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Last Friday, Dianne from Forks Off The Moment, totally surprised me by passing forward some gifts that were given to her.

Dianne and I have just recently connected through our blogs, but like many of you who I blog with…felt an immediate “bond” with her.

Forks Off The Moment is a wonderful "potpourri-like" blog which contains bits of humor, inspiration, political views, and some really beautiful photography. To me, Dianne’s blog seems to mirror the open diversity and dimensions of her spirit. So if you haven’t already done so, please do yourself a big favor and visit her blog this weekend. Dianne is always welcoming.

So thank you, dear lady…not only for these much appreciated gifts, but for also touching my life!

Now…you all know how I feel about passing forward awards.

To me, each and everyone of you deserves these, because each and everyone of you make me smile and are the most super-dooper commenter’s in blogland.

So I ask that all of you please take these wonderful tokens of appreciation and display them on your own blog, and then pass them forward to those who do the same for you.

(and don’t be shy….take em’!)

And THANK YOU folks for always being a major highlight of my day, every time I read your super comments.

Mucho grassy-ass!

A Friday Photo Story

The strange thing about this photo, is that these roses were actually a solid red color, but after downloading them to my computer, I saw that somehow they looked as though I had played around with Photoshop and added a white highlight to them.

(which I didn’t, because I don’t even have Photoshop)

I actually think it was an accident, that ended up looking kind of cool.

They almost look like a lotus.

I guess that’s what they mean when they say, “There’s no such thing as an accident!?”

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I get strange pictures on my camera all the time. It's either haunted or a 3-year old has been playing with it.

  2. That are great awards Ron. Congrats! You most definitely deserve the "super commenter" award.

    And the flower photo, is today Friday? Damn, I guess it is. I thought it was Thursday. See what happens when you have no life??? You lose track of the days.
    Anyways, the photo is beautiful. I love it.
    Oh and since you have no photoshop program, you should check out It is free and has some fabulous features.
    Have a good weekend Ron.

  3. "... the open diversity and dimensions of her spirit."

    Oh thank you Ron - that is one of the loveliest things anyone has ever said about me.

    Isn't it magic when - through our writing and photos - we find folks who "get us".

    Thank you

  4. Hey Creative Dad~

    Great seeing ya!

    Well...since I don't have any children, it must be your first reason...

    IT's HAUNTED by a ghost...and I be her name is ROSE!

    Thanks for stopping by...and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Morning Nicole~

    You know what's strange? All week I kept feeling like the days were all mixed up too! I freaking can't believe it's FRIDAY already. It feels like I just started the week!

    But I'm kind of glad the days are flying...because do you know what that means??





    Anyway, thank you...and take these awards for yourself, Nicole. You derserve them too!

    Hey...and much thanks about I've never heard of them, but I'll check it out this weekend!

    Have a great one, Nicole!

  6. Hiya Dianne~

    You're so welcome!

    It IS magic how "like-minded" people seem to just connect from our blogs.

    I've always believed that because we don't initially SEE one another...the connection that we make, goes to a deeper level of SEEING.

    Thanks again for passing forward these gifts, Dianne!

    Have a FABU weekend!!

  7. Oh ron, I love how the light seems to puddle on the rose petals, like rain water would.

    Thanks to Diane for passing them to you and thanks to you for passing them on to us. YAY...they are fab.

    I've checked her out and Diane is fabulous.

    Ciao babe. You have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Honey - I'm home!

    You so deserve those awards m'deario.

    I'm now going to have a quick read at what you've been writing whilst I've been away.

  9. Afternoon Miss Jones!

    You're absolutely DOES look like puddled rain water...COOL observation!!!

    It's amazing to me, how sometimes an image that's photographed, will end up showing you what it wants!

    I'm so glad you checked out Dianne's blog and enjoyed it...I KNEW YOU WOULD!!!

    She's an awesome lady!

    Thanks for stopping by, Spiky!

    God.. can you even believe it's the weekend already???

    Enjoy it!

    Ciao bella...

  10. YEAAAAAA!!!!

    Akelamalu is BACK!!!

    Hey, I stopped by your blog eariler and left you a comment on Friday Flash 55, but didn't know if you were actually home, or the post had been pre-dated.

    GREAT to see that you are home!

    Thanks, my friend!

    Please take these gifts and share them with others, cause YOU deserve them too!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know you're back!

