How To Shape Your Eyebrows

Think of your eyes as pictures, and your eyebrows as the frames.

If your eyebrows are not shaped properly, they can take away from the beauty of your eyes.

Often clients have asked me, “What is the proper shape for my eyebrows?”

Because each person has different shaped eyes, the shape of their eyebrows will vary. However, there is one similar and sure way to find the shape that’s right for you.

Here it is.


*a mirror
*eyebrow brush
*a long pencil
*a quality pair of tweezers
*cotton balls
*aloe vera gel

Step 1

Look at your eyebrows in the mirror, then take your pencil and place it from edge of your nose to your eye area, as demonstrated above. Any hairs on the bridge of the nose after the pencil line should be tweezed.

Step 2

Now looking straight ahead, place your pencil from the tip of the nose to the natural arch of your eyebrow. Make sure that your pencil goes over the pupil of your eye, as this is the secret to finding your natural arch. You need to leave the hair line a bit thicker from the bridge of the nose to the arch. Tweeze up to the arch making as straight a line as you can.

Step 3

Now take your pencil from your the edge of your nose to the end of your eye. Any hairs after the line of the pencil should be tweezed out. Tweeze a thinner line from the arch to the pencil.

After you have finished shaping your brows, use a cotton ball soaked in some aloe vera gel and gently dab over the area to reduce any redness or irritation.


*Once you get the proper shape for your brows, you should tweeze them at least once a week to remove any stray hairs to retain the shape.

*You should never tweeze above your eyebrows, only below.

*Use a brow powder and brow brush to fill in your brows.

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  1. I've known for a while how to shape my eyebrows but unfortunately I found out AFTER I had overplucked them! Now I have to fill them in a lot. I have considered semi-permanent makeup but it's so expensive. \:(

  2. Greetings Akelamalu~

    You're absolutely right, semi-permanent makeup is SO expensive because of the upkeep. Plus, I have heard from MANY women that when the brow color starts to fade, it gets a funky color.

    The best way I found to fill in brows is with an eyebrow powder and brush. It looks so natural. And knowing your color, taupe would be faaaaabulous!

    Thanks for stopping by, m'dear! You're my first comment since republishing these posts over to Vent!


  3. I decided not to get semi-permanent brows after asking you for advice a while ago Ron. I use Smashbox Brow To Go in Taupe and find it gives a really natural looking finish.

  4. *two thumbs up*

    Way to go!!!!


  5. Thanks for this info, Ron. I've always suffered from the Brooke Shields eyebrow dilemma. They are dark and thick, which is weird because I'm not a very hairy person otherwise (not much on arms/legs), but I do have thick hair on my head, so maybe that's the reason. Anyway, I can't imagine only having to clean up the area once a week.......try once or twice a DAY! LOL! But I'm going to look in the mirror and use these tips to see if I can get a better arch and if I need to thin them out a little more at the outer edge.

  6. Hey there Bijoux~

    Thanks so much for stopping by to read this post. I just recently transferred it over (along with several other 'how-to' posts) from my other blog.

    " I've always suffered from the Brooke Shields eyebrow dilemma."

    Meeeeeeeee too! My eyebrows are SO thick and bushy.

    "I can't imagine only having to clean up the area once a week.......try once or twice a DAY! LOL!"

    HAHAHHAHAHA! Same here! In fact, I just finished plucking a few strays this morning - I kid you not. I have to do it every single day!

    Hope you're having a great week, my friend. I read your last post on my reader that you're taking a month off from blogging. Enjoy your break, and I'll see ya when you get back!


  7. If you knew the problem I have with eyebrows! I've tried it all and am still unable to cope. I'm at the stage of not bothering at all. Blonde brows that have now turned grey and one brow more contrary than the other. I tried having them dyed but of course it doesn't last and it gets expensive. I use brush and powder but there is never a smooth finish.

    Off to read more of your lovely blog. Blog? It's more like a magazine now.

  8. I know, brows and brow shape can be such a pain, that's why I shared this post.

    " I use brush and powder but there is never a smooth finish."

    OMG...that's actually my favorite way to shape and fill in a woman's brow because it looks more natural than using a pencil. I don't know what color powder you're using, but try taupe.

    "Off to read more of your lovely blog. Blog? It's more like a magazine now."

    HAHHAHAHAHA! That's exactly what I was thinking too. This blog is part blog, and part magazine!!!

    Enjoy, dear lady. And thanks for stopping by!



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