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According to a google search I did today, BATS have the keenest sense of hearing of any land animal.

So I guess if I was a bat, that would be a wonderful thing.

But I’m not…I’m a human being with a bats' sense of hearing.

My ears are so sensitive, that I can literally hear a cotton ball hit the floor.

Once, I even heard a moth pass gas….pfft!

I often ask myself, “What in tarnation am I doing living in a noise polluted city??”

(I’ll let you know when I come up with an answer)

Let me just explain a little of what I have to endure…

First of all, I live in a high-rise apartment building on the 21st floor. I use to live on the 12th floor, but decided that it would be a much better idea if I got even higher off the ground, so I could have more peace and quiet.

But I forgot something very important…sound travels UP!

(I must have been sleeping in high school during Science class)

Where I live is extremely convenient for city life. I’m close to the subway station, buses, and train station. I’m also within two blocks from work. There is every restaurant, bar, night-club, hospital, and retail store imaginable. I can literally step out my door and walk to wherever I need to go.

This all sounds GREAT doesn’t it?

The key word here is: SOUNDS.

Let’s start with the hospital, which is only two blocks away and has a helicopter landing pad on the roof.


Sometimes at night, I just close my eyes and imagine myself as “Radar” on the TV show MASH.

And when the helicopter’s aren’t landing…the paramedic trucks are flying past my building with their sirens on the highest volume possible. I’ve even been talking to someone on the phone, long distance, and they’ll ask me to turn the television volume down; thinking I'm watching reruns of ER.

Next…we have the hotel across the street, which has a four level parking garage that faces my windows. And when the car alarms go off EVERY night…the sound blends so beautifully with the noise coming from the sirens and helicopters.

(it’s total tranquility)

Next…we have three night clubs that surround my apartment building. And at 2AM when they close, and all the screaming, inebriated drunk people come out on the street…it’s like MUSIC to my ears. One night I got up and looked out the window, because I actually thought there was a riot going on.

Ok, let’s see….what else?

Oh, yea…each year we have the seasonal St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Mummers Day Parade, Jazz Fest, and any other Fest that you can think of, which happens only ONE block away from me and goes on from morning till night.

But my all -time favorite…is a gentleman, who stands on the street corner every evening, and plays the trumpet from early Spring to late Fall. And the worst part, is that his repertoire consists of only two songs.

The Pink Panther theme.

And the theme from Rocky.

Do you have any idea how much I fantasize about taking a SLING SHOT and sending a ROCK headed straight for the BELL of his trumpet and screaming…


Now in order to cover up some of this noise when I sleep, I use one of those Sound Machines at night. My brother, in his infinite wisdom bought it for me years ago before I ever moved back into the city. And when he got it for me I thought, “What the heck am I suppose to use this for?”

All I can say is... “Thanks bro!”

And you know…maybe I should try a nice pair of ear muffs…

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. OMG, Ron, that all sounds like both a blessing and a curse!
    And to think hub and me were fantasizing about living in the City while we sat in Ritt Square that day. His boss and his brother and mother all have units in whatever building they just put a couple more floors on right on the Square. He apparently got a great deal for 3/4 of a mill for like 1000 square feet.
    So apparently people LOVE the City and are paying mucho bucks to live there!!!
    But I do understand a little of what you must deal with. Before my girlfriend got married, she moved into her fiance's apartment over there and for a couple months it was nice, romantic, etc. Great views, the fireworks, museums, convenient, all that. But she said what got her were the gunshots and the sirens that she heard alot.

    Ooh, I like the Pink Panther theme, however, not all day every day. LOL

    So gollygeewhiz I should know where you are with all those clues. Center Ciy, right? Off Broad.
    Are you near Pennsylvania Hospital and Washington Square Park?
    I sooooo don't know the City well. I worked there very briefly yeeeeaaarssss ago doing a little secretarial work at Jeff.

