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Meet Messi, The Rescued Puma

About six months ago I discovered the YouTube channel, I_am_puma, and instantly became a fan.  

As you all know, I'm smitten with cats. And not just small cats, but big cats as well. And I'm talking BIG, as in lions, cheetahs, and tigers. In fact, speaking of tigers, I was at one time a magician's assistant in which the two magicians performed a stage illusion where they put a woman into a cage and transformed her into a tiger. And when the tiger was brought in with its trainer for a rehearsal, I just so happened to be standing directly next to that beautiful creature as it slowly walked past me from the transport truck to the backstage area, which was thrilling because I could actually feel its powerful strength emanating from the tiger's body. And the sound that it made when it roared was like a vibration that came deep from within the earth. 

However, today's post focuses on a precious puma named, Messi.

Revisiting The Television Show: The Addams Family

Back in the 60's, there were two similarly-themed television shows that competed for popularity.

The Munsters and The Addams Family.

Each cast consisted of extremely talented and well-seasoned actors. And both shows were cleverly written.

As a kid, I was a fan of both for different reasons.

However, I would have to say that out of the two, The Addams Family came out on top for me. And that's because I found myself (and still find myself) laughing my ass off while watching the episodes. The humor in the show came from playing each scene with the utmost sincerity, and that's what made it so funny. Plus, I love anything Goth, and The Addams Family was the epitome of GOTH.

I just recently discovered 14 full-length episodes that were uploaded onto YouTube and watched them throughout last weekend. I watched them while having my coffee in the morning; my lunch in the afternoon; my dinner at night; and my glass of wine later in the evening.

It was like an Addams Family marathon weekend.

9/11: Let Us Never Forget The Light

It's hard for me to fathom that it's been 19 years since 9/11.

Like so many other people, it literally feels as though it was only last month.

My dear, longtime blogging friend, Rob at The Luna Park Gazette, was actually there on that day. His office was in the Financial District; therefore, he saw much of 9/11 unfold before his very eyes. He writes about what he recalls in a very touching blog post, Retracing My Steps, if you would like to read it.

In fact, on one of my visits to Manhattan many years ago, I met Rob down in the Financial District and he showed me exactly where he was standing as he watched smoke pour out the North Tower and
the South Tower exploded into flames as the second plane hit the building. It was both chilling and sad to look up to where he was pointing and no longer see the Twin Towers.

One of the many things that moved me about what Rob shared in his blog post, was what he wrote at the end of the story in regards to the 9/11 memorial services that occur every year in New York City at the site...

"That’s why these memorial services are so important—because we do forget the things we should always remember. We need to be reminded of life’s fragility, how tomorrow is promised to no one, and how everything we hold dear can be taken away in a second."

He's right, we do need to remember what we learned from 9/11.

Life Lesson: Letting Go Of The Familiar

If you really think about it, a large chunk of life is a series of letting go of the familiar.

Letting go of what we know and what we're comfortable with.

We often say that we desire change, yet when change moves towards us, our initial reaction is to latch onto what's familiar because, well, it's familiar.

Even me, someone who relishes change because I get bored after I reach a point of learning all I can, I too latch on because there is a tiny part of me that feels safe within the comfort of it.

However, I always push through any fear I have of letting go because boredom to me is more uncomfortable than letting go of what's comfortable.

Do you remember a post I shared back in March, in which I said that I had a feeling COVID-19 was going to teach me something on a personal level?

Well, I was right.

It has definitely taught me something. In fact, it is still teaching me things.