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Life Lesson: I Am What I Focus On

Some of you may recall a post I shared last August, in which I spoke of my decision to leave Philadelphia and move back to New York City. Well, that time will be arriving this coming September. Only 4 1/2 months away. Yahooooo!

You may have also recalled me mentioning in that post about sharing with you in the future the detailed reasons why I decided to finally leave Philadelphia. I said,

"...I don't like senselessly complaining about an issue until I can do something to change it. I won't go into everything right now, I'll save that for later posts during this next year..."

Well, a lot has changed since I said that. And by changed, I'm referring to my consciousness, my outlook on how I wish to spend the remainder of my time here in Philadelphia; choosing not to focus on what I no longer want. But instead, letting go of this city and looking forward to where I'm headed.

Talent Feature: Justina Blakeney - Creator of "Face The Foliage"

I've got to say, ever since joining Instagram almost three years ago, I have discovered so many talented photographers, artists, and overall creative people. Personally, I don't post often on my own feed (maybe once or twice every two weeks), but I do enjoy looking at what others post daily.

A few months ago, I discovered the Instagram feed, Face the Foliage by designer Justina Blakeney, where she shares portraits made out of  leaves and flowers. I also discovered her colorful and bohemian lifestyle blog entitled, Jungalow, where she shares home decor ideas, recipes, and many other topics.

I Got A New Cell Phone: ZTE Blade Spark. And I Have To Say, I LOVE It!

I dreaded searching for a new cell phone because I really liked my previous one (which I had for almost three years), yet the non-replaceable battery was starting to go, and the phone in general was starting to act glitchy. I didn't pay a lot for the phone, so I consider myself blessed that it lasted three years. But do you know how you get used to a phone after having it for so long? Your phone becomes like an old friend, so when you have to get a new one, you're hoping it will be just as loyal and true as the old one.

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely REFUSE to spend a small fortune for a cell phone. Frustrating as it is, I would rather cope with getting a new one every couple of years than spending anywhere from, $500.00 to almost $1,000.00 for a phone. To me that is completely ludicrous. Even people who buy iPhones complain that for the money they spend, it's not worth it because iPhones are made to last only a few years so that you're made to purchase a new one. It's like buying a new car, the second you drive it out of the showroom, it immediately depreciates because something better is being made to replace it.

News Bulletin: Winter Is The New Spring!

Yes, did you hear that Spring has sprung?

And did you also hear that Winter is the new Spring?

Well, at least it's that way here along the East Coast of America.