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Ok…I’m going to share a secret with you…

…deep down inside I’m really GOTH.

I know that may shock you and all, but I truly have the soul of night-lurking vampire.

I’m not much for daytime, because I really don’t enjoy the sun. My energy usually starts out low at the beginning of the day, and then builds as it gets closer to evening. I hate daylight savings time, because 9pm is just too damn long to experience sunlight. This is why I enjoy winter so much…it’s dark by 5pm.

One of my favorite colors is black and almost everything in my wardrobe reflects that.

I’m attracted to people with very pale skin, because to me, pale is beautiful.

Anyway…which leads me to the whole point of this post.

I’ve always had an incredible fascination with the character of Dracula.

It’s not that I have the desire to go around biting people on the neck or anything…

(ok...maybe just a hickey)

…but the whole idea of this pale-looking character, cloaked in all-black attire; walking the earth at night…simply has an appeal to me.

The thing I find so cool about Dracula, is the fact that he‘ll BITE both genders.

He’ll choose both female and male partners to strike up a relationship with.

He seems to have an almost androgynous quality about him.

And I find that alluring.

And even though many films depict him as something evil, I find him a total gentleman, and very romantic.

There have been various stories told about Dracula, and each one has it’s own “take” on this infamous character.

I have never read any of the Anne Rice books, but I do own three different film versions of Dracula….

The version Dracula with Frank Langella is my favorite, because Langella to me, looks like what I image Dracula to be. Although, the Bram Stoker's version (with Gary Oldman) is so beautifully romantic and is presented like a grand celluloid piece of art. And yet, Interview with a Vampire, I find the closest to the androgynous quality I enjoy.

I recall watching Bram Stoker's Dracula for the first time in a theater. And when the character of Jonathan was driving to Count Dracula’s home to meet him for the first time; as they showed the view of the castle in the distance, I remember feeling my heart pounding in my chest. It was like I actually couldn’t wait to get there to meet him.

“Good evening….I’m Count Dracoola”

So, listen…if you ever see a bat flying around your neighborhood, please don’t scream or try to harm it…

Because might just be ME!


  1. I love the idea of vampires. Yet another reason why the Twilight series appeals so much.

  2. Hi Fi,


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    HEY....another vampire lover!!!!

    Aren't they the coolest?

    You know, I've never heard of Twilight. I'm assuming it's a tv show? Figures...I never watch television. But if it's a series, it may be located at the video store where I rent.

    So I'll check it out the next time I'm in there. Thanks for recommendation.

    Please stop by anytime, you're always welcomed!

  3. Totally agree with you on the Gary Oldman front, he was fantastic!

    I've been to Whitby a couple of times, where part of that movie was filmed. They have goth weekends there!

  4. Not a tv show, it's a book series. The first book is about to be made into a movie. : )

  5. Vampires scare the living s**t out of me, but I can't not watch the films! Maybe I just like being scared eh? I know the old Dracula films with Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi and were corny, but I still think they're the best!

    Feel free to fly through my open window if you're passing Ron. :)

  6. We're long lost twins!!!!!!
    OMG, I love me some Dracula stuff.

    The other night we watched Interview with the Vampire AGAIN. It was on one of the Directv stations we get.
    The book was reeeaaallly good too. When Lestat makes Louis a vampire, OH so sensual! Anne Rice writes very well and there is a certain amount of sensuality with the gore.

    Frank Langella was mesmerizing in that version and I LOVED the movie and him in it.
    And yes, Bram Stokers movie version was really great too. Anything with Keanu Reeves works for me thank you very much.
    And I too prefer the cool evening!!
    I've always been a night owl, oops I mean bat!
    I sat outside a couple weeks ago while waiting for the dogs to do their piddles, just looking up, watching a bat in our yard. One got into our apartment years ago. And another time in our house. It's a bit freaky when they are inside though because they are afraid and they have to be removed, and of course aren't easy to catch. But outside where they are doing their own thing just circling and getting mosquitos and bugs they're NEAT.