    Hubs in construction over there, so you've probably got that noise too. He's been near City Hall for a good while now. One of the jobs he's on are the Residences at the Ritz. He did a good bit of work on the renovation of the Ritz hotel too and the old Academy of Music.
    Philly is a wonderfully fascinating city with THEE BEST history just waiting to be explored. But we do it a day trip at a time coming over from Jersey. To live among it all daily, it must be difficult at times.
    Have you ever considered moving? The convenience though!! I guess it's a trade off. You give up one thing to have something else. No car maintenance or gas or insurance, etc. etc.

    So a sound machine and ear plugs must be the way to go!!! With my occasional insomnia, I'd be a wreck over there. You'de find me on your way to work wandering one of those parks having been up all night blubbering like a baby.

  2. Ron you should get some of ear plugs or something. If you are that sensitive, I don't know how you stand all that.
    Your description of the trumpet guy cracked me up!. Do you think you could hit him from the 21st floor? That would be a great shot. Be sure to video tape it if you ever try it.
    Our house is really really noisy all the time too. Not from exterior things, but from the children and the television.
    My hearing is bad though. I guess I have never mentioned that I have some hearing loss. I try not to mention it too often because I don't like the pity party that usually follows.
    So it goes without saying, that noise doesn't bother me terribly.

    Let's try and look at the positives though Ron. I bet you have a great view up there.

  3. Helllloooo Crystal Chick!

    You are SOOO right...

    It is a blessing and a curse.

    Living in the city is a trade off. And what you said about not having the expense and up-keep of an car is a HUGE plus for me.

    (I'm not really a car person)

    And with Philly Car-Share, if I need a car for the day I can rent one (and they pay for the gas AND insurance). It' so convenient!

    WOW!!! It's really cool that your hubby is working on the new Residences at the Ritz! I actually pass by there every single day!

    ooooh...and don't you LOVE the Ritz Carlton? The building is AWESOME. I'm sure you knew this, but it was the first bank ever built in Philly.

    That's the thing that I LOVE about this city...

    It has the most beautiful architecture! And it's also very nice being a part of all the history.

    The noise is something that I don't think I'll ever totally get use to. Sometimes, I hear it more than others. And then just sounds like normal background noise.

    Winter time is MUCH easier to deal with it. Things slow down, and the streets are less crowded. The snow seems to muffle the noise.

    Summertime is always very hard for me, because the heat magnifies everything.

    But you know...I've just come to the conclusion that no matter where someone lives...there will always be "things" that we don't like...

    But it sure as hell is fun to VENT about it!!!


    It's always so great sharing stuff with you, M!

    Thanks SOOOO much for stopping by today!

    Hope you have a VUNDERBAR weekend!

    And you doing a craft show? If you are...I hope you sell LOTS!!!

  4. Mornin' Nicole!

    My mom tells me the same thing....get some earplugs. She also has sensitive ears and could NO WAY live in city.

    But like I shared with Crystal's a trade off.

    One time, I actually used little pieces of rolled up toilet paper that I stuck in my ear holes.

    (they looked like little tampons sticking out of my head)

    It was very attractive!

    The sound machine that I use is really good for muffling the night time noise. The daytime noise...oh well!

    oooh...and the guy with the TRUMPET? No...I'm sure I couldn't reach him with a sling shot from 21 floors.

    (but it sure is a hell of a fantasy!)

    I'm telling, Nicole...if you ever heard this would NEVER want to watch Rocky or The Pink Panther ever again!

    Yo' Adrian!

    And yes, my're so right, let's always look at the "postive!"

    The view from my apartment is freaking FABULOUS!! That's the first thing people say when they visit me.

    Look for some photos in an upcoming post!!!

    GREAT seeing ya, Nicole!

    Thanks for dropping in on this Vent!

    Ear Plug Man

  5. MWM has very sensitive hearing. He can lie in bed and tell me what the neighbours at the top of the street are talking about!

  6. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    WOW WEE!

    Not only are MWM's ears sensitive...but he also sounds like a damn good psychic!

    tee, hee!

    Looks like he and I have BATman ears!


    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    I'll be over later to check out your Flash 55!!

    I love those things!

