Using a Foundation Brush

Any artist will share with you the importance of brushes.

Brushes are the tools that an artist uses to make the proper strokes to create the image.

This too, is equally important when it comes to the art of makeup.

Because your foundation is the first thing that's applied, it is extremely important to make sure that it's precise.

I started using a foundation brush many years ago, while I was working for Chanel. And it felt odd when I first began using it, because I was so use to using either a sponge or my fingers when applying foundation to a clients face.

However, after a very short period of time I could see the advantages.

First off, I was able to use less foundation; thinning it out, which allowed for a more natural look.

It created a seamless and more even coverage.

The brush also enabled me to work faster in getting the foundation applied.

Quickly, I started to love using a brush and since then, find it irreplaceable.

Last week I stopped in Sephora to check out their brush selection, and was delighted to find an excellent quality foundation brush from their Professionnel Platinum Brush Collection.

The bristles were perfect in length, width, and thickness. And the tip of it was beautifully tapered. The handle was also a good length, for an easy hold.

A foundation brush should always be synthetic so that it won’t absorb oils or product, making it the most hygienic way to apply foundation.

And this brush was.

It was priced at $27.00 which I found to be very reasonable, since the ones I’ve used in the past were much more.

So if you would like to add a foundation brush to your collection, I highly recommend checking this one out.

You can either drop by a Sephora near you or if you prefer shopping online, please head on over to view the Platinum Professionnel Foundation Brush, right now.

I guarantee you’ll feel like an artist and love what is does for your foundation.


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