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Hi, I’m Ron, a guy with many interests.

Being Ron is a unique personal blog where I share a wide variety of topics, such as:

-Humorous and inspirational commentaries about life
-Photography (I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5)
-My childhood
-Working in retail
-My time spent as an actor in the theater
-Alternative and natural healing modalities
-City life

I also post product reviews and share my own personal feedback. However, I do not accept payment to endorse products, nor do I offer guest posts on this blog.

I can be humorous in one post, and then more introspective and reflective the next.

I honestly don’t know what I'll be sharing each post, so if you’re looking for a consistent topic blog, the only consistency you’re going to find is that I’m consistently not consistent.

Since I was born with the soul of an actor, most of what I share with you will have a dramatic flair. Which means....I EXAGGERATE.

I’ve been known to use four letter words and share TMI. So if those things offend you, you may wish to read elsewhere.

I thoroughly enjoy responding to comments and interacting with my readers; forming a community.

Please feel free to browse through some of my categories on my sidebar to get a feel for what this blog is all about.

*Random things about me:

-I love winter and hate summer
-I love black licorice
-I love red wine
-I love disco
-I love train travel
-I love the word faaaaabulous
-I hate anything Hello Kitty

Oh, and here's a video clip to show you just how much I love disco...

Thank you for stopping by!