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I totally admit it…until I have my coffee in the morning, I cannot exist in this world.

Not only do I love the taste of coffee, but I also love the feeling of caffeine flowing through my veins…like a stream of happy consciousness.

Coffee makes everything look so much better.

It also allows me to deal with all the shit-heels in this city, in a much more calm manner.

(It’s such a lovely legal drug)

Coffee for me, is like a gift from the gods.

It’s right up there with dark chocolate or a nice glass of red wine.

Now please understand, I don’t drink coffee all day - I have only two cups.

(two extremely LARGE cups)

I guess you could call them a venti-extreme.

I went through a faze of trying to switch to tea. I tried green-tea, black-tea, orange -tea, purple-tea, and red-tea.


(it was like desiring an apple...and then getting brussel sprouts)

I remember about 4 years ago, when I went on a 7-day retreat at an Ayurvedic Institute. They had absolutely NO caffeine on the premises, because they frowned upon it. So if you wanted real coffee, you had to bring your own instant. I remember the first time I went to the cafeteria to have breakfast with the other inmates. As soon as I took out the jar of Maxwell House from my bag…everyone at the table GASPED and jumped like they had just seen a python snake.

That’s because they were all sipping their Valerian Root Tea and looking like they were in a constant state of COMA.

(need I tell you how UNpopular I was there?)

Now I do enjoy a nice cup of chamomile tea sometimes before bedtime, but as far as drinking something to “jump-start” my body in the morning…coffee RULES.

I was thinking of purchasing an IV drip machine - like the ones they use in the hospital. And then having a timer installed on it, so that it would slowing start dripping coffee into my blood stream before I woke up.

Wouldn’t that be NIRVANA?

And for those of you who don’t drink coffee…please leave this blog.

You have no idea what you’re missing.

(and please don’t tell me you drink decaf…because that doesn’t count)

However…I guess not everyone is like me in the morning….

A sweet gentle flower…


  1. <--is a serious coffee drinker
    <--has her own pot at work labled 'toxic' LOL

    ...two cups......

    *laughing laughing laughing!*

    Two CUPS?!

    You're funny.

  2. I'm a tea drinker, the taste of coffee... ewww, I just can't stomach it. I don't drink tea in the morning to wake up though, I drink Pepsi.

    I guess I'll be going now.... lol.

  3. OH Ron, I LOVE the sign at the end of your post.... so freaking vintage and snarky!! I have a few of that type saved for eventual posting. My avatar, and the one on the side bar about being bitchy.... so ME! LOL

    Confession1: Don't drink much coffee.
    Confession2: When I drink coffee, it's decaf.

    Do I seriously have to leave your blog?? I'd cry.
    I'll start drinking coffee if I have to!!! Pleeeeaaassseee let me stay!!

    I love the smell of coffee. And with cream and sugar, some I even like the taste of. But I have to watch the stimulants with the whacked out hormones that I have. So because I luv, luv, luv me some chocolate I use that as my caffeine fix. Or chai tea. Or wine. So coffee unfortunately loses to those 3. Infact, as I sit here typing I'm having a skinny dark cocoa.... haven't been to Starbucks for a couple days so had to improvise in the kitchen.

    Because Hubby drinks his first cup or two of regular in the morning, and likes a couple beers sometimes with dinner, he's into decaf the rest of the time too. And oops, yes, sometimes we drink tea. We like chamomile, peppermint, and some others. Actually, I need to look into the one you mentioned... Valerian Root... I have been having a terrible time sleeping for various reasons and think that might be helpful!

    So I have not left the blog world afterall. Ah, I so need my 'Vent' fix, and some others. And what would I do with the cherry pictures in my camera if I can't post them, or the short vid of Alex taking a few wobbly steps. I hope I can get that one to upload!
    Have a marvelous week!

  4. Mornin' Mel...

    You're funny...TOXIC!

    Hey....guess who I was thinking about when I wrote this post????

    Her name begins with an M and ends with an L.


    Hey...don't you love the idea of the coffee pot IV?

    Thanks for stopping by this Monday mornin' dear lady!

    Enjoy your next pot of coffee!

  5. Mornin' Bekah!

    teeee, heee, teee.... definately can STAY, my bloggin' friend!!!

    Anyone who drinks Pepsi in the morning to wake up...ROCKS!

