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I was thinking the other day of how many times in my life, I adamantly said that I would NEVER do certain things.

(and when I said never....I meant a strong feeling of NEVER)


*Visit Japan (which I did and ended up loving)

*Have a hot stone massage (which I did and not only ended up loving...but ended up learning how to do it for my reflexology practice)

*Move back to the North (which I did and love it)

*Have a blog with a black template (which I do and love it)

*Live in a high-rise apartment building (which I do and love it)

And lastly...the STRONGEST never...

*I will NEVER get a computer and go on the Internet (which I did and love...and is perhaps the most ironic NEVER I've ever said)

Personally, for me, I figured out why I do this and feel so strongly about NEVER.

A my intuition telling me about something that is going to occur. And my passionate resistance to why this SHOULD occur.

As much as I think or feel what it is, that's best for me...I've been shown time and time again...that I really don't.

So, thank you NEVER.

P.S. And maybe this is the "Never Land" that Peter Pan talked about...where unconscious wishes DO come true...hmm

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  1. I think you have hit on something here my friend. We DO live in Neverland. We all have made the never commitments and in time have come to live the never but as you have mentioned "LOVE" what we never would do. We are all built out of the same energy and it affects in the like ways.
    I sometimes feel like Peter Pan and when the law of attraction happens then I know the magic.
    Thanks for the thought.

  2. Morning Mr.Dave~

    Good to see ya!

    This post has caused me to remember so many NEVER moments...

    It's funny, because when I was performing in the theater, I actually did the muscial, Peter Pan (I played Mr.Smee)...and I had always said that I would NEVER be in a show with a lot of children (and not because of the children...but because of the..."show business PARENTS")- yet it was an experience I loved.

    So maybe that was my introduction to my relationship with NEVERLAND. And now...15 years later...I'm writing about it!

    You're SO right,'s a whole "energy thing" that we're all intermingled with...and when the timing is right...the connected never's all manifest"

    Thanks so much for adding your feelings and energy to this post, always bring YOUR magic!

    Now, let's see if we can FLY!

    Mr. Smee

  3. Ron,
    Sometimes 'never' means that it just isn't right for you 'yet'....:)

  4. Of course I never say NEVER! ;)

    I'm glad you went back on your promise never to have a computer! :)

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  6. Your SO right, Annie. And then when it does manifest...WOW!

    And I always think to myself, "This was actually something that was "good" for me."

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this allows me to see the "bigger picture."

    Have a GREAT day, Annie. And thanks for stopping by.

    Mr. Smee

  7. I'm glad I went back on my promise to never have a computer too, Akelamalu!

    What a wonderful world this has opened up for me!

    My lesson being...when I let those things come to me that should...I discover things for my higher good!

    Now...if I can just keep remembering that lesson!?!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit, Akelamalu. And for sharing your energy!

    Have a "tinkerbell day"


  8. To words that I try REALLY hard not to use:

    1. Always
    2. Never

    :) Just for the reasons you said, Ron. It's almost like a Cosmic Joke. "Oh, you NEVER would do that, huh? Well... here ya go!"

    For myself it's been true that many of my 'nevers' were attached to judgements of some type...I was negatively judging something or someone by saying "I would never".

    I have learned that, "Oh yes you would", given the 'right' circumstances. LOL

  9. Good Evening Grace~

    So true....ALWAYS is another one!

    And you know WAS judgment on my part. And when these things then came to me...I was able to see how much of a benefit they were!

    Silly me!

    These were cases...where my sense of judgment...was not for the highest good.

    Thank you for adding your wisdom here, is well received!

    And thanks again for the post on your blog so deeply touched me.

    Ciao bella,
    Mr. Smee

  10. Sometimes, if the Weird Psychosomatic Urge hits, I'll intentionally use "never" to achieve those same results. Sometimes, that proves how much we live and die each day in a constant psychic ecosystem, since the you that said "never" however long ago doesn't exist when it actually happens, and all of these external sources have "killed" it and brought some new you in its place, disregarding that whole biological process of death, for the time being.

    ... well that was bleak. Either way, Ron, "I hope I never see you today." Haw haw.

  11. Hey Ben~

    I don't think that was bleak at ALL!'ve shed some excellent light on this!!!

    I had never thought of this as being a "long time ago never" when I was a completely different ME... coupled with the fact...that that time doesn't even exist anymore!


    Thank you Professor!

    Now...let's FLY!

    Mr. Smee

  12. I followed your link from Dave's blog. Looks like a fun place to visit. I will return.:>)

  13. Hi Ruth!

    Welcome to Vent.

    And don't ya just LOVE Dave???

    He truly is an angel.

    Thank you very much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. It's so much FUN meeting a new reader!

    I just started this blog about 2 months ago. I met Dave through my other one. Two TOTALLY different experiences.

    This one enables me to share my insanity!

    Please stop by anytime you wish...any friend of a friend of mine!

    Take care,