How To Apply Face Powder

The most effective way to apply face powder is by using a puff.

It allows for a more smooth and even application; resulting in a flawless, professional finish.

When applied this way, it will also give tremendous staying power to your foundation.


*Loose powder

*Medium size cotton powder puff


*Face powder brush

1-After applying your foundation shake a small amount of face powder onto an open Kleenex.

2-Gently pat the puff into the Kleenex; making sure to get the powder evenly distributed over the entire surface.

3-Next, take the puff in both your hands with the powdered side facing you and then close the puff; bringing the edges together as if it were a taco shell.

4-Using both your hands, begin rubbing the closed puff together with your fingers, which will allow most of the face powder to disappear from the surface; working it's way deep into the puff. You only want a minimal amount of powder on the surface of the puff.

5-Next, place your fingers through the satin band and begin firming pressing, then rolling the puff over your face; making sure to cover every area. If you need more powder repeat the steps above.

6-If you accidentally apply too much powder, gently use a face powder brush to remove.

Additional tips:

*Do not rub or massage the puff over your face. This will only remove your foundation.

*Use a minimal amount of powder. Too much powder will give you a cakey-look.

*Be sure to wash your powder puff every couple of days with warm water and a mild soap to keep it clean and sanitary; leaving it out to air dry.


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