    It's not that I dislike tea's...BUT to use it as a just doesn't work for me?!?!

    I'm hard core!

    Thanks so much for dropping in today, Bekah!

    Ok...I am now going to take a sip from my VENTI-EXTREME coffee... while you sip your PEPSI.


  6. Mornin' Crystal Chick.... may STAY here!

    tee, hee, tee, hee...

    At least you love the SMELL of coffee!

    And at least you enjoy chocolate and wine!

    Like I shared, I do enjoy teas...just not as a WAKE-UP tool. I need something stronger. Although, I know that tea supposedly has more caffeine than coffee. It's the WHOLE ritual of coffee that I love. And I love the taste.

    My's like MANA from the heavens!

    Hey listen, you may want to try some Valerian Root tea if your having trouble sleeping. Now I will warn smells HORRIBLE, but you can get it in a blend (Yogi tea) and the other added teas soften the taste. But I'll tell you something...IT WORKS!

    LA, LA LAND!

    So GREAT to see that you haven't left the blog world! Sometimes just a good VENT does the trick, ya know?

    Thanks a lot for stoppin' by today,'s ALWAYS fun sharing stuff with ya!

    Have an AWESOME week!

  7. Coffee is the nectar of the Gods. Decaf is for wimps, like "lite" beer.

  8. Hey Ron. I can relate, vicariously. My husband crawls out of bed every morning looking like death, and says to me, "Coffee," which means in human speak, "can you please make me some coffee?"
    I used to be a coffee freak too. Do you have Sheetz stores in Philly? Well every morning on my way to work, I would get coffee at Sheetz. But after 12 years of working the breakfast shift, brewing coffee, smelling coffee, pouring coffee, listening to people bark for coffee, I think that I kind of got sick of it.
    I use to come home with coffee grounds in my pockets, and coffee splotches all over my clothes. Urgh....I don't really drink it anymore unless it is really cold outside.
    But I have never been able to shake my caffiene addiction. I love my caffiene.....gotta have my caffiene first thing.

  9. Mornin' Miss Nitebyrd...

    I simple DON'T understand decaf...

    I mean, it doesnt' even taste like coffee.

    Besides...where's the all the "speed effect??"

    I'm not much for diet, lite, or sugar-free stuff. Them all seem to really upset my stomach. I like all the REAL stuff...but in moderation.

    Thanks for your visit, dear lady!

    ALWAYS a delight!

  10. Hey Nicole....

    Your husband and I sound very much alike.

    Open eyes....COFFEE!

    (I feel like caveman)

    Your story about working at Sheetz was TOO damn funny!

    So I can see why you're sick of coffee.

    No...we don't have those in Philly, but I do love breakfast type restaurants. Actually...breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day. As soon as I wake up...I'm STARVING.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee story, Nicole.

    THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!

    Have an awesome day!

  11. I'm with you!

    I drink my coffee straight, and I don't like it weak or warm..has to be very strong and hot, hot!

    Hey guess must be good for us, because that is all my Grandmother drinks! For those that may see this and not know about her she just turned 101. I swear she drinks it from morning 'til she goes to bed! I've never seen her drink water!

    So between the excessive salt and coffee she may have the real secret to living forever. eh,eh,eh

    My entire family on that side has a coffee pot going pretty much 24/7 Plenty of night owls among them! Hmmm, I never thought about it before, but maybe it's due to all the coffee...duh! :O

    When we were little she allowed us to have coffee..well, actually milk with just a spot of coffee in it. I can remember feeling so grown up drinking coffee in a real coffee cup...hanging out with the adults!

    I am like you I usually have two cups..though once in a while I will have one in the afternoon for a little "zip"

    I could use some now! I woke up at 3 this morning and it is 1:37 in the afternoon now, and I AM WILTING!

    So coffee wine in a bit!!

    Loved your vent, and LY!

  12. Afternoon Dear Gypsy-Heart...

    Ya know...the more I hear about your wondeful grandmother...the more I want to meet her!

    God...she sounds like such a COOL lady!!!

    Me too...I like my coffee STRONG with just a touch of half and half.

    Your memory of being a child and being given coffee, made me remember my childhood too. You're SO RIGHT...having coffee made me feel SOOO grown up. And what's really funny, is that I really didn't drink coffee regularly, until I was in my mid-twenties. And I used Sweet and Low (gag me!).

