Lab Series Razor Burn Relief

There are not too many products I can use on my face after shaving because my skin tends to be very sensitive.

Many of the aftershave balms I've tried in the past have been infused with a lot of synthetic fragrance, therefore caused more of an irritation to my skin rather than soothed it.

Several years ago, I was given a sample packet of Razor Burn Relief by Lab Series For Men and was extremely impressed with the results.

This lightweight soothing lotion delivers fast relief from razor burn, irritation and redness. It immediately distributes moisture to affected areas, calming the skin and re-building the moisture barrier damaged by shaving.

It's fragrance-free. Oil-free. And excellent for all skin types.

It is truly one of the best aftershave products I've ever used.

So if you've been looking for an excellent aftershave product to help with razor burn (especially if your skin is sensitive), I highly recommend Razor Burn Relief by Lab Series.

Price: $28.00

Trust me, your freshly shaved skin will thank you for it.

*I've tried several products from the Lab Series Collection, so while you're there please check out the complete line.


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