How To Apply Under Eye Concealer

I would like to start off by saying that when it comes to applying under eye concealer...

...less is more.

The whole point of concealer is to distract from an area. Therefore, the more concealer you apply, the more attention you will draw to it. There are some cases when it will be impossible to totally conceal under eye darkness, but you can always minimize.

Selecting the proper concealer shade is very important.

Quite often many woman will select a shade that is too light. And in doing so, will end up highlighting the area of concern.

When it comes to selecting the correct shade, you want to select a color that closely matches your skin (or perhaps a tad lighter). This is why I highly recommend going into a department or cosmetic specialty store and trying a few.

I'll be honest, it's challenging to find a concealer that works. Some are either too thick while others are too thin. The best concealers are the ones with a lot of pigment, but have a light consistency.


*A concealer brush - I know that many women prefer using their fingers when applying under eye concealer, but from my own professional experience I suggest using a concealer brush.

When using your fingers the concealer will not adhere to the skin properly because each time you touch skin to skin you actually keep removing the concealer. Also, by using your fingers it will cause you to initially apply too much.

How To:

*After selecting the perfect concealer shade, apply some to the top of either one of your hands. Preferably between the webbing of your thumb and index finger. This will allow the product to warm and soften for a smoother application.

*Take your concealer brush and tap the flat side lightly into the concealer, then brush it back and forth over the top of the same hand to thin out the product. This will also assist in getting the concealer on both sides of the brush.

*When first applying concealer under your eyes always start from the outer corner, then gradually move inward and up toward the eyelash line. By doing this you'll find it easier to control where you wish to place the concealer.

*Be sure to apply the concealer only to the dark area under your eyes, not below it. Be very specific.

*Do not swipe the concealer on, tap it. By taping it you will slowly build coverage and avoid applying too much.

*Once you get the concealer on, use the sides of the brush to feather the edges so that it blends naturally into the rest of your skin.

*If you choose to use powder to set the concealer, please be sure to use as little as possible. Too much powder will cause a dry-flaky effect.

I personally don't use powder when applying concealer to a client because it looks more natural.

You'll find that if you apply your concealer as I have shared on this post, unless you tend to be extremely oily around your eye area, you won't need to use powder in order to set it.

Additional Tips:

*If you use an eye cream before applying your concealer, be sure to blot the under eye area with a soft tissue to absorb any excess. Too much eye cream will cause your concealer to breakup and move.

*You can also apply concealer to the inner corners of your eyes (the bridge) and also to the your eyelids to lighten up the eye area.

*Stay away from using green under eye concealer. Green is only effective in concealing areas on the face that are prone to redness not darkness. Green concealer will actually turn a dark area purple.

*If you have any doubt about which concealer shade is right for you, always choose one that has more yellow than pink. Yellow conceals better.

Remember...concealing is an art. So the more you practice, the better you become.

Here are some concealers that I have worked with and found to be effective.

I hope this post helps you!

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