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Elizabeth Taylor And Those Oh-So Beautiful Violet Eyes

Yes, Elizabeth Taylor's eyes were truly violet. And at the end of this post, I'll tell how I know that.

Both my mother and father adored Elizabeth Taylor; therefore at a very early age I was exposed to every movie she ever made up until that point. Thus, I also grew to adore her.

I mean come on, how could anyone not?

Not only did she take your breath away with her beauty, but she also contained an extraordinary power that emanated from within. Her beauty was a combination of voluptuous sensuality and a child-like innocence.

Yet, I think it was her eyes that were the most striking feature of her beauty.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

Since I missed posting an "official" Merry Christmas post this month, I decided to do a combination Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year post instead.

Is it me, or did this holiday season fly by faster than a speeding ticket? And is it me, or do we always say that every year?

Yet, it's true....the holidays do fly by faster and faster each passing year.

I absolutely love this time of year, so I try to savor every second because before you know it, BAM, it's over.

On Christmas day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous here. It was cold, but very sunny with a crystal clear blue sky. I cherish winter, so I spent much of my day outside. After making some coffee and breakfast, I took a shower; put on my black puffy down jacket, baseball cap, and gloves, and went out for a two-hour walk down along the Delaware River Pier (Penn's Landing) and sat by the water. It was simply lovely. Afterwards, I came home and prepared some lunch (a hearty Minestrone soup). I then took another long walk over to the Christmas Village and enjoyed all the holiday decorations. Can you believe that I actually found a Starbucks open on Christmas Day? I stopped in and grabbed a nice hot dark roast before they closed at 2 PM. Later in the day for dinner, I made a fabulous pasta dish and a spinach salad, with a glass of red wine. But before the day was over, I took yet another long walk after eating almost the entire pound of pasta. All in all, I walked a total of 5 hours that day. That night, I slept like a baby.

There Is Nothing Quite Like Christmastime In New York City

Last Wednesday I did what I usually do this time of year, I took a trip into New York City to see all the phenomenal Christmas decorations and immerse myself in the holiday energy that is like no other place I've ever encountered.

As you all know I LOVE New York City, but I love it even more during the holidays because Christmas in New York makes you feel like a kid again; reminding you to stay curious, playful, and to believe in miracles.

Also, do you know how when you were a kid and would look at everything wide-eyed because everything seemed bigger than life? Well, that's how New York makes you feel, even as an adult; especially at Christmastime because it's BIGGER than life. No matter how many times I go, I usually spend my entire day looking up at everything and saying, "WOW!"

Give Thanks For A Little And You Will Find A Lot

One of the main things I learned from going through periodic rough times in my life was that I can always find things to give thanks for, regardless of how challenging those times might have been. Which is why when I look back on those times, I see them as times of light; not darkness. Now mind you, that doesn't mean I would wish to go through them again, because I wouldn't. However, I see them as times that I wouldn't want to ever change because they were times when I felt more consciously aware of all the many things I have in my life that are good.

During those times I was more focused on what I had; not on what I didn't have.

And oddly enough for as scared and vulnerable as I was during those periods, I also felt incredibly strong.

There is truth in the saying, "During times when we feel the most powerless, we also feel the most powerful."