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New York City With The Girls, And Will And Grace

Before sharing this post, I would like to address a question that has come up in some of the comments on previous posts and emails from readers asking if I'm currently getting ready to move to New York. As a reminder from a post I shared back in August, my move to New York won't be until next year (at the end of August when my apartment lease is up), so I'll be here in Philly slowly preparing for that move until then. Thanks so much for asking and for your concern.


Last Wednesday, I had SO MUCH FUN visiting New York City with several of my girl friends, when back in August, we all decided to take a day-trip to Manhattan in the Fall.

Some of them had not been to New York in many, many years, so they were eagerly anticipating our Manhattan rendezvous. They also knew of my decision to move back to New York next year, so they wanted to experience the city with me, knowing how much I love it.

Needless to say, we had a marvelous time. I got so much joy in sharing my favorite city with them because it was like seeing New York through the eyes of fresh wonderment and awe!

Remembering Vinyl

Back in early Spring I took a train trip out to Chestnut Hill for the day, just for a change of scenery.

Chestnut Hill is famous for its quaint, privately-owned stores, farmers market, and antique shops. While strolling down Germantown Avenue after eating some lunch, I spotted these 45 RPM records in front of an antique shop and stopped to take a look because I hadn't seen vinyl records up close in AGES.

What initially caught my eye was the tattered record cover of WHAM, picturing George Micheal, because last January I published a post about his passing on Christmas day so it was kind of bittersweet seeing his face again.

No, I didn't purchase the record because I don't own a record player. Yes, I know I should have bought it anyway because the record would probably be worth a lot ($$$) in a several years. But hey, I wasn't even thinking about that at that moment, I was thinking about the late, great George Micheal.

New York City - Day And Night

One of the many things I find fascinating about New York City is how different it looks day and night. Honestly, I find it visually beautiful, stimulating and inspiring any time of the day, however because I am more of a night person, I think it looks exceptionally beautiful after the sun goes down.

Whether looking up or down, the contrast of the city lights against the backdrop of a dark sky is breathtaking.

I remember when I first moved to Manhattan to attend acting school back in the 70's-80's. My friends and I would often visit the observation deck of the Empire State Building (which back then was only $5.00 admission) in the evenings. And no matter how many times we visited, we would continually be in awe of the spectacular view of New York City at night.

Hurricane Harvey: A Wake-Up Call That We Are Much More Alike Than Different. And That Our Natural Instinct Is To Reach Out And Support Others.

Tell me, why does it always seem to take a raw, devastating and life-shattering event, such as 9/11 or Hurricane Harvey, to bring us to a higher consciousness?

I think it's time we all took a break from the anger, fighting, and horrendous violence that's been going on not only in America, but all over the world, and instead focus our attention on the realization that we are much more alike than different, and that our natural instinct is to reach out and support one another.

Other than watching updates on Hurricane Harvey, I have pulled myself away from watching the news because I can no longer bear to expose myself to the pathetically heartless media (on both sides) that do nothing but focus on negativity, which fuels and perpetuates the anger, fighting and horrendous violence, merely for the purpose of getting higher ratings.