Review: The Art of Shaving

"A man shaves more than 20,000 times during his lifetime - and how he shaves is essential to attaining healthier, smoother skin."

The 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave combine The Art of Shaving aromatherapy-based products, handcrafted accessories and expert shaving technique to guarantee optimal shaving results while relieving and preventing ingrown hairs, razor burn, tough beard and sensitive skin.

The Starter Kit offers 1 week's worth of essentials for a close and comfortable shave.

Complete with:

Pre-Shave Oil (.5 fl. oz)
Shaving Cream (1 oz)
After-Shave Balm (.5 fl. oz)
And a Trial Size Badger Shaving Brush

*it's the perfect way to try out these awesome products.

Price: $25.00

The Art of Shaving products are aromatherapy-based, made with 100% pure essential oils selected for their therapeutic skin properties and specifically blended for a variety of skin types.

Lavender: Normal to sensitive
Lemon: Normal to oily
Sandalwood: Normal to dry skin
Unscented: Hypoallergenic

The Art of Shaving also offers additional products such as: shaving brushes, razors, skincare, hair and body products, fragrance, and manicure sets.

So if you’ve been looking for the perfect shave, please visit: The Art of Shaving.

"Bringing art and passion to daily routine"

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