    Eventually I used less and less, until I used none.

    Like you...I have only two cups. One in the morning and one around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

    When I look back at all my ancestors (Italian)....they ALL drank coffee, drank wine, and ate whatever the hell they wanted...and they lived LONG, HAPPY lives.

    They had tremendous love and passion for their food and drink.

    They didn't fret over food.

    They just ate naturally!

    And honestly...that's what I do.

    SOOOOO glad you stopped by to say hello, dear friend!

    I always enjoy sharing stories and energy with you!

    Love ya!

  13. (whispering) I drink decaf tea and coffee Ron.

    Creeps out in case Ron heard.

  14. Ron baby...see that's why I love you. We are so brewed from the same coffee beans.

    Coffee is one thing I've learned to cherish. I can remember my firts cup of Joe. It was all I thought I would need. I was up writing a paper for U.S. history class. Yes I procratinated till it was due the very next day. I was US history, what could be so F'ing hard and I was a whiz at History. Why I had slept through my softmore history class and aced without cheating. I was one very bored child and had become a denizen of the local library to just read. History/mythology were a few of my interest.

    You this going anywhere Spiky? No...I was bored and just wanted to chat with you a bit.

    hehehe...actually yes...Mother made me coffee at about midnight to keep me awake...the paper was due and I had to reserch more seeing I had lost my notes! It was taking longer than I thought. Anyway I can say coffee saved my ass...kinda. Yeah, I got a B+ but hey, not bad for winging most of it. Coffee would come back to me in college two years later...
    just the thought of it gets me teary eyed.

    ciao baby...this post was fun. :D

  15. Decaf ....


    Coloured water that tastes like a hockey player's athletic support.

    Coffee is what sets us apart from monkeys.

  16. My husband needs that IV drip machine. He can't operate or listen to all my instructions and babbling until he's had at least four cups. hehe

    I don't drink coffee, just never have. Never needed it to get going. I'm slowing down more these days though...and need a Starbucks Chai Tea to jumpstart my day.

    I love picturing you at the caffeing-discouraged retreat with instant coffee. Oh, boy, I bet that was a slow motion.

    Hey, I have a new look and a new address for my blog! Come see.


    And you are ALWAYS welcomed here, whether you drink decaf anything!

    You comment made me LAUGH!

    tee, hee, tee, hee...

    Thanks for stopping by, dearest lady!

    I'm always honored!

  18. Dear Miss Jones...

    YES...we ARE brewed from the same coffee bean!!!

    COLUMBIAN...dark roast!

    tee, hee!

    Damn, girl...a B+?????


    I don't think I ever got a B+ in anything! I was a straight C and D student. Honestly! I was NOT a good student. I got through school by the skin of my teeth. I was street smart...but not book smart. I learn best when I teach myself. and I are both air signs. It's hard to focus if someone is teaching us something and they're not making it interesting. We need GLAMOUR and PIZZAZ!

    And some COFFEE!

    Thanks SOOOO much for sharing your wonderful story, Spiky!

    You're always GLAMOROUS!

    Ciao bella


    "Coloured water that tastes like a hockey player's athletic support."


    OMG...that made me laugh my ass off!

    Anndi... your sense of humor is wonderful!

    And thank you SO MUCH for sharing it here!


  20. Howdy Rhea!

    You made me laugh with your words about your husband not being able to to hear you until he's had four cups of coffee!!!

    Aren't us coffee drinkers useless, until our veins are filled with high octane coffee?

    I actually enjoy a nice cup of Chai tea in the winter. It tastes so good with all that spice and cold weather.

    YUMMY! changed your template??? And your address??

    Ok...I'll be by in a little bit to check it out. Can't wait to see it!

    GREAT seeing ya, Rhea!

    Thanks for your visit today!

  21. My kids have this movie, it's called George of the Jungle, and in one of the scenes "geroge see's a commercial for Coffee in which the guy gets the girl. So he EATS a can of chok-full-o-nut Coffee and runs around going "java java java java java java java java java javajava java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java"
    I have this image of you in a loin cloth now..
    with your java...
    ~cheeky grin~

  22. HOLY COW Lady Sorrow....

    How the hell did you guess????

    I think you're psychic, woman!!!

    I do that EXACT same thing!

    But the only that I wear a jock strap!

