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It's Thankful People That Are Happy

"It's Not Happy People That Are Thankful.
It's Thankful People That Are Happy."

A few days ago I discovered the quote you see above and it really hit home because I believe it to be true. At least true for me.

One of the things I greatly value about my life's journey and all its highs and lows, twists and turns and detours, is what that journey so far has taught me.

That gratitude and happiness are interconnected.

Therefore, whenever I get sidetracked by things that are distracting me from noticing all the other things in my life that are good, I know it's time to shift my attention back to those good things. And strangely enough, I immediately feel a sense of peace and happiness.

The Colors and Scentsations Of Autumn

Whenever I think of my favorite season, Autumn, I immediately recall the earthy and sensual aromas of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. I also envision vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow, and gold -- similar to the colors you see in the above photograph of the Autumn centerpiece I made this year. However, with the exception of the two baby orange pumpkins and the yellow/orange gourd, all the other colors in this centerpiece are an imitation, created from silks that I purchased at A.C. MOORE Arts and Crafts.

Normally each year, I try to create my Autumn centerpiece using real foliage from outside, but this year I had a difficult time finding it. In fact, I would say that over the past 2-3 it's been getting more and more challenging because Autumn has become so brief and anti-climatic.

If I had to choose just one word to express what the foliage has been like this particular year in Philadelphia, it would be...Meh!

Part 2: New York City With The Girls - Central Park, The Met, And Other Stuff

What most people perceive who have never visited and explored New York City, is that it only consists of concrete sidewalks filled with fast-walking pedestrians; massive buildings made of either brick, stone, or steel and glass; and congested streets of horn-honking cars, buses and taxi cabs. Which yes, those things are a part of New York. However, there are also many charming and quiet neighborhoods, and peaceful pockets of nature that enables city dwellers to take a break from all the noise and visual stimulation.

And one of those places is Central Park, which spans 843 acres.

New York City With The Girls, And Will And Grace

Before sharing this post, I would like to address a question that has come up in some of the comments on previous posts and emails from readers asking if I'm currently getting ready to move to New York. As a reminder from a post I shared back in August, my move to New York won't be until next year (at the end of August when my apartment lease is up), so I'll be here in Philly slowly preparing for that move until then. Thanks so much for asking and for your concern.


Last Wednesday, I had SO MUCH FUN visiting New York City with several of my girl friends, when back in August, we all decided to take a day-trip to Manhattan in the Fall.

Some of them had not been to New York in many, many years, so they were eagerly anticipating our Manhattan rendezvous. They also knew of my decision to move back to New York next year, so they wanted to experience the city with me, knowing how much I love it.

Needless to say, we had a marvelous time. I got so much joy in sharing my favorite city with them because it was like seeing New York through the eyes of fresh wonderment and awe!