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Part One: Places I Am Contemplating Living In New York. Part Two: Minimizing My Already Minimal Life.

Part One:

The first time I lived in New York, I resided in Manhattan on 65th Street, between Madison and 5th Avenues. My partner and I were extremely fortunate to have found a studio apartment on the Upper East Side that we could afford. However, back then (in the 70's and 80's) $295.00 per month was considered steep. Yet, I laugh at that price now because studio apartment rentals have tripled TWICE since then.

Yes, rent in New York City is high. But if you search carefully (as I've been doing over the past 3 months), you can still find affordable studio apartment rentals. I pay a pretty hefty amount for my studio apartment here in Philadelphia, and the prices I've been seeing in New York are not that much higher. So I feel confident that I'll find something I can afford. Plus, I'll be getting paid more in New York.

Spring Has Finally Sprung...For Real!

Yes....spring has FINALLY sprung!

On my days off these past two weeks, I've been running around the city with my camera, trying to capture the trees and flowers blossoming in all their colorful glory.

Spring seems to last for such a short time that I always feel in a rush to capture it before most of the color fades away.

One of the main reason I moved back to the Northeast from Florida was to experience the change of seasons again. Most people upon hearing that I left sunny, tropical, South Florida all say the same thing, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU EVER LEAVE FLORIDA TO RETURN NORTH. ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!"

It's very easy for people to say that because they fantasizingly presume that having warm sunny weather all-year long would be nirvana. Yes, I thought the same thing. At first.

But it's not.

Life Lesson: I Am What I Focus On

Some of you may recall a post I shared last August, in which I spoke of my decision to leave Philadelphia and move back to New York City. Well, that time will be arriving this coming September. Only 4 1/2 months away. Yahooooo!

You may have also recalled me mentioning in that post about sharing with you in the future the detailed reasons why I decided to finally leave Philadelphia. I said,

"...I don't like senselessly complaining about an issue until I can do something to change it. I won't go into everything right now, I'll save that for later posts during this next year..."

Well, a lot has changed since I said that. And by changed, I'm referring to my consciousness, my outlook on how I wish to spend the remainder of my time here in Philadelphia; choosing not to focus on what I no longer want. But instead, letting go of this city and looking forward to where I'm headed.

Talent Feature: Justina Blakeney - Creator of "Face The Foliage"

I've got to say, ever since joining Instagram almost three years ago, I have discovered so many talented photographers, artists, and overall creative people. Personally, I don't post often on my own feed (maybe once or twice every two weeks), but I do enjoy looking at what others post daily.

A few months ago, I discovered the Instagram feed, Face the Foliage by designer Justina Blakeney, where she shares portraits made out of  leaves and flowers. I also discovered her colorful and bohemian lifestyle blog entitled, Jungalow, where she shares home decor ideas, recipes, and many other topics.