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With the Easter holiday approaching, I’ve noticed that more and more stores are stocking their shelves with a plethora of peeps.

I would secretively like every one to know, that I abhorred peeps with every fiber of my being.

Not only can I not stand they way they taste, but I think it’s horrendous that they no longer even LOOK like a peep. They have now morphed into every commercial holiday season on this planet.

Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, but is not a peep…a little baby chick?

Then tell me, why the hell should I have any interest in buying a peep ghost? A peep Christmas tree? A peep witch? Or a peep menorah ?

And the COLORS!?! They go from fuchsia to chartreuse.

Have you ever seen what your lips and tongue look like after you’ve eaten one?

Try eating a BLUE one and then look at yourself in the mirror….

I guarantee you’ll look like a cast member of the movie, "The Night of the Livng Dead."

And they don’t even taste like a marshmallow. They taste like your eating copious amounts of food color dye # 6 and a five pound bag of sugar.

It’s revolting.

When I was child, I could only eat peeps one way….

I would place a few of them in the freezer to get them as hard as a rock. And then afterwards, I would take my fingers and pinch the eyes off everyone of them.

(because I didn’t want them to see me as I bit into them)

My mother LOVES peeps.

(but she also loves those horrible orange marshmallow peanuts)

Gag me with a spoon!

Oh, well…to each his own

Anyway, if your out and about, and should decide to purchase peeps…I beg of you…at least get the traditional yellow ones that look like a chick, for god sake.

Because the REAL peeps of this world will sleep much better….

Toot- toot, hey….peep, peep!


  1. I share your hatred for all things peep. I don't like marshmellows to begin and coloring them and adding rediculous amounts of sugar doesn't make them any better.

    The name bugs me too. Sounds like some sicko old man who likes to look up skirts or something.

    My wife insists on buying these confections of the devil every year at easter and eating one in front of me just to watch my nose wrinkle up in disgust.

    I love my wife . . . really I do.

    She's even brainwashed the kids into thinking they are good.

    Somebody stop the madness!


    Damn...I HATE THEM TOO!!!

    You cracked me up with the "sicko old man" reference and "confections of the devil"

    But that's EXACTLY what it sounds like...PEEPING!

    When I was looking for photo's to add to this post...there were some that came up "Peep Show"

    Thanks so much for sharing in my disgust of peeps. And I bet there's a lot of people out there who feel the same way. Maybe we should start an anti-peep group!

    Great seeing ya, buddy. Thanks for your visit!

    Wishing you the best for tomorrow!

  3. I had to look Peeps up as i didnt know what you were talking about!
    And now that i know...yes insane!

  4. I don't hate peeps. I used to open them and let them get stall and hard before I ate them though. I don't know, they were just better that way. I guess it was the same concept as putting them in the freezer.
    I have never really noticed all the odd shapes and colors though. I will have to look next time I am shopping.

  5. Okay.

    I have a confession.

    I buy Peeps and stick them in the mailboxes of the people I wanna terrorize.
    Yup.....I do.
    Sometimes they're flattened to a mere 1/18", sometimes they're stretched and rolled up....sometimes I fold 'em and smoosh 'em and stick toothpicks in 'em....
    Yup. Voodoo Peeps. LOL

    Oh. And on occasion, I leave ransome-like notes with 'em. LOL

    *hanging head*
    I'll go to the corner now....

  6. Ron, I saw the "Peep Show" picture and damn near broke a vein laughing. The only good "Peep" is a stale "Peep." I buy 'em, poke holes in the wrapper and let 'em sit around for a few weeks.

    I am with you on those horrid orange peanut things. WTF are they supposed to be?

  7. Frozen yellow(not pink!)peeps are a tradition Jesus started...He didn't say "I am risen", he said "Where's my Easter basket?" I can name many things I don't like, but eat anyway, because they have become a part of whatever weird tradition evolved for a given Holiday!

  8. The world famous Peeps diet. A contorted marshmallow twisted and turned into a sugary blob of a holiday icon.
    I love the Martin Luther King peeps, The Washington and Lincoln Peeps. If you really want to try a delectable delight take about 4 dozen peeps together with tuna fish and put them in a blender and create the smelly fish peeps.
    How could you not love this cavity producing chemical enduced excuse for food?
    I even had peeps made into the image and likeness of my ex wife. I put it in the freezer and she remains there to this present day and when she thaws (never happen) I will put her in a glass of 18 year scotch and have Peeps cocktail.

    What fun this was. Happy Palm Sunday.

    What came first the chicken or the peeps?

  9. Morning Casdok~

    Oh, that's right...I forgot that PEEPS may not be a tradition in Europe. you can're not missing a damn thing!

    Except lips, cavities and a sugar rush!

    Great seeing ya, dear lady. Thanks for stopping by.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Morning Nicole~

    YES...having them frozen, DID make them more bareable! And as a kid, peeps were such "the thing" to have.

    The next time you're out at a drug store...see if you can find the holiday section...and you'll notice what I mean about the VAST variety of PEEPS. Oh...and wait til Halloween and Christmas'll just DIE!! Snowmen, Christmas trees, Stars, Candycanes, Witches, Cats, Ghosts...oy vey!!

    I'm surprised they haven't made PEOPLE PEEPS!

    Great seeing ya, Nicole. And thank you for dropping by PEEP WORLD!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Oh dear God, Mel...I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face!!!!

    That is AWESOME!!!!