    Yesterday, I was in the bookstore and picked up a vampire book. It was on a table full of other books like that and I noticed one of them said 'Twilight' something or another and I asked if that was the book that everyone had lined up for a few night prior when we stopped there after dinner to get some drinks. We couldn't get in the place, the line out front was so long and the cafe line... forget it.
    So after I'm finished with the book I'm reading now, I think I may look into that series!

  7. Hello again Fi!

    Hey, thanks for clearing that up for me.

    I will definately check it out!

    Now you've got me curious.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Morning Trixie!


    The thing about Gary Oldman, and that particular version of Dracula, is how it explained the history of HOW Dracula came to be.

    Which I found incredibly interesting AND touching.

    It showed a romantic side to him, that I really enjoyed - it gave me empathy for the guy!

    WOW...and you've been to where they filmed part of it??? How cool!!!

    Hey...did you see any BATS flying around?


    Thanks for stopping by today, Trixie!

  9. Morning Akelamalu!

    You're so FUNNY!

    Ok, I WILL. In fact, I may be "BATTING" to the UK next month for a vampire convention in Kent!!!!

    tee, hee!

    oooooh....I remember those Lon Chaney and Bela Lagosi films! My mom and I would sometimes watch them on a Saturday afternoon - and I do recall being afraid too.

    Maybe that's the whole attraction to Dracula,'s sort of a fear/love thing?!

    Great seeing you, dear lady.

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Weds.

  10. Morning Crystal Chick~


    We ARE long lost twins!!! And maybe we were both bitten by Dracula in a pastlife?!?!


    Isn't the evening, wonderful? It's magical to me. I love the moon.

    I can't believe you've ALSO seen the Frank Langella version of Dracula. Most people have never even heard of it. He actually did the role on Broadway, and then later was asked to do the film. Wasn't he the BEST? And Kate Nelligan was perfect as Nina too.

    Yes, and that's why I really enjoy how Anne Rice depicts Dracula...she adds a great deal of "natural senuality" to the character.

    It's funny that you mentioned "Twilight" because as you can read, Fi...also mentioned that to me in an earlier comment. You both have me curious about it! Oh well, the next time I'm in Borders!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by this morning and sharing your enjoyment of Dracula too, M!

    Hey....maybe you and I can start a Dracula/Goth Club here in the city!?!?

    (and we can serve BLOODY Marys!!)


    Enjoy your day, M!

  11. Hi Ron, First I was going to recommend that you check into reading the Twilight series, but I see that I am a little late on that suggestion.
    But you can read about it here.
    Second, I am a chicken shit. So I cannot watch anything even remotely scary without having nightmare. But I did love Interview With a Vampire. That movie is not really scary! But now Tom Cruise has kind of ruined all of his movies for me, because I just cannot watch him without being reminded of how much of a nut bag he is.
    Speaking of Vampire movies, have you ever seen From Dusk til Dawn with Quentin Teratino and George Clooney? I can't say that they movie is wonderful, but it is interesting and keeps your attention.

  12. Afternoon Nicole~

    HA...this is tooo funny about Twilight!!!!

    This is definately a "sign" that I need to read it. And as Fi just shared, they're planning on making a movie too!

    I agree, Interview was not scary. In fact, most of the recent movies about Dracula have not been scary. I find them to be more...suspenseful. And I also agree about Tom Cruse. To be honest, I was never a big fan of his. Something about him, bugs me. He's seems too aware of himself, when he acts.

    I've not seen From Dusk Til Dawn, but will also keep an eye open for it at the video store, now that you've mentioned it.

    Thanks for dropping by, Nicole!

    Hey, and if you and I should visit one another one day...maybe we can rent TOY STORY!

    I know we both love that film, and there's no SCARY stuff!

    (oooh, except for that dog)

    Enjoy your day!

