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Reflection: 2015 - A Year Of Gratitude

I decided to title 2015, "A Year of Gratitude", because I experienced several challenges that were extremely sobering. Isn't it coincidental how when you're put in a situation of fear and vulnerability, you are suddenly humbled; recalling how blessed you really are?

Well, 2015 was a year of being humbled. Many times.

The Iconic Style Of Audrey Hepburn And Her Relationship With Hubert de Givenchy

Lately I've been thinking about one of my favorite actresses, Audrey Hepburn, watching several video clips from her movies and a few documentaries about her life. And I noticed that what always stood out about Audrey Hepburn, besides her uniquely delicate, fawn-like beauty, was her sense of style. Whether it be a gorgeous gown, or the way she donned a simple and casual white shirt with capri pants, Hepburn always looked impeccably chic.

Design: rikumo - JAPAN MADE

Throughout the eight years of publishing this blog, I've shared several posts on my admiration, attraction and affection for Japan. I spent three months there in the late 90's while performing in a theater production. I lived and worked in Kobe, however, I visited Osaka and Kyoto.

To say that I liked Japan is an understatement. Japan was a place in which I felt an immediate kinship and connection, so it was more like a "coming home" rather than feeling I was in a foreign country. It would take me forever to give you all the reasons why I loved Japan, so I'll share one of the main reasons: Quality.

Our First Snowfall Of Winter

The photo you see above was taken inside a Starbucks I frequent in one of my favorite areas of Philly, Old City. And that's where I was today (Sunday) on my day off, when I witnessed our first snowfall. I had heard on Saturday that it might snow, but since this has been the weirdest, and mean WEIRDEST winters of all time, weather wise, I didn't hold much stock in the prediction. I know 99% of the population is beyond happy that this winter has felt more like a cool summer rather than a typically cold winter, but to me it's been quite annoying because on Christmas day the temperature was in the high 70's, which was only a few degrees cooler than where my brother Tom lives in Florida. I actually saw people wearing shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I mean the primary reason I moved back to the northeast was to experience four distinguishable seasons. But apparently that's no longer going to be happening. Nope. I think eventually there is just going to be ONE season, which will be different degrees of summer.