Atul Gawande: Being Mortal Documentary


No doubt, not an easy topic to discuss.

And I know this from having discussed it with my mother who passed away a little over two years ago.

Yet, I’ve never been one to shy away from discussing things that are difficult and might make me feel uncomfortable because I’d rather just feel whatever I’m going to feel and go through it instead of avoiding my fears.

My mother and I had some very honest conversations before she died. We talked about what death might feel like, we talked about her fear of experiencing pain as she was dying, we talked about dying without regrets, we talked about her spiritual beliefs, and we also talked about her memorial service. We had honest and emotional discussions. But do you know what? It allowed the both of us to feel relieved in having these discussions because we knew that the end was coming so it made it easier to accept and walk through. And in doing so, a different kind of healing occurred.

The reason I’m sharing this post today is because I think it's even harder for many doctors to have end-of-life discussions. Doctors are trained to fix their patients; therefore death is something they find difficult to talk about because to them it means they may have failed in some way. They would rather keep trying every attempt to save a patient’s life instead of realizing that at some point there is nothing more that medicine and hope can possibly do. And I think that’s extremely challenging for them to accept.

However, last week I watched a riveting and deeply affecting documentary about how one doctor, Atul Gawande, is trying to change the way the medical field struggles to accept their limitations and the deaths of their patients. In the documentary, Gawande takes us behind closed doors to witness intimate end-of-life conversations among doctors, patients and their families. And I feel it’s a documentary that everyone should watch because there will come a time when we all have to face this.

Again, I know that mortality is not an easy topic to discuss or accept, but it's important that it be aired because it's inevitable. And I greatly respect and applaud Dr. Gawande for admitting his fears and struggles by examining these things and bringing them to light in this honest, compassionate and breathtaking documentary.

Here is an excerpt from "Being Mortal."

If you have some time this weekend, feel free to view the complete documentary on PBS. It's 55-minutes long, but trust me, it is so worth it because you will be altered.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

My Amazing Body Transformation In Just One Day!

Saturday afternoon I ran some errands because I needed a few things from different stores. One of my favorite places to purchase vitamins, herbs and essential oils is The Vitamin Shoppe because their prices are great and I love their customer service. They are always friendly and very knowledgeable if I have any questions. I use a lot of eucalyptus oil for various things and was getting low, so I popped into The Vitamin Shoppe and picked up a bottle.

After I paid for the oil, much to my surprise and delight, the gentleman behind the counter handed me this nifty bag of samples. I thanked him profusely and left.

When I got home, I opened the bag and examined what was inside. I was blown away by how generous they were. Here, take a look...

But I have to say, outside of occasionally taking vitamin supplements and certain herbs, I had no idea what any of these samples were.

Curious, I decided to try everything to see how (and if) they worked. I started with one, then another, and then another until I had ingested everything in the bag. About an hour later, I started to FEEL and SEE their effects. I felt ignited with energy and my body was literally transforming right before my very eyes. I couldn't believe what I saw when I looked at myself in a mirror!

Here is a photograph BEFORE I took all the supplements...

And even without going to a gym and working out, this is what happened...

After 2 hours

After 4 hours

After 6 hours

And this is what I looked like when I woke up Sunday morning...

Ronnie the Hulk!

Of course I'll have to buy all new clothing because I no longer fit into my skinny shirts and pants.

Okay, I admit it. This is all a slight exaggeration. But hey, I needed a blog post so I decided to be creative and tell a story. Which means I LIED.

Have muscular Monday, y'all!