  13. Hey Ron ... Even i feel wandering in the nights, with dark around and black on, fascinating. But those wanderings are mostly over the wide wed of internet, romantically sucking the blood out of my laptop.

    Now am not sure what kind of Dracula am from inside. Am on my quest for answer :D

  14. ron baby...your post always get me excited and my mind goes hi speed. I once met a vampire. Got into an argument with him and made the mistake of saying. "AWWW...BITE ME!" And he did. This part is true, I then went into that Amy Lee phase, pierced my belly button and wore lots dark make up and wore yes, down to my tiny thongs. I looked dangerous. I loved it. My girl...liked it too...I think she had fantasies of gothic women and she needed it fullfilled.

    Good times ron...good times.

    Where was I, Oh, anyway...Interview With Vampire is the sexiest vampire movie...evah! I wanted to get bitten or at least get a hickie from Brad...yummy. hehehe

    I love your post...I swear you and I are so alike. I love the winter months too. I look forward to Halloween because that is when we turn the clocks back and darkness comes sooner.
    I know it's a long flight to me but maybe we can hang out (upside down of course) for a while and we can talk. Then maybe we can go get a midnight snack...the blood bank cafe is close by. Or we could just order guy....hehehe

    ciao babes...I heart you honey.

  15. While in Barnes today I asked them in the cafe if they knew much about the Twilight series and the girls said it was more for 'goth teens' but like Harry Potter had an older audience too, so does Twilight I guess.
    Also, regarding Nicole's suggestion of From Dusk 'til Dawn:
    I've seen it a few times and it's a terrific movie because it's Quentin!! But also, you know that means language and lots of blood! The characters are all played well. But it is very gory.
    There is a scene that has Salma Hayek in it, OMG, OMG, it is freaking awesome!!!! They are all at this bar, and she's a dancer, and she does this sensuous performance, that is just plain sexy. I don't know what it is, if it's that she has a big snake wrapped around her in the beginning, or if it's her killer bod, or the music, or how everyone is watching her, or that it's such a dark movie or WHAT, but it's a terrific scene and I am mesmerized by it every time. OOOH!!

    This is the link to the scene on You Tube. It's a bit dark and is in widescreen so you can't quite get the full effect. But I LOVE IT!


    If the link doesn't work, I'm sure you can find the scene on YouTube.

  16. Hi Amit~


    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you.

    Enjoyed your analogy about wandering the world wide web at night!

    Me too!

    I guess many of us bloggers are nocturnal creatures. I do my best blogging after the sun goes down!

    Dracula Bloggers!

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcomed!

    Enjoy your evening!

  17. Hello again Crystal Chick!

    Hey thank you SO MUCH for the link!

    I'll check it out later this evening.

    Everyone has got me curious now about this Twilight Series!!

    OK...can I just tell you how much I love Salma Hayek!! VERY sexy lady! And not only sexy, but VERY smart and talented. "Frieda" just blew me away. I've also seen Salma interviewed, and she seems SOOO down to earth and fun!

    I also love Penelope Cruz.

    Thanks for seconding the recommendation on From Dusk Til Dawn. I've seen only a few Tarentino films, and the violence really upsets me. And sometimes the way he refers to women, REALLY annoys me. But hey, that's just me, because I know his films are very popular.

    Thanks for stopping back, M!

    Always great sharing with you.

  18. Your post made me laugh, brining back old memories of my kid sister during her Goth days. My other sister and I nicknamed her Morticia.

  19. Oh dear Miss Jones...

    Your comments ALWAYS fill me with so much "good stuff."

    OMG...the BLOOD BANK CAFE!!!!

    That was freaking awesome!

    Hey...I can definately see you as GOTH. Isn't black the most sexiest color? For my present job I'm required to wear ALL black. Everyone else complains about it except for me. Black is so classy. Years ago, I had a wonderful job with Chanel, and they got me into the practice of ALL black attire. And since then, I've been hooked.

