A Taste Of Summer In Philadelphia

Gosh, can you believe it's already the last week of July? This summer seems to be flying by doesn't it? And honestly, I have to say that I've really enjoyed it so far. We've had a couple of really hot and humid 5-day stretches in which I could barely breath when walking outside, but overall it's been a mild summer here. And I think the rain has had a lot to do with it.

Over the past fours weeks, I've taken a slew of photographs; capturing the colorful taste of summer in Philadelphia.

Please enjoy...

Close up shot of one of the many beautiful murals in this city

Full shot of the mural

A sailboat on the Delaware River

Outside cafe in Old City, Philadelphia

Colorful craft and flower shop in Old City

Fountain at the Rodin Museum

Close up shot of a bee

Art gallery in Old City. I love the bright sunlight and shadows in this photograph. 

Moi, taking a self-portrait in a mirror I found on the street.

Pub on Walnut Street. I took this photograph primarily because of the little puppy lying next to a water drinking bowl. Is he/she not the most ADORABLE little canine? OMG, I wanted to run across the street and hug and kiss it.

One of my favorite summertime fruits. Red grapes!

Meeting up with a Longtime Friend

About three weeks ago, a dear and longtime friend from Florida, Laurel, came to Philly for three days on a business trip and we were able to get together twice for dinner. We haven't seen each other in about 7 years, so it was such a delight to hang out for two evenings and catch up.

Laurel and I met while doing theater in Orlando, Florida almost 30 years ago. She and I were in a play together and also appeared in a showcase, which we performed a scene from Woody Allen's movie, Hannah and Her Sisters.

Laurel is still very much involved with theater as a director.

I value Laurel's loyal friendship because no matter where our lives take us, we still manage to stay connected.

Love ya, Laurel!

On our first night, we went to an Irish pub,Tir Na Nog, and had a deeeelicious dinner. Afterwards, we walked over to City Hall and sat in the park while enjoying the most decadent Italian gelato. I ordered dark chocolate and it was so rich that I couldn't even finish it.

Later that night, I walked Laurel back to her hotel and spotted this computerized fireplace in the lobby and thought, "WTF... a fireplace in JULY?!?" So, we decided to practice our acting skills by pretending that it was actually December, snowing, and freezing.

Aren't we such AMAZING actors? I mean, you can feel the heat just from our body language and facial expressions, can't you?

*insert canned laughter*

Have a faaaaabulous week, y'all!

Witnessing An Act Of Kindness

Very often when you live in a city, acts of public kindness go unnoticed because there are so many things going on around you, that you don't often see them. However, I've encountered many acts of kindness over the years - others being kind to me and me being kind to others.

Also, city policemen often get a bad rap for being smart-asses and power hungry by throwing their law enforcement weight around. But I have to say in all honestly, I've lived in both Philadelphia and New York, and every encounter I've ever had with a policeman or policewoman has been a very positive experience. They have always been approachable, friendly and extremely helpful. 

Back on the 4th of July weekend, I went walking around the city with my camera in hand; taking pictures of the holiday festivities. It was later in the day that I spotted an elderly woman on the corner of Broad and Chestnut Streets, who was obviously having a hard time getting across the street and needed help. City traffic lights change extremely fast. And this is done so that they can move traffic (going both ways) much faster and with minimal back up. Yet, it's very challenging for those elderly pedestrians who have physical challenges. And I know it must be very frustrating and upsetting for them, realizing they're holding up traffic. But they can't help it because they simply cannot walk any faster. And I sure it's also very frightening for them.

Yet, no sooner had I noticed the elderly woman, I was able to capture a very touching moment (which incidentally made my heart swell), in which two Philadelphia policemen came to her rescue and patiently, sweetly, and ever-so gently, escorted her across the street while holding off traffic until she made it to the other side safely.

Here, see it for yourself...

Can't you just feel the beautiful tenderness in these photographs? 

This moment also touched me because of my strong belief in having compassion, respect, and honor for our elders. Much like the Japanese do.

Have a super week, y'all!