    (and it's bright yellow)

    I'm very popular here in Philadelphia!

    Thanks for your visit this evening, dear Sorrow!

    You ALWAYS put a smile and giggle on my face! sing this with me....

    George...George...George of the Jungle...he's a coffee freak!

  23. Yellow???
    say it isn't so!

  24. Yes, dearest IS so!

    I use to have one that was black with a small paisley print, but I found that the yellow went better with my eyes.

    And it's ALL about color coordination with me.

    Ok...say it...I'm not well!

  25. Your not well...
    I had my heart set on Camo, or maybe some wild jungle print.
    I'm heart broke.
    My illusions have been shattered..

  26. We are two funny people aren't we?

    Here it is alomost 1AM and we're commenting about the color of loin clothes and jock straps!!!

    Oh god...thank you for being my friend, dear Sorrow!

    You're the best!

  27. I have disturbed taste buds. I haven't developed a like for coffee yet. Just like wine. Tsk tsk.

  28. *hangs head and leaves blog*


    I don't drink coffee... but don't kick me out, because it's only because i'm not alowed to drink it during pregnancy!!!


    Until then... chocolate hits the spot!

    :-) xx

  29. Yellow? LOL

    k.....well then!!!!! pot's labled and folks get warned not to drink it.
    Someone said it gave them heart palpitations and made 'em shake like a leaf...whimps! LOL

    There's pisswater and then there's Mel's Toxic Brew.

    I never haffta battle anyone for stealing the bottom of the pot?
    SEE! This is a very good thing!!!!!

    Yellow, huh?


    Daisy's maybe? LOL

  30. Morning Nica!

    So nice seeing ya!

    Hey, took me awhile to develope a taste for both coffee AND wine!

    I actually couldn't stand the taste of either one of them...

    And then one day something clicked...and I thought, "Hey...I LIKE this stuff."

    Thanks for stopping by, Nica!

    And even if you never drink're always welcomed here!

    Have a nice day!

  31. OMG IT'S GIGGLES!!!!

    Boy...have I MISSED ya!


    Hows the little BABINO growing?

    I would NEVER kick you out, dear lady...NEVER.

    And you want to know WHY?

    Because CHOCOLATE is my NEXT favorite thing. So anyone who enjoys AWESOME in my book!

    Thanks SOOOOOOO much for taking the time to stop by and say HI, because I know you've been really busy lately.

    Have an AWESOME day, GIGGLES!

  32. Mornin' Mel! secret is out...I drink tons of coffee, and then swing from the trees in the city parks, wearing a yellow jock strap!

    (but I also wear an SPF too)

    You know...sun damage!

    Hey...your coffee sounds EXACTLY like the stuff I drink. Many people do not like Starbucks because of how STRONG and sometimes BITTER it tastes.

    However me....

    I LOVE IT!!!

    And the "stuff" at the bottom of the pot...oooooh....that's where all the good caffeine is!

    Thanks for stopping by again, Mel!

    Enjoy your coffee pot today!

    tee, hee

  33. you can keep your coffee in the same place as bananas

    I wouldn't drink coffee if it was the last drink going oh except tomato juice.

  34. For years I drank a triple shot every morning before school/work, And a double shot every afternoon after school/work.

    I couldn't live without it.

    And then I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and now it's extremely painful to drink coffee.

    The worst torture imaginable, especially the cruel and sudden detox. Just after I started a 6-4 job too.

    I miss my coffee, it's one of the greatest things ever.

    I have had to revert to tea, which, while not bad in its own right - is no triple shot mocha.

  35. Greetings Lady...

    Well...we agree on one thing...

    Tomato juice....ewwwwwww!

    I know that coffee is not everyones cup of tea...

    tee, hee!

    Great seeing ya, Lady!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  36. Greetings Miasma!

    Hey...I just finished leaving a comment on YOUR blog to thank you for the mention!


    And thanks for stopping by here, and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Boy...I don't know what I'd do if I could no longer drink my coffee. However, I totally understand that having a ulcer is no fun and that you did the BEST thing by removing coffee from your diet.

    Good for you!

    Even for me, I notice that if I have anymore than two a sometimes makes my tummy feel icky!

    And you know...there are some awesome teas out there that will give you a "jump-start" and NOT upset your stomach.

    Great talking to ya, Miasma!

    Stop by anytime.

    Enjoy your day!