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The Orient-Express: Traveling Back In Time

I know that I must have shared in previous posts about my love of trains and train travel.

My fascination with trains began when I was a kid in the 1960's, and my mother would take my brother and I into the city via the train. It was always such a treat. I can still recall how much I enjoyed the motion of the train and how relaxed it made me feel. Many times I would fall asleep as the train clickety-clacked and swayed over the tracks, while watching the outside scenery swoosh past me. To me, trains were just the coolest things ever!

Photography: I Have A "Thing" For Windows and Doors

Yes, I have a thing for windows and doors. It's a cross between an addiction and a lust-after.

I see windows and doors as having their own unique personality and character. I can spend hours just walking the streets, hunting for interesting windows and doors.

I also see them as being symbolic; therefore inspirational...

Today I would like to share some photographs I took last year and the beginning of this year, that caught my eye.

Music: A Tribute To George Michael

Music is very much like a fragrance.

A piece of music, as does a fragrance, has the ability to capture a feeling, an emotion, and then tie it to a memory that remains within our psyche forever.

That's why when we first hear a song (instrumental or vocal) we will always remember that first time; recalling the people, the places, and the experiences we had at that specific moment in our lives.

I believe that music and scent hold the strongest memories. At least they do for me.

Another thing that's interesting about music is that it transcends all languages by going straight to the heart, where it is heard and felt as a universal language; understood by all.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz : A Portrait Celebration of Women

Back in 1999, American photographer Annie Leibovitz published the book, Women, which encompassed a diverse selection of women. It was a very special and personal book for Annie because it featured many of the women she admired and respected. She dedicated the book to her mother, Marilyn Leibovitz, featured in the photograph above.

At the beginning of 2016, she took on a new project, Women: New Portraits, Annie Leibovitz, a portrait exibition which consisted of over 30 women and toured 10 cities.

In case you're not familiar with Annie, here she is...