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The Shirley Temple Mocktail

Are you anything like me whenever you go on YouTube?

I go there to search for one thing, yet I inevitably seem to get distracted by clicking the videos on the sidebar so that before I know it (and sometimes THREE hours later), find myself watching videos
I had no intention of watching. I end up getting sidetracked and lost in what I refer to as the "YouTube Abyss."

Well, such as it was last week when I came across a short documentary (and don't ask me how the hell I got there) on the life of Shirley Temple. I immediately had flashbacks of watching Shirley Temple movies with my mother on Saturday afternoons because she absolutely LOVED her. But not only did it bring back memories of the adorable child star singing and tap dancing, it also reminded me of the drink Shirley Temple.

Vintage Hollywood Glamour

The reason for this post is because last week I went through a "Vintage Hollywood Movie" phase, in which I selected films from my classic DVD collection and watched them almost every single night.

In as much as I respect and admire many of the movies and actors of today, there was something much more alluring about the Hollywood of yesterday. Even though we currently have access to more advanced technology in today's movies, creating movie magic, movies back then felt more magical. And I think that's because much of the technology of today is often over-done and over-used that it's so blatantly obvious; therefore loses its magic.

Spring In Philadelphia And Happy Easter

Wednesday I had the day off, and since the weather was so flawlessly springlike, I grabbed my camera and took a walk over to the art museum area known as, Fairmount. It's a very beautiful section of Philadelphia, with big old homes that have lots and lots of character.

The one thing I especially enjoy about Spring are the flowers and how their beautiful colors make me smile and feel extra happy.

And like Autumn, Spring brings with it beautiful aromas that only Mother Nature provides - the scent of flowers, fresh grass, and rich soil. The whole earth seems to awaken in sensory splendor.

So please enjoy Spring in Philadelphia...

The Mystique And Talent Of Photographer, Vivian Maier

Last week, my longtime blogging buddy, Katherine at Shoot Me Now, mentioned something in her comment response to me about a documentary that featured the mysterious life and remarkable talent of photographer, Vivian Maier. And ironically enough, I had read about this documentary several years ago but never saw it. In fact, I still haven't see it but plan to. Yet at that time, I did do some investigation of Vivian's work and was immediately in awe of her photographs. Vivian had an amazing gift for knowing exactly when to snap the camera and capture the perfect moment. She also had an uncanny ability to get close to people from all walks of life. And what really blows me away was that she had no formal training as a photographer. She was self-taught.