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About two weeks ago, I was sent a bottle of ibody science skin solution to sample and share my feedback.

skin solution was originally created to assist women after their mastectomy reconstruction and through their radiation treatment, helping their skin to heal with minimal scarring.

Once these women started to use skin solution for their post surgery healing and radiation burns, they continued to try it for other skin ailments and found that it has many uses for the entire family. Knowing that the ingredients are safe – even for kids – skin solution is now a staple in their home.

ibody science believes that the body is created to heal itself. They put the minerals, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants together in a 100% plant based formula that enables the body to do just that – heal itself.

Having been a licensed esthetician at one time, I was extremely impressed by the list of ingredients contained in skin solution and knew they were highly effective in promoting and maintaining healthy skin development.

skin solution botanical oil is a proprietary blend of hand-selected plant based, organic and essential oils. This unique combination contains a natural balance of Mega 3, 6 & 9, and is rich in vitamins A, D, and E.

Being someone who has studied and worked with aromatherapy, I knew that the essential oils contained in this product were gentle, yet powerful.


I tried skin solution consistently for 14 days, applying it twice daily. What I noticed after just a few days, was that my skin took on a healthy glow. The texture was smoother and the color more even. I actually had a few people at work comment that my skin looked exceptionally well.

I found this product especially helpful after shaving, healing any nicks and razor burn.

Also, I have a small reddish cluster of broken capillaries on the right side of my nose. Since using skin solution, I've noticed they are gradually fading.

skin solution is light-weight, absorbs quickly, and has a mild pleasant aroma.


Even though skin solution was created with a specific purpose, I can honestly say it would be an excellent daily skincare product for anyone to use. With all it's outstanding ingredients, your skin couldn't help but greatly benefit in so many ways.

1 oz. ($35.00)

It is because of the patients and survivors at the Piper Breast Center, and the practitioners at the Institute for Health and Healing in Minneapolis, MN that skin solution is available to you today.

ibody science is committed to organizations that help with cancer research and resources. One of the many ways we at ibody sciences how our support is with a portion of every sale of skin solution going to organizations committed to this cause.

To find out more about skin solution, please visit ibody science.


Note: This was not a paid review.

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