Origins Precipitation Review

It's always been a challenge for me to find a body lotion that will effectively moisturize without feeling heavy on my skin.

I like something that goes on and is quickly absorbed without leaving a tacky or greasy residue.


Not only does Precipitation instantly replenish moisture, but it's amazingly compatible with all skin types.

Whether your skin is extremely dry or normal, Precipitation creates a perfect blanket of moisture that is sustained throughout the day.

It's lightly scented so it won't conflict with your perfume or cologne.

Precipitation is truly the ideal body lotion.

Price:: $22.50 (8.5 oz.) - $55.00 (33.8 oz.)

So if you've been looking for a body lotion that is effective, yet lightweight, head over to Origins to find out more about Precipitation.

Because you'll be glad to know that your dry spell is over.

Here comes the rain!

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