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Every once in a while I come across a film that I feel should be recommended.

“La Vie En Rose” is one of them.

I love biographies - whether reading or watching.

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of Edith Piaf’s vocal tone, however, I a huge fan of the “message” behind what she sings and the raw total abandonment - in which she sings it.

The movie takes you on fantastical journey through the many layers of her life. From being abandoned twice, as a small child; to going temporarily blind; to singing on the streets of France; to being discovered; to her severe addiction to morphine; from finding the love of her life…and then losing him; and finally to her early death, and the message to always LOVE…that her beautiful spirit leaves behind.

It’s an emotional roller-coaster ride, that is brilliantly acted and phenomenally filmed. Marion Cotillard (as Piaf) will blow you away with her talent. It’s almost as if she’s “channeling” the essence of Edith Piaf.

(it gave me chills)

The movie is in French with English subtitles. I know that some people are not particularly fond of subtitled films, and I can totally understand. I myself, have to really be in the “mood” for them. With this film however, the story is so captivating, that reading the subtitles becomes second nature. And being in it’s native tongue, actually adds to the wonderful flavor of the film.

For me, what was so “special” about this film, was how it depicted her strong connection to spirit. Early in her childhood, Piaf was visited by Saint Theresa, who told her that she would always be with her throughout her life (and she was).

The film exposes both the frailty of being human…and the power that comes when merged with spirit. To live your destiny…and trust.

You don’t have to be an Edith Piaf fan to enjoy this film. Her journey is Universal.

So, if you can fit it in to your weekend, please stop by your local video store and rent … "La Vie En Rose.”

(and don’t forget the popcorn and twizzlers)

Have a great weekend, folks!


  1. I love reading autobiographies and sometimes watching them. I'm in the process of trying to get my Dad to write his, not that it would be of international or even national interest you understand but would be priceless to us (his family). It is quite within his capabilities after writing his mother's biography.

    Thanks for the film review Ron, I'll look out for it.

  2. Good morning to you--

    A movie, eh?
    Himself has to bribe me with popcorn and tolerate my squigglin', wigglin' self once to sit for 90 minutes straight.

    Video's work so much better than a theatre. LOL At least there's that pause button for my 'jumpupturnaroundwigglesquiggle' moments. That stuff goes over like a lead balloon in a theatre...

    k......I'll put it on the list and see if we can't find it.
    We're talking bittytown Iowa. LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Evening Akelamalu~

    Wow...if he does get it written and published...let me know.

    From knowing you...I would LOVE to read it!!!

    I think you would REALLY enjoy this film, Akelamalu (being a European citizen). Piaf was a very big success here in America. Elaine Page (British) played "Piaf" at the West End Theater in London (I have a recording of it)...she was brilliant in the role.

    I'm a HUGE Andrew Loyd Webber fan. Elaine Paige was the first Eva Peron in "Evita" (my favorite musical).

    If you get the chance to rent this film...let me know what you think.

    Thanks for stopping by today, my lady. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  4. Evening Mel!

    I'm with YOU...I'd much rather rent the DVD. I "wiggle around" a lot too ( also, I need to use the CAN sometimes...the "pause button" is SOOOO good for that!

    Plus...I don't like forking out $10.00 to see a film in the theater (which is WHY I smuggle in my Twizzlers)...shhh, don't tell anyone that!

    If you decide to give the film a go...I'm pretty sure Blockbuster will have it (does bittytown Iowa have those?) I bet they do. It's like "Starbucks"...they probably even have those in Antartica!

    (Penguin Lattes)

    Thanks for stopping by, always make me giggle!

    Oh....I was out in the park all afternoon feeding the squirrels, and I kept thinking about your "two fuzzies" and laughing about your post. My God, they were SOOO aggressive today...they actually sat on the bench with me and ate out of my hands!!!

    (they were starving)

    You'd never know it by the SIZE of them!

    God love them!

    Enjoy your weekend, Mel!


  5. I'll put it on my list. Speaking of list, I like the energy here and I would like to add your site to my blog roll. I wanted to ask you first though.

    Do have yourself a wonderful weekend too...well, Sunday now it is almost 1Am.


  6. Hi Gypsy-Heart!

    So good to see ya!

    Yes...I have a "feeling" you would really appreciate this film (being an artist). To actually was a masterpiece of art! If you rent it, let me know what you think!

    And of course...I would be honored to be on your blogroll. I like the energy of your blog too! I like the change of your template...good choice. I actually used that template once with my other blog at Wordpress. It's a very adaptable template.

    Thanks for dropping by...oh, IS 1am....we must be "night-owls.

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  7. Hello! This film looks mesmerizing. I just watched some of the clips from the link you posted; noticed Depardieu in there too! (i think he's fabulous) Another art related film I love (and watched a billion times) also with Depardieu is the french film Camille Claudel.

    You have a unique and interesting blog. I liked what you said here "Not only is blogging a wonderful way to express ... I can change the entire “feel” of it’s visual design, to match my own interior design. Blogging is all about energy."

    Well said, and encouraging too!

  8. Hi Sibyllae!

    Welcome...thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment.

    What a COOL name you have!!!

    "Mesmerizing"...that's the PERFECT word for this film...thanks sharing that!

    And thanks for sharing the other film you mentioned...I'll look for that. I love hearing a recommendation - and Depardieu is a wonderful actor!

    Yea...blogging is something that TOTALLY surprised me (and delightfully so). It's like an extention of ourselves that reaches and touches the lives of others.

    I change my "blog look" a lot. Right now...this is how I feel...VERY "Jetsons."


    Please drop in anytime you's always nice to meet new people!

    I'll check your place out later this evening!

    Enjoy your day,

  9. I kind of wished we lived closer, Then I'd be tempted to wach it with you ! I never rent movies at home. Her message sounds like a poignant one.

  10. Hey TOO!

    We could have a "popcorn and movie night" each week...wouldn't that be fun???

    I totally understand, though. I'm just the opposite...I NEVER go "out" to the movies anymore!?!?

    Yes...Piaf's message was remarkable! It touched me, so.

    Talk to you soon, Annie!

  11. Ron, thank you for the kind regards and welcoming energy too! You said, "I change my "blog look" a lot. Right now...this is how I feel...VERY "Jetsons." I love this! Jetsons are just cool. As for changing things up, I am glad to know I am not the only one that can go through a rainbow of colors in mood or emotion (hence, frequent changing of entire styles and blog themes on a whim). Best luck to you and thanks, I will visit again. Also, I really do feel you would greatly enjoy the Claudel film. It's definitely a popcorn and beverage of choice film... absorbing. Hugs! Sibyl (lae)