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Guess What? I'm Learning To Speak Spanish, Can You Believe It?

The only time I was exposed to learning a different language was when I was in high school and took an elective class in Italian

And I have to be honest, I SUCKED.

The only reason I passed the class was because my teacher (Miss Rita Della-Porta) took a liking to me, so she always gave me an A on my report card. But truthfully, the only Italian sentence I remember learning was:

"Dove sono i libri?"

Which means: "Where are the books?"

Which is great if I'm ever in Italy with a sexy Italian man eating a dish of pasta and have to ask him where the nearest Barnes and Noble is. But other than that, I speak no Italian. 

Oh wait, I lied, and I also know how to say: "Culo del gatto."

Which means: "Ass of the cat."

Which was a phrase I used to refer to my father's mother because she was sincerely a total ASS.

Talent Highlight: The Faaaaabulous Australian Fashion Illustrator, Aaron Favaloro

If it wasn't for Instagram, I would have never discovered the talents of so many photographers, artists, and overall creative people. I truly can't believe how much I've enjoyed Instagram throughout these past four years because it was a social and business media platform that initially held no interest for me. And yet, I have gotten so much inspiration and enjoyment from the people I've discovered on Instagram.

For instance...

Two days ago while visiting someone else's Instagram feed, I was led to other feed that when I landed on the page, I verbally said out loud to myself, "OMG...this is freaking faaaaaaabulous!!!!" So of course, like so many of us on Instagram, I started scrolling through all the images; becoming more and more addicted to what I was seeing. At one point, I spotted a link at the top of the page that led me to the website of the artist. And the second the site loaded, I immediately knew that I wanted to share his talent on my blog because, to me, he's special.

The Time I Did NBC Anchorman Tom Brokaw's Makeup

Yes, it's true...I really did do Tom Brokaw's makeup, back in October of 1998.

"Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye!"

I was living in Orlando, Florida at the time and working as a freelance makeup artist.

I mostly did weddings and photo shoots, but would occasionally do film and video work.

Magically one day, a makeup artist friend of mine called and asked if I would be interested in taking her place on a job she could no longer commit to because of a family emergency. It was a 2-day television gig out at Cape Canaveral that would be broadcasting John Glenn's returned to space on the Space Shuttle Discovery. He was 77 at that time.

And after she told me what they would be paying for my services, I quickly said, “Sure!...Yes!...Yes!...Yes!”

She informed me that I would be working for NBC, and most likely doing the hair and makeup for anchorman, Tom Brokaw.

Staten Island Ferry: The Ultimate Skyline View Of Lower Manhattan

I remember when it was only 25 cents to ride the Staten Island Ferry. And I also remember when they allowed passenger cars on the ferry. But that stopped after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Over the years of course, like everything in New York City, the price of the ferry ride gradually increased.

Yet, every once in a while New York will offer certain things for free. Such as climbing the Vessel at Hudson Yards, which I did back in March, and also no longer charging to ride the Staten Island Ferry, which I think is awesome.

Now, my only wish and fantasy is that one day New York will offer free subway rides.

Which I think will always remain a fantasy because that's just NOT going to happen.

And speaking of subways, I remember when it was only 55 cents for a SingleRide on the subway. Now it's $3.00.

Yeah, New York is expensive. And gets more expensive with every passing minute.

So when they offer something for free, I'll jump at the chance.