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Photographer Highlight: The Talented Lady FI

I've been following Lady FI since 2014. I found her blog through another blogger and have been a loyal fan ever since. Not only is she an amazing photographer, I can also tell that she's a very special person. She has a wonderful energy about her that shines through her photographs, as well as the dialogue she shares between her photographs.

I love her clever play on words.

She is someone who I instantly felt comfortable with because of her warmth, humor, and love of nature and dogs.

Today I would like to share some of my own personal favorite images from Lady FI. Now mind you, it was a challenge for me to select just these because all of her photographs are my favorites.

The Rise And Fall Of The Legendary NYC Nightclub Studio 54: "The Party Of Your Life"

One of the things I was dying to do while I was in New York City was to photograph the exterior of what was once the legendary disco nightclub, Studio 54.

I was living in New York when Studio 54 opened, yet never actually went inside. I kept hearing about how fabulous and popular it was. But being someone who was not into the "nightclub scene" at that time, I really had no interest. Besides, you couldn't just walk into Studio 54. Not only did you have to wait in line (sometimes for hours), but you also had to be selected by the doorman because the club had a different party theme each night. And if you didn't fit the theme, you didn't get in. Which made most people want to get in even more.

However, approximately eight years ago, I began reading books and watching documentaries about the history of Studio 54 and became thoroughly intrigued by all the decadence and debauchery that went on inside the club. Yowza!

Allow me to say that although I've never been a party animal, promiscuous, into drugs, or drinking to the point of being totally inebriated, that doesn't mean I'm not curious to know about people who are. That's one of the reasons I love New York. It's a city of extremes. But that doesn't mean you have to indulge in everything. You can simply choose to observe it.

A Quick Peek At Grand Central Terminal And The Chrysler Building

Two of my many favorite New York majestic landmarks are Grand Central Terminal and The Chrysler Building because whenever I see them, I feel as though I'm transported back to a time in history when things were oh-so GRAND. And what's ironic about these two landmarks is that they are located next to each other, so it's as if their structures deliciously belong together -- like peanut butter and jelly.

After I had dinner on the first night I was in New York, I walked over to the East Side and snapped a few pictures of these two stunning monuments.

What continually blows me away about Grand Central Terminal is that it is always filled with an abundance of people hustling and bustling about, either departing or arriving. And I find it utterly fascinating to observe the constant motion; imagining where everyone is going or where they came from.

Walking Around The Financial District: The Oculus, The 9/11 Survivor Tree, And Getting A Specific Photograph Of One World Trade Center

After I left Union Square Park, I walked down to SoHo and met my friend Ellie. As I mentioned in my previous post, she and I share the same passion for New York, so we acted like two silly kids in a massive playground all day. In fact, when we met up on a designated street corner that morning we starting screaming; jumping up and down; and hugging, because not only were we that happy to see one another, but also that happy to be in New York City. Together.

Ellie had never been to the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, so that's where we decided to spend the first part of our day. I've been there several times over the years. In fact, when I first moved to New York I lived in the dormitories at Pace University, but was anxious to visit again because that area of Manhattan is constantly changing. Back when I lived in New York, the Financial District was a busy 9 to 5 - Monday thru Friday area. Yet on the weekends, it resembled a ghost town. Now however, it has morphed into a combination of business and residential living. It is an area that is booming. Personally, I love that part of the city because of its eclectic architecture and vibe. I know this sounds strange, but I actually find the Financial District, very sexy!