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I Got A New Smartphone Because My Other One Had An Accident And Died

About my old phone:

So. One day about two weeks ago, as I was walking through the park, I tripped over my own feet and came crashing down to the ground on my left side. And it just so happened that I had my smartphone in my left hand, which I used to help break my fall so that I wouldn't fall on my face. However, I fell on my left shoulder, which thank God has healed. But let me tell you that for the first 3-4 nights, I didn't sleep very well because anytime I rolled over on my left side, I woke myself out of a dead sleep; yelling, "OUCH...YOU SON OF A BITCH!#@!"

Blessedly I survived the fall, however, my poor smartphone did not.

In fact, the second I heard the phone hit the ground (screen facing downward), I knew it was D-Day (Death Day).

And isn't it funny that I wasn't even concerned about my injured body. Nope, my attention was, "OMG...did I crack the screen?!?"

Which of course, I did. 

And so much so, that it looked as though it had been in a head-on collision with a semi-truck on 1-95 going 150 mph.

Therefore, I had to invest in a new phone.

While Planning Your Christmas Gift List This Season, Here Are A Few "Not-To" Gift Suggestions

While strolling through Target over the weekend, I just so happened to walk past the clothing department, as my eyes suddenly focused on the holiday section, which included Christmas sweaters.

UGLY Christmas sweaters.

No wait, not ugly, more like HIDEOUS Christmas sweaters.

No wait, not hideous, more like TACKY-SENSORY OVERLOAD Christmas sweaters.

So tacky in fact, I wouldn't wear (let alone buy) one of these sweaters if I were stranded in Antarctica, wearing nothing but a tank top and a thong and freezing to death on a glacier. 

Nope, I'd much rather be caught dead than wear one of these sweaters to save my life.

Talent Highlight: Maria, Of My Northern Heart

Whenever I discover a talent I feel is exceptional, I can't help but highlight it on my blog and share it with others. 

Such as it was when I discovered, My Northern Heart

I was instantly drawn in, not only by Maria's photography, but also because of the "energy" I felt coming from her photographs. The images seemed to convey "who she was."

And upon investigating more about her life, I realized why I felt the way I did was because she is a very special young lady.

What Autumn Brings

Autumn for me represents change.

And change is inevitable.

So, it's the one thing I can always count on to be stable.

Autumn also represents a cozy feeling filled with comfort foods, such as stews, soups, bread, and dark red wine.

As many of you know, autumn is my favorite season, which is why I look forward to it and cherish every last drop. 

Yet so far in Philadelphia, we haven't had much of a color shift in our foliage. Some of that has to do with living in a city, and some of it has to do with the fact that we haven't had much of an autumn temperature shift this year. It's been unusually warm. In fact, several days ago our temperature reached almost 80 degrees. I actually had to turn on my A/C to sleep at night because the humidity was so high. I am sooooooooo longing for a really good cold snap to not only have the opportunity to wear one of my jackets, but to also witness more drama in our foliage. If I weren't such a city-boy, I'd seriously consider moving to South Dakota where my longtime blogging friend, Mark, lives, because not only did they have a robust autumn, but they've already had snow. Can you believe that?