  7. Ron,
    This sounds similar to a post I wrote a while back... check it out at

    I have since moved from that place, a little further out of the city, but still fairly close. The person or persons that designed my apartment building have to be back-ass-wards. They put the bedrooms closest to the parking lot (front of the building) and the kitchen and living room facing the back of the building. When I am watching tv or reading it's quiet, but as soon as I go to my room to sleep I hear trains, the race track (they run till 11pm!) the semi truks from the warehouse across the street, the police coming up to settle some trouble... last night I even heard someone hit another persons car with their car. I jumpted up to make sure it wasn't mine!

    I would love ear plugs, but then I'm afraid I won't hear my alarm....

    I need one of those white noise machines!

  8. Hey Bekah!

    OMG...that situation sounds EXACTLY like the one I have!!!

    Ya know, even when I lived in New York City (on the eastside) I NEVER heard noise like this!

    The building I live in was an old hotel built in 1930, and the walls are nice and thick, so I don't get any INTERNAL noise...just EXTERIOR.

    And you are TOOOO funny, because the only reason I won't use ear plugs is for the SAME reason you said. I'm scared I won't hear the alarm for work!?

    Oh, well...such is life in the city!

    Thank you for totally relating!

    GREAT seeing ya, Bekah!

    And I'll check out that post you mentioned later this evening.

    Hey...your new blog looks WONDERFUL!!

  9. The guy who plays the same tunes over and over on the street did me IN!! LOL I can't imagine all that noise.

    I'm the only one with sensitive ears in this house. I'm always turning down TV's and hubby and kids think I'm nuts.

    I think Annie understands though. She's often hiding under my desk...away from all those noisy boys!

  10. ron...why would you need a sound machine...don't they make noise? I thought you didn't want noise. :D

    Sorry...just being a goof. hey dodn't Gloria Estefan invent the sound machine. Hum...sounds familiar...hehehe. Ron, don't stop me on a roll. hehehe.

    I live in quiet...shhhh. You'll wake the mouse. No really, I can sleep in noise...yep I can. I grew up in a crowded house (no not the band) and it was noise, noise, noise. I just learned to block it out. My girl needs the fan on...not the fan on the ceiling...but a stand up fan. The noise puts her to sleep.
    we humans are wierd huh?

    Hey that guy with the trumpet...ha! that would be fun to do. The cops show up...Yo Adrian did it!

    Have a wonderful weekend babes.

  11. Howdy Rhea!

    Yea...I'm almost tempted to buy the guy who plays the trumpet on the corner some new sheet music!

    (maybe a lullabye or TAPS)

    Hey...isn't it a curse to have sensitive ears? Sometimes I wonder why noise doesn't bother people like me!?!

    Do you know what sound REALLY annoyes me???

    Ready for this?

    The sound of flip-flops! Whenever I'm in the bookstore reading and someone walks by me with flip-flops lips start to twitch!

    Or when someone talks SO LOUD, that they can be heard in the next continent!

    Sheesh!'s nice to hear you have sensitive ears too!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Rhea!

    And tell those BOYS to turn that music down!!

    tee, hee!

  12. Hello Miss Jones!!!

    You know something?

    You and I think SO much alike, because whenever I say Sound Machine...I think the same DAMN thing...Miami Sound Machine!!!


    That's too funny!

    Like your girl...the sound machine that I use has a setting for what's called WHITE NOISE. It's the sound of a fan!

    It also has other settings like, rain, a babbling brook, crickets, and a HEART beat (which gives me the creeps).

    I'll tell ya, in the seven years I've been back in the city...I've never NOT used the machine. It's like a pacifier!'re very lucky to be able to sleep through noise.

    God Bless ya!

    As ALWAYS,'s just GREAT sharing stories with you!

    Thanks, dear lady!

    Ciao Bella

  13. That is a trade off...the excitement and conveniences of living in the city verses the sound of country living. :)

    We live in opposite I am writing you from Drayton Island now. It is too quiet here for some people. :O This is similar to Cross Creek here.

    I am a cicada you remember that sound in the evening...that and the owls talking...or alligators bellowing "looking for love" in the spring. hee, hee

    Alas, everywhere seems to have it's obnoxious noise. Here 'tis air boats which occasionally blast by! For some reason they like to come close to the island shore. I mean I understand them in the Everglades, but here!! Oh..and they like to run at night..into the wee hours after midnight. :O Looking for red alligator eyes I was told. One good thing about the cost of gas...I haven't heard many lately.

