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The People In The Streets Of New York City

One of the most amazing things about New York City is the incredible amount of people who live, work, and travel there, walking the streets.

And it's ironic, I typically don't enjoy going to crowded social events or things like theme parks and crowded bars and restaurants because they make me feel claustrophobic. And yet, I can visit or even live in a populous city (such as New York), and the crowded streets don't bother me. In fact, I thrive on them.

New York's Washington Square Arch And When Harry Met Sally

As I shared in my previous post, I decided before going on my recent trip to New York City that I would spend most of the day in Lower Manhattan. So once my bus arrived, leaving us at 7th Avenue and 27th Street, I began walking. As you all know (especially, Val, my New York City walking buddy) that whenever I go to the Big Apple, I love to walk everywhere. Very rarely will I take public transportation because my greatest joy about being in a city like New York is that I can walk for hours and hours, and yet never notice how far I've walked because there is so much to look at and enjoy. On the average, I walk 80-85 blocks whenever I visit Manhattan - and that is over a 9-hour day.

The Flatiron Building: One Of My Favorite New York City Landmarks

I don't often get my two days off at work in a row because I prefer (and request) to have them split. Personally, having my work week broken up seems to keep me fresh by preventing me from getting into a routine. I know this sounds crazy, but having two days off in a row seems to go by faster than two days split. And I also prefer to have weekdays off rather than weekends. Maybe because I've predominately been in retail most of my life, weekends are really no big deal.


There are times when my boss will surprise me by randomly scheduling my days off in a row whenever I receive an extra day off in the form of a PAID-OFF holiday. Such as it was this week when I worked on Memorial Day (and got time and a half), I was also entitled to an extra day off. So do you know what she did? She gave me Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. So do you know what "I" did? I took one of those days (Wednesday) and traveled into my favorite city...

Life Is Art

Life is art. It’s not a painting, a sculpture, a novel, or a piece of music, but it has a lot in common with these things because living is a creative undertaking. Each new day presents us with a blank canvas, and it is up to us to fill it with shapes, colors, work, play, and joy. External forces and events beyond our control also influence our days, and sometimes they bring with them hardship and sorrow. Even so, we remain the artists. In the end, how we live and how we respond to the challenges of life is up to us. Life is not only a creative enterprise – it’s also a learning process.