How To Apply Lipstick And Lip Liner

For as long as I can remember, whenever I applied lipstick and lip liner to a client, I had always applied the liner first and the lipstick second.

Typical way, right?

That is until I started working for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, back in 1998.

When you work for Bobbi Brown, everyone is trained to apply makeup in a specific method, therefore if you’ve been applying it your own particular way, it can be a challenge to get use to at first.

Such as it was in the way Bobbi Brown teaches how to apply lipstick and lip liner.

Lipstick first, liner second.

Well, it probably took me about a week of feeling awkward doing it this way, until one day it finally clicked!

She was right, if you apply your lipstick first and liner second, you get a much better lip.

And the reason being is that once you apply your lipstick, you can better see where the lip liner should go. It’s like learning how to color in reverse. Also, when you apply the lip liner afterward, you’ll find it much easier to blend the lipstick and liner together so you don’t get a harsh line.

The whole point of using a lip liner is to shape and define your lips, but you don’t ever want to see the liner.

When choosing a lip liner, be sure to select a color that is within the same color family as your lipstick. It should either match the color perfectly, or be slightly darker.

Example: If you use a lip color that has a cool undertone, you'll also want to use a liner with the same tone; not something with an warm undertone.

Cool undertones have a blue/pink base.

Warm undertones have an orange/yellow base.

How to:

*First, apply your lip color of choice by using a lip brush. I know many women don’t like using a lip brush, however if you want a polished-looking lip, it’s important to get comfortable using one.

*When applying your lipstick, fill in your entire lip from top to bottom.

*Next, take your lip liner and begin outlining your lips, staying inside the lip color; fusing the liner into the lipstick.

*If you wish to even out your lips, gradually extend the liner above or below the lip you wish to balance. Do this very subtly.

*Once you get the shape you want, begin blending the lip liner into the lipstick, but only along the edges.

*If by chance you add too much liner, simply take more lipstick on your brush and blend it into to the liner, which will soften it.

*After you finish, stand in front of a large mirror to see if you notice any differentiation between your lipstick and lip liner. If you do, use a bit more lipstick or liner to defuse it, that’s your choice.

I know this may seem like a completely different process of applying lipstick and lip liner, but as with anything you first try, the more you do it the more proficient you become.

And I guarantee, you’ll love the results!

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