How To Select The Perfect Foundation Color

One of the most challenging things that women express about makeup is selecting the proper foundation color.

They end up being too dark, too light, too pink, too yellow, or too something.

In all the years I've spent working with makeup, I eventually discovered ways to assist women in choosing the perfect foundation color.

Helpful tips:

*Above all, do not select a foundation from a prepackaged makeup product you purchase from a drug store. There is no way you can possibly tell what the color looks like on your skin by simply looking the color in the bottle.

*Make time to either visit a department store or a speciality store that offers makeup products you can actually try on.

*Select your foundation during daylight hours, so you can examine the affects in a natural light source. If at all possible, have a medium size compact mirror handy.

*After selecting the proper makeup formulation of your choice (liquid or cream), be sure to remove any prior foundation along the jawline from either side of your face, so you have a completely clean area to test. The ideal thing would be to go foundation shopping without wearing any makeup base at all.

*Select three foundation shades that seem close to your skin tone and use a Q-tip to stripe each color from your jawline to about an inch or two down onto your neck. It's important to test a foundation against your neck because this is the area you want the foundation to match, so that it blends perfectly without a line of demarcation.

*After applying the individual stripes of foundation, take your index or pinkie finger and begin tapping each separate color into your skin. By doing this, you will begin to notice which single shade melds perfectly with your skin - it should almost disappear.

*If you have the time, remove all traces of foundation you may already have on, and apply your newly chosen foundation color to your entire face.

*Take your compact mirror and go outdoors, so you can view the foundation in natural light. If your skin looks even, without any line of demarcation along your jawline, then it's the perfect foundation for you. If not, you will then need to try a different one.

Selecting the proper color foundation can take some effort, but I assure you that if you make the effort to go through these steps, you will discover a foundation color that's perfect for you.

Remember...your foundation is the most important thing in wearing all your other cosmetics. It is literally the foundation to how everything else looks on your face.

If your foundation looks will the rest of your makeup.

Additional tips:

*Use a foundation brush when applying your liquid or cream foundation.

*A foundation should even out and become one with your skin. It should never look like a mask.

*Your skin should have a moist, dewy, natural look.

*Use a minimal amount of face powder when setting your foundation. Too much powder creates a dry, cakey-look.

*Never choose a foundation color because it makes your skin appear as though you have a tan. You can use always use a touch of bronzing powder to add more color to your face, afterward.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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