to consider wearing something under your foundation.

You’ll love the look and feel!

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