NARS Duo Eyeshadow Bellissima Review

When Nars named my favorite eyeshadow duo, Bellissima, they weren't exaggerating. It's truthfully one of the most beautiful eyeshadow combinations.

Back when I use to be a representative for Nars, Bellissima was an eyeshadow I could literally recommend to any customer, with any skin tone, who walked up to the counter.

Bellissima is a combination of shimmering beige and gray brown.

*note: the shimmer is very subtle; nothing glittery or extreme.

When applied to the skin this palette creates a beautiful, neutral taupe effect and that's why this eyeshadow duo works on everyone.

Bellissima is also extremely adaptable. It can be used lightly to achieve a natural daytime look, or when applied heavier; creates a more dramatic look.

This eyeshadow duo is perfect for the woman who wants more of a natural shadowing effect, rather than using something with color.

And like with all Nars eyeshadows, they are longwearing, crease resistant, highly pigmented, and blend effortlessly.

Price: $34.00

Bellissima is one of those "must-have eyeshadows" because you'll find yourself using it again and again.

Please stop by Sephora and check out the complete collection of Nars duo eyeshadows.

There's something there for everyone.

Ciao bella!

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