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A Celebration: The Glorious Colors Of Autumn

I always smile when people ask why I moved from Florida (where it's always sunny and warm) back to the Northeast. Their remark is always, "Are you crazy? Why on earth would you ever leave Florida and move back here?!?" I smile and say to them, "Because I missed the change of seasons, especially Autumn."

There are many reasons why I love living in the northeast part of the States, but at this time of the year, it's all about my giddy-childlike love affair with the energy and colors that emanate from Autumn.

The other day while taking a late afternoon walk, I was literally, verbally squealing with delight as I strolled through my favorite part of the city, taking in the beauty of this season. I felt so appreciative of my physical senses, particularly my ability to see all the color around me.

Nat And Natalie Cole: Still...Unforgettable

If you ever visited my house on either a Saturday or Sunday when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, you'd be sure to hear the voice of Nat King Cole playing on our stereo console because both my mother and father were huge fans. They adored him. In fact, I bet they owned every single album Nat King Cole ever recorded.

And could you blame them?

I mean, the man had a voice that could melt cold steel. Nat King Cole had a certain quality that was so unique. His voice was like silk -- smooth, warm, and mellow. Yet at the same time, it had the power to reach deep into your soul and transform you. Even to this day, whenever I hear his voice, I am deeply touched.

To me, his voice was heavenly.

Happy Pre-Halloween: Skeletons, Witches, Wizards, And Pumpkins. And I Mean...LOTS Of Pumpkins!

As you all know, I LOVE Autumn. I LOVE Halloween. And I LOVE Pumpkins.

(and I love the word LOVE)

So, do you know what I did this weekend? I took a train to the burbs and spent the whole day outside enjoying everything I LOVE...the crispy, cool Autumn air...Halloween decorations...and Pumpkins.

Here in Philadelphia, Autumn has been pretty much uneventful because up until late last week, it's been unseasonably warm and humid. The leaves on the trees have barely changed because they've assumed it's still summer. I'm hoping we get a really good cold-snap in November so that the leaves morph into their traditional Autumn splendor.

My Apartment Move: A Fabulous New Bed, A Fabulous New Mattress, And a PIECE-OF-SHIT New Computer Desk

Judging from the photo collage above, can you guess which new item I recently purchased that turned out to be a PIECE OF SHIT?

Yes, I'm sure you can.

First, I wanted you all to know that I moved into a new apartment within my current apartment building. I decided that because I didn't move to New York, I needed a change of location to give me a fresh start. My landlady was kind enough to offer me a newly renovated studio apartment (same layout as my other apartment, but on a different floor) with no increase in rent because I've been a tenant here for so many years. I was also given the keys to my new apartment two weeks before my official move-in date so that I could gradually transfer my things, which was awesome because by the time October 1st arrived, I had almost everything moved in.