    I love Nikki..this could be the beginning of a new chapter for you. Soon you will be traveling the world with her. I am sure the phone is ringing off the hook for

    Great vent and images, as usual!


  14. Just saying hi

    might be back later with more

  15. Evening Lady in Red!

    GREAT seeing ya!

    Thanks for stopping by for a read!

    I hope your having a GREAT weekend!

  16. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    So FAB seeing ya!

    Yes my friend, you're SOOO IS a trade off!

    And everytime I bitch about the noise...I think, "Hey, Ron remember, you don't have to own a car!!!!

    And then I get very happy!


    As much as I crave the "country" at times, I know that to actually "live" somewhere...I'm better suited for the city.

    However, I DO love my little jaunts out to certain areas in PA that are simply gorgeous. Nothing but nature!

    Being a Libra...I like a balance of both.

    Drayton Island sounds perfectly suited for you. You have nature and beauty, and the nice Florida warm weather that I know you love so much. And you've also got wonderful images to paint!

    OMG...don't you just love little Nikki? When Miss Nitebyrd sent her to me...I went BONKERS!

    She's starting to get booked more frequently now. I think she may be the next....

    Gypsy Rose Lee!!


    I had so much fun putting that little photo session together. Glad you enjoyed!

    Oh, its always so nice chatting with you, my Florida friend!

    Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend on the island!

    Love ya!

  17. Oh this comment system ROCKS Ron!!!
    Love it!

  18. Hey Nicole!


    And thanks for being my FIRST comment since I switched over to blogger in drafts' new commenting system!!!

    I spent all last night adjusting the HTML in my template in order to get it to work with all the customizing I've done. The only thing I added differently, was the yellow "highlight" to each comment, so that they would stand out and be easier to read. That took some time figuring out.

    The only thing I wish this system allowed, is the commenters avatar. But Blogger says that eventually they'll add that to the system too!

    I think this system will be easier and faster to use. And I like the fact that the WHOLE post can be seen. Especially if you post photos.

    If you ever wanted to do this with your template, I'll let you know were I found the "hacking." It's really not that hard.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, Nicole. And thanks for stopping by!

  19. Huh? What's that? What the hell did you just say?

    "...the paramedic trucks are flying past my windows with their sirens on the highest volume possible."

    You said you're on the 21st floor so I got a mental picture of the trucks literally flying. snicker, snicker.

    Putting the yellow background on the comment portion was a great idea, much easier on the eyes than white would have been.

    Nice going you HTML junky!

  20. Howdy Jeff!

    You are SO quick, my friend.

    That's does sound like the paramedic trucks would be FLYING past the 21st floor!!!

    I may change that to BUILDING instead of floor.

    Tee, hee!

    Thanks for enjoying the new commenting system. And thanks for also mentioning the yellow background too. When I first did it...(without the background) it was too difficult to read. Dear god...I think I'm turning into a GEEK. Lately, I've been reading nothing but HTML books!!!

    Hey listen, if you ever wanted to do this to your blog, it would be a snap. Like I shared with Nicole, it only took me longer because of all the customizing I've done already.

    Anyway...thanks for stopping by buddy!

    As always...great seeing ya!

  21. I would move... Eevn if it meant commuting a half-hour, I'd try to find a quiet suburb where the loudest thing you hear is an owl hooting at night and the birds chirping in the morning.
    That kind of noise in a city you describe would leave me in a constant state of anxiety.

  22. Hi Annie!

    GREAT seeing ya!

    Oh, your comment made me giggle!

    (a hooting owl and chirping birds)

    I would LOVE that!

    However for right now, I feel like for some reason I need to be here. After my lease is up next year, I may try and move to the out-skirts of the city. There's some wonderful areas close to the city, yet far enough be a little quieter.

    And yes...the noise gives me anxiety too sometimes.

    OY VEY!

    Thanks for stopping by Annie. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!