How To Choose And Wear Fragrance

Choosing a fragrance:

* When choosing a fragrance be sure not to smell too many. The more you smell the more confused your olfactory sense becomes. Narrow your choices down to no more than three, and then select your favorite two. Apply each one on a different wrist and then wait 20 minutes for the dry-down before making your decision.

* Our sense of smell is extremely powerful in recalling memories, so never purchase a fragrance when experiencing an illness (such as a cold) because whenever the fragrance is used, you will immediately recall how you felt at the time you purchased it. The ideal time for purchasing a fragrance is on a day when you’re feeling really great.

Wearing a fragrance:

* Always apply fragrance before putting on clothing.

* Apply fragrance to areas of the body that become the warmest. The chest, neck, behind the ears, and the bend of the arm are ideal. For women, fragrance applied to the back of the knees helps the scent to linger in the air.

* Clean hair holds fragrance longer than any part of your body. Before leaving for the day, lightly spray some fragrance on your hair. Every time you brush your hair or running your fingers through it, the fragrance will be accentuated.

* After applying fragrance do not rub, let it dry naturally. Rubbing the fragrance crushes the various notes, changing the true essence; also causing the fragrance not to last.

* Layering fragrance by using the shower gel and body lotion will allow the scent to last longer. You can also choose to use the matching deodorant. Many of the men’s fragrances offer an aftershave balm.

* Never apply fragrance before lying in the sun. Sunlight will cause the fragrance to discolor skin pigment.

Storing fragrance:

* Store your fragrance at room temperature or slightly cooler. Keep your fragrance away from direct sunlight. Heat and light alters fragrance faster than anything else. If stored correctly, a fragrance will keep well-over a year.

Remember…fragrance has the power to create lasting memories.


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