Nars Night Breed Eye Shadow

While working for Nars, Night Breed Single Eye Shadow was one of my favorite items because it can be used subtly or dramatically to create a variety of effects.

Like with all Nars eye shadows, they’re richly pigmented, long-wearing, crease resistant, and require effortless blending.

They can be used as eye shadow, eyeliner and on eyebrows.

The photo above shows the model wearing Night Breed as an all-over smoky shadow effect. However, I would like to explain how this shadow can be used wet for lining the eyes; creating a subtle, yet strikingly beautiful effect for a fun night out with the girls.

Night Breed is a deep true black with a subtle silver shimmer.

For lining the eyes, there is no better brush than the Trish McEvoy #11 Precise Eye Lining Brush

*It is firm, thin, and gives amazing control in applying eyeliner.

How To:

1- After applying your choice of eye shadow color and before applying your mascara, slightly dampen your eye lining brush with water.

2- Dip brush into Night Breed; making sure to pick up a decent amount of shadow.

3- Next, on the back of your hand, draw a couple of lines to make sure you are happy with the consistency of the wet shadow while smoothing out any powder clumps.

4- Take the brush and gently sweep it across and close to your lash line, starting from the outer corners; gradually moving to the inner corners.

Once the eye shadow dries, it will create a beautiful and subtle black shimmer along your lash line. The effect is so cool.

Additional Tips:

* For a more dramatic effect, you can also line along your bottom lashes.

* For double the intensity, re-wet your brush, load it with more shadow and go back over the line.

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