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The Iconic Photograph: Lunch Atop A Skyscraper

One night last week while searching online for information about Rockefeller Center, I accidentally stumbled upon a photograph that I knew I had seen before but never gave it much attention. Yet, when I saw it this time, I felt very drawn to click on the image so that I could find out more about it.

Let me first say that the reason I was searching for Rockefeller Center is because I plan on visiting its three observation decks sometime soon; therefore, I needed to find out about the tours they offer and ticket prices. In all the years that I lived in New York, going to the Top of the Rock was one attraction I had never experienced. I'd been to the top of The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, and The World Trade Center, but never the top of Rockefeller. However lately, I've been reading posts written by many New York City photographers who have said that the best view of Manhattan is from the Top of the Rock. And the reason is that because of where the building is positioned on the island, you can evenly see all of Upper and Lower Manhattan, which includes all the iconic New York City landmark buildings without anything blocking your view.

So, either this month or next, I'll be visiting the top of Rockefeller Center with my camera in hand, and I can't wait!

Two Wine Reviews: Chloe Merlot And Martin Codax Ergo Rojo Red Blend

*this is not a sponsored post

Being a lover of wine, specifically RED wine, I laughed when I spotted this quote online by one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin. 

Apparently. he loved wine too...

Over the past few months I've tried several different wines. If you're anything like me, you have certain go to wines that become your staples, but you also enjoy branching out and experimenting at times.

Pattie - March Of A Penguin

In addition to squirrels, I'm sure many of you also know about my love of penguins.

And I love them for many reasons.

I love them first and foremost because I think they're just so damn cute. I've always thought that penguins look as though they were born wearing a tuxedo. And I always have the urge to place a little black top hat on their heads; hand them a cane; and watch them tap dance to Puttin' on the Ritz...

I also love them because they prefer colder temperatures and enjoy SNOW, like I do.

Christmas Isn't A Season, It's A Feeling

I adore Christmas!

And much of that has to do with how much my parents adored it; making Christmas such a special and memorable time for our family.

Even at my age, I still feel the same as I did when I was a kid, happy and excited as Christmas draws near. And it has nothing to do with giving and receiving presents because quite frankly, I don't do much of that. It's mainly about how I feel this time of year. I don't exactly know how to explain it, other than I feel a childlike tickle inside my heart that fills me with a sense of joy, wonderment, and believing.