    I don't think I've EVER heard of anything so WONDERFUL in my life!!!

    VOODOO PEEPS!! You're a riot!!!

    And the ransome notes!!! That's priceless!!

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH for adding your PEEP DISGUST to this post.

    You ROCK, Mel!

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend, my comedian friend!

  12. Ola, Nitebyrd~

    YES!!! Did you NOT crack up at the "Peep Show" photo???

    Me too!!!

    I've heard so many people tell me the same thing you just shared..."a STALE peep is the ONLY way go!"

    And those orange peanut candies???

    It's like eating a piece of styro-foam! And yet my mother can eat a whole bag in 10 minutes!

    No thank you...I think I'll just stick to chocolate-chip cookies!

    ALWAYS a pleasure venting with you, Nitebyrd. Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your weekend, you wild woman you!

  13. Howdy Buffalo~

    YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!

    Your "Jesus tradition" made me HOWL!

    Oh...what wonderful sense of humor you have!

    And thank you SO MUCH for sharing it here,'s much appreciated and enjoyed!

    Thanks for your Friday, buddy...and enjoy your weekend!

  14. Ok, Dave...I need to make a post of ALL your comments and allow everyone to read them.

    Good God, are SOOOOO funny.

    The reference to your "EX-WIFE PEEP" made me choke, laugh and then fart!

    Hey...someone on my previous post, read the comment you left and said that she howled with laughter and had tears rolling down her face!!

    I'm telling you, should consider a comedy'll be a HUGE hit!!!

    I cannot tell you enough, my Libra buddy, just how much we ALL enjoy your wonderful presence here. You add such magic!

    And I thank you!

    Enjoy your weekend, kind sir!

    P.S. And enjoy a nice "peep cocktail" tonight!

  15. I'm presuming peeps are marshmallows? Don't you have chocolate Easter eggs there?

  16. Hellooooooo Akelamalu!!!

    Yes, I found out this morning when answering Casdok's comment that PEEPS are an American delicacy. And're NOT missing a single thing.

    It's basically a marshmallow covered in about 10 pounds of sugar, which has been DYED in every color of the world. They were traditionally ONLY shaped as a little baby chick (thus the name...PEEP). Now, however, commericalism has taken over, and you can get them in EVERY holiday theme!!!!


    You can google them and you'll get a better understanding of them.

    (but be sure to have a glass of red add some excitement)


    Thank you dear lady, for stopping by today and getting...PEEPED!

    You'll NEVER be the same!?!?

    Enjoy your weekend!!!!

    peep, peep....

    P.S. Oh...and yes, we do have chocolate eggs (coconut) and those I LOVE!!! Also jelly beans.

  17. I have never tasted peeps..even as a child I thought they looked like little aliens or something. :O

    I don't really like marshmallows except for roasted (almost burnt) or melted in hot chocolate. What would peeps taste like roasted..somehow that is not a pretty image!

    I don't like the orange peanut thing either...too weird looking too.

    Now chocolate speckled eggs..that's a different story. They are pretty to look at, and I could eat half a bag! :) think maybe I am too visual?

  18. Oh, Dearest Gypsy-Heart you make me smile and laugh with you wonderful humor!

    "Little Aliens"!!!! That's so cute. They DO look like aliens. And I've got news for you...they TASTE like little aliens too! They're horrendous!

    ME TOO...I've NEVER liked the taste of marshmallow UNLESS I'm sitting around a campfire and burning them. SMORES...I love smores. It makes me feel like a cub scout!!

    I bet a peep would look FABULOUS on fire...I need to try that one day...tee-hee!

    Oh, said it...I LOVE the little speckled eggs TOOOO! Lately, we've been bringing in bags at work and eating the HELL out of them. GOD...they are SOOO good, aren't they??

    Oh...the simple things in life!

    It's so great seeing you, Gypsy-Heart...and thanks for sharing in the wonderful world of putrid PEEPS!

    God love ya, woman!

  19. I've never understood the appeal of peeps. I mean, you are basically biting into aerated sugar. A marshmallow, but worse. But I have come to understand by observing my kids that anything that is sugar-coated is AWESOME! Like you said, to each his own. Don't worry. We don't buy any non-chick peeps around here. :-)

  20. Howdy Sniz!

    So good to see ya!

    OH THANK non-chick peeps!!!!

    Bless you, you wonderful traditional mother, you!

    I LOVE Easter.

    When I was a kid, I use to enjoy sticking my nose into my Easter basket and sniffing the potpourri of odor. The mixture of jelly beans, chocolate eggs, peeps, and plastic grass...use to send me over the EDGE!

    I had such a FULL childhood!?!?


    Thanks for stopping by, Sniz...and enjoy your weekend!

  21. I'm with casdok as I didn't have a clue what you were taling about but I feel I ahve had a learning experience here today thank you.


  22. Evening Lady~

    So nice to see you!

    YES...I'm sure you've read the comments and have figured out that a Peep is a disgusting, sugar coated marshmallow, that originated as a little baby chick, but has become every known holiday under the sun, here in America!?!?!?

    OY VEY!

    They're kind of CREEPY!

    Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by today to say,'s always a great treat!

    Hey...I don't know exactly when your birthday WAS or IS...but I do hope you had/have a wonderful one!

    Enjoy your weekend, Lady!

  23. thank you Ron my birthday is a few weeks away yet in April.

    I think by the end of your post I had a fairly good idea of what peeps are.

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