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Christmastime In New York City, Where More Is More

Do you know the saying, "Less is more?"

Well, that's not the case in New York City. In the Big Apple the saying goes, "MORE is MORE."

Now normally I'm a minimalist who agrees with less is more. However, whenever I'm in New York; especially during the Christmas season, I am in love with "MORE is MORE."

Nobody does Christmas like New York. It's like experiencing an overdose of LSD and steroids while taking a trip through Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It is truly WILD!

Review: BITE Beauty Lipstick

*this is not a sponsored post

As you know, I won't share product reviews on this blog unless I REALLY feel as though they are something special. Also, I won't share reviews on any product unless I've had some kind of personal experience with it, whether it be myself or feedback I have gotten from clients I've serviced over the years. In other words, I have to feel extremely confident about a product before I will share a review. Which is why I felt the desire to share this review on a brand that I feel is the absolute BOMB!

BITE Beauty

And here's why...

On Giving Thanksgiving

Did you ever have one of those days in which everything seemed to be absolutely perfect? You know the days I'm talking about, when you think to yourself, "Damn...this day couldn't be any better!"

Well, last week I had one of those days.

The second I stepped foot out the front door of my apartment building, I could tell that it was going be a very special day. First of all, the temperature was absolutely gorgeous (a cool and comfortable 57 degrees), the sky was solid blue without a single cloud blocking the bright, warm sunshine. It was the epitome of a flawless Autumn day.

The Freedom Tower, 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge, And Some Extra Stuff

On the second day we were in New York City, my brother and I decided to visit Lower Manhattan. I wanted to show him a view of the city via the Brooklyn Bridge, so we took a subway to Brooklyn and then walked back over the bridge. We also stopped by the 9/11 Memorial.

Here, take a look...