Benefit Brow zings Review

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve discovered that the most natural-looking way for a woman to enhance her brows is by using brow powder applied with a brush.

Brow pencils are sometimes more challenging to use because if not blended properly, they end up looking drawn-on.

Eyebrows are a feature that many women seem to either neglect or struggle with because they’re not exactly sure what to do with them. Yet, brows are one of the most important features on the face because they give expression.

I always share this tip with a client....

 “Think of your eyes as a picture, and your eyebrows as the frame of the picture. So if the frame is not shaped properly, it will distract from the picture.”

Enter….Brow zings!

The cosmetic company, Benefit, has created some of the most high-quality beauty products on the market. And not only are they practical, but the packaging is pure genius.

With Brow zings brow shaping kit, you’ll get all you need to create the perfect brows.

The kit includes:

*Pigmented wax for shaping the brows
*Natural-shaded powder for filling in and setting brows
*A pair of mini tweezers
*A hard angle brush for the wax
*A blending brush for the powder
*A mirror
*And a complete lesson inside

Brow zings comes in three shades: light, medium, and dark.

Price: $30.00

So if you’ve been searching for an all-in-one brow kit, try Brow zings.

I guarantee your brows will look like a professional makeup artist did them….YOU!

And please check out the awesome array of makeup, skincare, and bodycare products Benefit has to offer.

You’ll also find a store locator to discover a Benefit near you.


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