Sebastian Potion 9 Review

Having been a licensed cosmetologist for 13 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of hair products.

And I think if I had to pick one line that encompasses the best shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, it would have to be Sebastian.

The reason being is I found that Sebastian offers products that are the most adaptable to all hair types - fine, course, straight, curly, and all ethnic types.

One of the most outstanding products I enjoyed working with is Potion 9.

Potion 9 not only assists in the styling of hair, but is an effective hair treatment as well.

It offers manageability; simultaneously restoring hair’s natural condition by infusing it with 9 active-oil botanicals.

It imparts a beautiful shine.

I found it especially helpful on curly hair in reducing frizz during the humid summer months.

It’s also an excellent product to use immediately after receiving a perm to help condition the hair, while adding definition to the curls.

Potion 9 is weightless and soft to the touch, so it never feels heavy or stiff.

It’s prefect for both a blow-dry style or an air-dry style.

So if you’ve been searching for a hair product that not only styles, but also conditions…I highly recommend Potion 9.

Please stop by Sebastian and check out their complete line of outstanding hair products.

I know you'll enjoy them!

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