    Ok, it's a date! I swear, one of these days we are GOING to meet. And we'll order the "pizza guy" with some nice Vampire wine! I actually discovered, while searching for information about vampires for this post, a wine company called VAMPIRE!! No kidding! And the logo is designed as dripping blood on the bottle. I haven't tried it yet, but when I do, I'll let you know how I enjoyed it.

    Yes...and I too enjoy the winter. Fall and Winter are such romatic times. Everything slows down and becomes quieter. Sometimes in the dead of winter, I will walk for hours in the snow during the evening. Winter makes the city look so mysterious, gray, and gothic.

    ooooh, and HALLOWEEN!?!?!?!

    It's the BEST!!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Spiky!

    You always add such SPARKLE!

    Ciao bella!

  20. Hi Diane!


    Thanks a lot for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    Oh, that's FUNNY...Mortica!!!

    Didn't you just LOVE The Adams family???

    It's funny, because all my life I was never even interested in anything Goth. And then suddenly, when I turned 45....all the goth in me came to the surface!

    Stop by anytime, you're always welcomed here.

    Nice meeting you!

    The Count

  21. Oh, I wish I took them!
    No, I find them by googling "black and white photography". My camera is not nearly good enough for those kinds of quality shots.

  22. Hi Fi!

    Well...they're gorgeous all the same!

    And they look great with your posts.

    I happen to really love black and white photography. It's so dramatic! And it's much more challenging than color film. It's such an ART.

    Most of the photos on this blog are from flickr. I'm just NOW starting to add my own photos, because I just purchased (a very inexpensive) digital camera last month.

    After I get the hang of working with a digital, I may upgrade to a better quality.

    Enjoy your evening!

  23. Wellllllll....I'm not into goth stuff and I'm too chicken to do vampirey stuff. Seriously, I can't watch that stuff cuz I toss and turn all night long.

    Used to be that I was a night owl...somedays I feel like that got ripped from me--especially when I check the clock and it says 9:30 and I'm actually thinkin' I need to RETIRE for the evening.

    Omgosh......signs of old age?

    BUT!!!! I do so enjoy watching the bats whizzing around chasing the bugs in the yard.
    And I admit that I cheer 'em on. LOL

    (darn mosquitos have it comin'!)

  24. Hey, Ron! Sister Goth, lover all things dark!

    I LOVE Dracula, bats, vampires, and things that go bump in the night. I also adore Cary Grant. So suavely yummy!

  25. I swear Ron we were separated at birth!

    We have already established our dislike of warm weather but now I relaize it goes even deeper than that.

    I love that it gets dark at 5, I enjoy coming home from work in the dark. When I work a double shift I love leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark.

    I love cloudy days - perpetually sunny days are far too much pressure to be perky - and I hate perky.

    And I'm very pale - basically I burn and then freckle - period.

    This is so cool. I'll leave the shed door open, it has wonderful rafters for bats.

  26. Morning Mel!

    Hey listen, we can't ALL be GOTH.

    But at least you enjoy BATS!!!

    I'll tell you Mel, I don't know what came over me...

    But I'm sure you've already read in another comment, at 45 years old I suddenly became a total GOTH freak. OMG...I even love looking at those people who walk around the city with jet black hair, white skin and black lipstick!

    Aren't I INSANE?

    That's why I love the movie Edward Scissor Hand with Johnny Depp.

    It's such a charming movie!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady. And if I'm ever FLYING around in your area of the country, at least I know I be safe in your backyard. And I promise to eat all the mosquitos!!!

    Have a great Thursday!


  27. Morning Miss Nitebyrd!!!

    How are ya, SIS?

    I could picture it...

    If I still lived in Florida, you and I would be hanging out at those Goth clubs in Fort Lauderdale, with our chalky white faces and black lipstick!

    Don't you love all that dark goth shit? glad you enjoy my weekly tribute to Mr. Cary Grant. Wasn't he the most charming actor? Have you ever seen him in Penny Serenade? That was a film that REALLY showed you what a FINE actor he really was!

