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A Foodie Post. And A Few Of My Favorite Edible Things.

Many people laugh when I tell them that I'm a foodie because I don't really consider myself someone who likes to cook, or even likes all kinds of different or exotic foods. However, the foods I do like, I feel very passionate about and will savor each delectable bite. I know this sounds strange, but I find eating almost a "spiritual" experience because when I eat, I truly experience it with my body, mind, and soul. 

Also, judging from my small stature, most people initially assume that I barely eat anything, and when I do, I only eat a handful of bird seed every other day.

Ha! Hardly.

On the contrary, I'm someone who eats all day, every day. I need to eat something every 3-4 hours because I'm always hungry. I even eat right up until I go to bed at night.

Spring Has Sprung In Chestnut Hill

Judging from other blogs I read, I've noticed that much of the US (and Europe too) are experiencing the same kind of Spring. It's been like a yo-yo of up and down and back and forth. We'll get two days in which it's warm and sunny, then for the next four days it's dark, cold and rainy. In fact, today we had severe thunderstorms, lightening, and a chilly temperature of 41 degrees. However, yesterday was sunny and almost 80 degrees. It's been such a year of bi-polar weather because even last Autumn and Winter were so uncommon and unpredictable. I have a feeling that we'll get more cold weather this month, so I have no intention of moving my warmer clothes to the back of my closet just yet. I can remember many years ago when we had a snowstorm in late April, I kid you not!

Anyway, about a week and a half ago I decided to get out of the city for the day, and took a train to Chestnut Hill in the hopes of capturing early flowers in bloom. Chestnut Hill is only about 25 minutes outside of the city but it feels as if you're waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the country. It's quite charming because it has a vintage and cozy feel. My grandparents were from Chestnut Hill.

Photography: A Stroll Through Old City, Philadelphia

I had off today, so I decided to spend the afternoon walking around Old City. It's an area of Philadelphia that reminds me very much of one of my favorite areas in New York City, known as SoHo, but on a much smaller scale.

What I like about SoHo (as well as Old City) is that they have a delightfully gritty, artistic, Bohemian feel to them. Both locations are filled with old warehouses and lofts that have been magically transformed into unique art galleries, shops, bookstores, hotels, and restaurants.

Both Old City and SoHo are a terrific combination of shabby/chic.

That Dashingly Debonair Style Of Cary Grant

Without a doubt, Cary Grant was one of my favorite film actors of yesteryear because not only was he brilliant at comedy, he was an outstanding dramatic actor as well. Those in Hollywood who knew him said that he was a very dedicated actor, who they greatly respected. He was known for being extremely professional in his work ethic.

My two favorite Cary Grant films were Bringing Up Baby and Penny Serenade (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award). His performance in Penny Serenade was so touching that he ripped my heart out and had me in tears. It was then I realized, "Damn...this man can act!"