Monday, July 21, 2014

On Staying Open and Adaptable To Change

Change is like walking through a new door, you never know what's on the other side.

I am such a dichotomy because I'm someone who prefers a schedule, or at least a basic outline of each day, week or month, so that I can be more organized. And I think that has to do with my Virgo rising (HA!) because Virgos are notorious for being organized. And yet, I’m someone who enjoys flying by the seat of my pants; staying open to things I didn’t prepare for because I will often discover wonderful adventures in not always adhering myself to a strict schedule.

And when it comes to change, it scares the shit out of me, yet I’m a person who loves change and will delve into my fears. I am both fearful and daring because I don't like being paralyzed by fear.

When I look back on my life and view all the various careers I’ve had, I see they were occupations that were not typically secure and forever changing (such as being an actor) which caused me to learn a lot about fear, change and uncertainty. As an actor, you never know what’s ahead because it fluctuates so much. However, I did it anyway because I loved it.

So I guess in a way, the careers I’ve chosen have all been stepping stones in preparing me for what is happening in the economic world today, being that there is no longer such a thing as "job and financial security." Employees are being let go left and right without any loyalty because companies are downsizing in fear of losing money. So, it's either you go or they go. You know, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if employment eventually turns into "on call" jobs, in which companies put you on a list and contact you only when they need you.

As you know, I just got a new part time job in addition to my other job. And I did this for two reasons. One being that I could see the handwriting on the wall for those of us in my position that are having our work hours greatly reduced, so I took this job as a backup, just in case. And the other reason is that I’ve been wanting a change in my line of work because I’ve stopped growing. And for me, whenever I feel as though I’m not growing it’s like a slow, painful death.

I can’t tell you enough how much I'm enjoying this new job because I feel rejuvenated and vital, by being able to tap into all my previous knowledge of this business and making use of it in one job.

But it hasn’t been without challenges or fears because going into a place that’s already established as a newbie, it’s been, well, new. I’ve had to learn new procedures, work with new coworkers, get a sense of ‘rhythm’ in how the place flows, and remain open to change. And not only have I had to adjust to the new place, they have also had to adjust to me being a newcomer.

Blessedly, the staff there has been extremely welcoming, kind and helpful, so it’s made this change a joyous one.

Also, the time spent in my personal life has changed because I’ve had my other job for over 9 years and have gotten use to a certain schedule. So having this new job has changed the time I spend blogging, the time I do my grocery shopping and laundry, the time I go to bed and wake up, and the time I spend in quiet. My whole schedule has been reconstructed.

But I have to say, it’s all been positive because this change has given me a kick in the ass, got my brain ticking again, got my creative juices flowing, and has given me a overall lift.

In addition, I have made it known to my manager that I would like grow within this company and have recently applied for a different position. I can’t exactly say what that position is right now because it’s still in the process, but I will definitely let you guys and gals know what happens.

Yes, this new gig has been very good for me. And I am sincerely grateful for it.

Because once again I am walking through some new doors; learning to stay open, remaining adaptable, and embracing change.

Thank you, life!

Have a super Monday, y'all!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Presenting Bigger Pictures

A waterfall fountain in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

As I shared a few weeks ago when I changed my blog design, I was looking for a template that came with a wider main section so that I could post BIGGER photographs. My previous blog design had a main section that was 595px wide, however, this one came with a 700px section which I customized to 645px because I feel that if a main section is too wide, it makes reading the text a bit more challenging because it's harder for your eyes to follow.

So, earlier this week I went through several photographs I had stored on my computer and edited their original massive size down to 615px which is larger than I used to post.

And here are the results...

#1) I have no idea what this flower is because I totally suck at horticulture; therefore couldn't tell you the difference between a rose and a tulip (um, slight exaggeration), but I LOVE this flower. So, if anyone can tell me what it is I would be eternally grateful.

#2) The entrance to a house, not far from where I live. I love the spookiness of this house.

#3) Same house, using a camera editing effect.

#4) Again, I have no idea what these flowers are. Mums or Dads perhaps?

#5) A close-up shot of the door from the house photos above.

#6) Historical building in Society Hill, Philadelphia.

#7) Rooftop of the Drake Apartments in Philadelphia. I love the architecture of this building.

#8) I took this shot from my apartment window of an office building about two blocks away, using my zoom lens.

#9) Hey, congratulate me because I DO know what this flower is....a rose. Bwhahahahaha! Only kidding. This is a sunflower. I think...

Have a picturesque weekend everyone!