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My Apartment Move: A Fabulous New Bed, A Fabulous New Mattress, And a PIECE-OF-SHIT New Computer Desk

Judging from the photo collage above, can you guess which new item I recently purchased that turned out to be a PIECE OF SHIT?

Yes, I'm sure you can.

First, I wanted you all to know that I moved into a new apartment within my current apartment building. I decided that because I didn't move to New York, I needed a change of location to give me a fresh start. My landlady was kind enough to offer me a newly renovated studio apartment (same layout as my other apartment, but on a different floor) with no increase in rent because I've been a tenant here for so many years. I was also given the keys to my new apartment two weeks before my official move-in date so that I could gradually transfer my things, which was awesome because by the time October 1st arrived, I had almost everything moved in.

Styles Of The 70's - Polyester Nik Nik Disco Shirts

When I think back to the 70's and even the early 80's, I can't believe that I actually wore Nik Nik shirts because of how much I currently hate not only the look, but more so the feel of polyester on my skin.

OMG, even just saying the word, polyester, makes my skin crawl.

Polyester is like wearing a straight-jacket because of how tightly it clings to the body; especially if you're sweating. Which brings up my next point - polyester is so freaking HOT, and you all know how much I hate being hot. Polyester feels like I'm trapped inside a hot pizza oven because the material doesn't breathe, it just holds onto the heat.

Photographer Highlight: Georgianna Lane And Her Stunning Images Of Paris And Flowers

You know, I have to be completely honest and say that Paris, France has never been on my top list of European countries to visit. Places like Italy, Spain, the UK and Austria I would love to travel. But France is a country I've never felt a burning desire. And I truly believe it's because I've allowed other people's opinions to give me reservation. Many people I talk to seem to have such contrasting opinions of Paris. They either say it's the most magical, beautiful and incredible city in the world. Or they say it's a beautiful city, yes, but that the French are rude, intolerant, and snobby. That is, unless you speak French. And yet, I don't know why I allow those opinions to affect me because 1) I've never been to France, so how can I judge? And 2) I love New York City, but many people have a preconceived idea of New Yorkers as rude, intolerant, and snobby. Yet, I find them to be the most genuine, helpful and down-to-earth people I know.

So do you know what?

I shouldn't pass judgment until I actually get my ass to Paris, France and experience it myself. Then once there, I can form my own opinion.

My Love Of Scent, And Men's Cologne's From The Past

Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated with my sense of smell, which is why I hold such an interest in colognes, perfumes, and aromatherapy. I actually took a course and got certified in aromatherapy many years ago, and still practice it. I have about half a dozen bottles of essential oils in my apartment, which I use for various purposes. I find essential oils extremely helpful in so many ways.

As most of you already know, my job involves the personal grooming industry (makeup, skin care, hair care, and fragrance). Over the years, I've held many different positions in this industry -- I was a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician, I was a makeup artist for various color companies, I worked for several different men's skin care and shaving lines, and I was also (for 10 years) an ambassador for the fragrance division of Bvlgari. And I have to say, that was probably one of my favorite jobs because I love Bvlgari fragrances. I was extremely proud to work for that company because they make some of the most beautiful and handsome fragrances in the industry.

For me, wearing a fragrance is like putting on an article of clothing, I don't feel completely dressed unless I spritz on my favorite scent. I wear a fragrance every single day, regardless of whether I'm working or have the day off. And I wear it not only for the aroma, but also for the feeling it gives me. Fragrance is all about how it makes you feel.