Chef Ronaldo Shares Two Of His Recipes

I know you are all going to have heart attacks that I'm sharing my first recipe post on this blog in 8 years because you're well aware of my utter lack of zest and talent when it comes to the kitchen and cooking.

And I know that my brother, Tom (who is a professional chef), is especially going to have a heart attack because for the first time in 8 years, he's going to think that he landed on the WRONG blog.

However, I wanted to prove to you and Tom that just because I don't cook, I do know how to prepare food so that I don't starve to death.

Today I would like to share two recipes at which I excel. And the only reason I excel at them is because a 3-year-old child wearing a blindfold with his hands tied behind his back could prepare them.

#1 Recipe: Pizza


*Garlic Naan
*Grated Parmesan/Romano Cheese
*Marinara Sauce
*Sliced Black Olives
*Olive Oil
*1 Roma tomato


Just jumble them all together and bake for 10 minutes. And VIOLA...a pizza!

You can also pair it with a side salad...

Eat and enjoy!

Now this next recipe is slightly more challenging, but try and stay with me as I explain.

#2 Recipe: Cereal


*A bowl and spoon
*A box of your favorite cereal
*One banana
*Milk (not pictured)

Directions (read very carefully):

Just toss them into the bowl and pour in milk. And VIOLA...cereal!

Eat and enjoy!

And yes, I know you're probably overwhelmed with these two very advanced recipes (ha!) but don't worry, because if I can do them, you can too!

Oh, and by the way, I've decided to go professional and print my own business cards.

What do you think?....

Bon appetit, y'all!

Celebrating Your Accomplishments And Being Proud

I owe my inspiration for this post to my longtime blogging buddy, Mark at Mark My Words.

Thanks, Mark!

Mark shared a faaaaabulous post earlier this week about how his recent health-conscious lifestyle change has caused him to feel good about himself; not only physically, but mentally as well. Now when he looks in the mirror, he sees someone different than he did months ago.

He sees:

“Confidence. Commitment. Strength. Vitality.”

Mark also mentioned something in his post about not wanting to come off boastful or vain in his recent accomplishments; trying not to make a big deal out of it. But the truth is, he’s genuinely proud of his hard work and determination, and likes the visual evidence of his transformation.

And by the way, I'm happy and proud for him because he did a complete turn around with his health. And it wasn't easy to make the commitment. So, bravo to you, Mark!

Anyway. This got me thinking about how many of us are hesitant to pat ourselves on the back and state honestly that we are proud of our accomplishments because that means we’re egotistical.

And yet, I think it’s odd how we have no hesitation in stating the things we don’t like about ourselves and seeing them as our weaknesses because that means we’re being truthful about ourselves.

But why is it okay to view our weaknesses as truth, and not okay to see our strengths and accomplishments as also being truth?

And I sincerely don't feel that's being egotistical at all. Because there is a huge difference between being egotistical and feeling that I have no room to grow, and simply feeling proud of myself for working hard in achieving something that was a challenge.

It’s called self-celebrating.

So, the whole point of this post is to say, don’t ever be hesitant to pat yourself on the back and share your successes with others.

Because you are not being vain or egotistical.

You’re just being truthful. And allowing others to be truthful as well.

Celebrating ourselves...

Have a celebratory weekend everyone!