    Thanks for flying by, Vampire Nitebyrd!

    Always great "HANGING OUT" with you!

    Tee, hee!

  28. Hello Miss Vampire Dianne! you have ANY idea how torturous it was for me to live in SUNNY FREAKING FLORIDA for almost 20 years???

    The last 4 years were the WORST, because I was SO OVER the perpetual sunshine, heat, and PERKY people, with their PERKY tans! I would literally NEVER open my mini-blinds in my apartment, because I couldn't bare the sight of one more RAY OF SUNSHINE!!

    I'm SOOOO like you, in that I LOVE gray, winter days. Most people think I'm nuts. Gray days make me feel so peaceful, and at the same time, feel like I'm more a live. Heat makes me feel like a Cock-a-roach!

    Anyway, Dianne...if I'm ever flying around in Jersey, I may have to take you up on your offer...and stay the night, hanging out in your shed!


    Thanks for stoppng by, my Goth friend!

    Always a blast!

  29. If that's you hanging out in the back yard, you need to eat more of the mosquitoes and less of my dragon flies!
    If it's not you, then some other night stalker has been sucking my blood. ( most likely the mosquitoes! )

  30. Hi Lady Sorrow!'s SO good seeing ya!

    Yes, I admit IS me.

    But you see, mosquitos are merely an APPETIZER.

    Now DRAGON FLIES...are my ENTRE'.


    tee, hee!

    Thanks for stopping by this evening, Sorrow.

    I hope you had a FABULOUS "fishing trip!"

  31. Rest assured that you're welcome in my backyard--we even have a house for you, if you the tree where all the mossies hang.....LOL

    (((((((( BATman )))))))))

    Have a wonderful weekend, sir!

  32. Thanks Dear Mel!

    WE can HANG-out together!!


    You too, dear one...have a wonderful weekend!

  33. Ron dear heart...So we have already met..bats are plentiful on the island, and some lived in the old house.
    I knew we had a connection! eh,eh,eh

    I wanted to step into the Dracula / vampire movies and live there...especially Interview with a Vampire!! Remember I told you I suspicioned my Aunt Von and her family were vampires!! When I was little I thought they wanted me to spend the night for ulterior motives. :O Yes...even then I lived in my own world.

    I love goth too..even the music! I have been told that some of my art is "dark" (especially by certain people in my family). I think they worry about me...maybe with good

    Please don't hate me because I live in Florida and I am tan. I can't help the tan just happens. You know I am obsessed with the does that counteract the Florida/tan thing?

    Loved this, and I so agree with your post about the blogging world /friends.

    and Love Ya!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. "The sunshine bores the daylights out of me."
    Jagger & Richards "Rocks Off."
    Ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? What you say about the sexual aspect of vampirism definitely brings a couple of episodes to mind.

  36. Hi Jay~


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    Hey...can you believe it????

    I have NEVER seen ONE episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer????

    I know, I know...I'm NOT American.

    But I don't watch much TV, what can I tell ya?

    Anyway, it's nice meeting someone who is as bored with sunshine, as much as I am. I'm really looking forward to those nice, short, gray days that the Fall and Winter brings.

    Stop by anytime, Jay!

  37. I loved your little post. I'm a big fan of Anne Rice. I've read most of her stuff, except for the erotica and the most recent book. You should read her stuff. The earlier stuff, Interview, Lestat and such are the best. She does such a good job of showing you another side, showing you the humanity and sexuality. Such inventive story telling!

  38. Hi Taynnee!


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice to meet a fellow Vampire lover!

    Hey...I've discovered a lot of "us" through this post!

    And you're right, I really DO need to start reading some of Anne Rice's books. Several people also who enjoy her, say the same thing as read her earlier stuff - it's the best!

    Yes...from just seeing the movie version of "Interview" I agree...she really is an inventive storyteller!

    Thanks again for stopping by, Taynnee!

    Drop by anytime!

    Enjoy your week!