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Back in March, I finally had to break down and purchase a new computer. After all, how long did I expect my 8 year old desktop (Windows 98) to last???

Unfortunately, I picked the worst time to select a new one. Windows Vista had just arrive and I kept hearing so many horrendous things about it, that I was dreading the ordeal. I had several friends tell me to wait a year, so that Microsoft could work out all the “kinks.” My computer was getting ready to crash, so I couldn’t wait a year.

Without going into detail, I initially had MAJOR issues with the software. It was like trying to tame a wild bull; however, now it seems to be more under control. Microsoft has done an excellent job in supplying updates on a daily basis, and the brand of computer I purchased, has helped me through many a telephone “walk-thru."

I would like to past on one bit of VERY IMPORTANT information if you are going to be purchasing a Vista software computer. Please be sure that the computer you purchase has at least 1G of RAM. I cannot stress this enough. Unfortunately the one I selected has 512MB, and I will eventually need to upgrade more memory. It runs fine….but VERY slow.

I had initially purchased a laptop with 1 full G, and Vista definitely ran faster; however, I returned it and exchanged it for a desktop for two reasons.

I’m absolutely a spastic colon when it comes to the touch-pad mouse.

I know what your thinking, “Oh, you would have eventually gotten use to it.”

Trust me, I wouldn’t have. Because I would have thrown the friggin’ computer through an open window before I’d gotten use to it. The first time I decided to write a post on my blog - it took me two whole days. I “clicked” on everything except what I wanted to click on!

(I’ve been known to have ZERO patience)

And the second reason I returned the laptop (strange as this may sound) is because I did NOT want the convenience of being able to take the computer wherever I went. I’m someone who spends a great deal of time on this contraption, and for my own good…I need time away from it.

(It’s how I also feel about cell phone addiction)

All in all, I learned a great deal of “good stuff” from this annoying, pain in the ass experience.

I learned a hell of a lot about how computers function. I made many mistakes, but they were all reversible.

I also learned how to be put “on-hold" while listening to shitty music for 30 minutes; waiting for the next technical operator to take my call, so they could assist me in NOT having a nervous beak-down!@#?

Thank you.

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  1. Oh I can not STAND the touch mouse!!! ICK! It goes spastic when I try to use it on my Mums Laptop!

    She's just lucky it's hers and not mine.. otherwise it would have been chucked out the window LONG ago! xx