  11. I totally just had a long ass comment typed and then hit something before saying bye bye post comment and I LOST it. $#$#&&&#%&&#$$
    TGIF cause I am just TIRED TIRED TIRED.
    Hmmm.... what was I saying????

    I totally grabbed the award! YAY.
    Thanks much. Not on the sidebar yet, but apparently I'm having 'puter skill issues and can't get the fingers to even send you a comment let alone do anything more technical.

    Dianne is awesome! I visited her blog and left some luv and she came by mine and it's just so great when bloggers are introduced and can appreciate each others stuff.

    I use picnik and it's pretty cool. But your photo obviously didn't need to be altered because YES it does look just like pink lotus flowers and that's awesome!!!

    I absolutely agree about the comment you made to Dianne and not 'seeing' the person makes our connections deeper at times. So freaking true!! In person, I guess we all tend to make judgements or might be having a bad day and are unapproachable. So like if you ever see a really weird crazy chick wearing sparkly crystals in Philly humming something from Cabaret, wearing a purple feather boa, and chugging a big ole cuppa cocoa from Starbucks... well, golly Ron....SAY HELLO!!! I could be that girl. LOL

    OH Ron, I know the heat lately is yuckO, and I too am looking forward to cooler weather. This weekend we may see another storm and temps in the mid to high 80's. But just think.... it's only like 146 days 'til Christmas so hang in there. :)

    Happy weekend! M

  12. OH SHIT Crystal Chick!

    I freaking HATE when that happens!!!!!

    And it happens quite a bit with Blogger too. Do you know what I do sometimes? I actually type my comments on Notpad, and then paste them on the comment, so that if it does that, I can just STICK it back on again. I've had it happen to many damn times, when I've written a long-ass comment and's gone!


    Hey...thanks for letting me know about picnik too! Sometime this weekend, I will check it out. That's TWO recommendations, so it must be GREAT!

    And if I ever see someone in Starbucks's humming something from Cabaret...I will chim right on in with you, because I did the show MANY years ago...and LOVE the music!!!

    OMG...maybe you and I can set up something with Starbucks and perform musical numbers from various stage shows, on Friday nights!!! Think of the TIPS!!!

    Thanks for telling me about the slightly cooler weather for this weekend. I try not to look at the 5 day forecast, because I can't bear the thought of seeing....99 degrees with 85% humidity!!!

    Thanks so much dear friend, for taking the time to rewritting your comment. I know what a total pain that is!

    Have a wonderful weekend, M!

    Always great talking to ya!

  13. I'll go over and see her blog and tell her I linked over from here.
    I haven't been reading a lot of blogs lately, I've been a lazy blogger.... forgive me?

    Have a great weekend!!

  14. Sorry I haven't been by lately, work, work and more work!

    Very cool award, and I completely agree about Dianne. Great woman and a fun site to read.

    By the fact that you're still posting, i assume that the pita mold hasn't taken over your body. Sorry you had to experience that, but damn that was funny!

  15. Chiming in with recommendation number three for picnik. It's super cool and I use it all the time.

    Dianne rocks. She's another one of those kindred spirits!

    The thing about Libras is we like giving gifts a lot.. thank you giving those cool gifts to us. But you know, your friendship is the best thing you give us (yeah, I'm getting all sappy... doesn't happen a lot so enjoy it while it lasts ;p)
    Anywho, I'm totally going to pass those forward!!

    If you can't blame a three year old for the funky things happening to your camera maybe you can blame the butler...

    I'm glad you have a poltergeist in your camera... the picture is filled with a lovely light and aura.

    SMOOCH! Have a Fabu weekend my dear!

  16. Howdy Bekah~

    Never any need to ever apologize, my friend!

    (but I do thank you for're the best!)

    I totally understand that we have things going on in our lives outside of blogging, and sometimes we also feel like being quiet.

    I get that way too, sometimes. I try not to be online as much during the weekends, so I'm not as social on Sat and Sun. It's good to take some time away for blogging. I think it keeps us fresh.

    Yes, please do...when you feel like it, visit Dianne's blog because I have a wonderful feeling that you will LOVE what she shares!! She's a very good soul!

    Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by today, Bekah!

    You're so sweet!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Gosh.

    <--is so happy to see Akelamalu back she forget the topick of the post! LOL

    <--does know the awards are well deserved!

    That oughta count for somethin', huh? ;-)

  18. Howdy Jeff!!

    GOOD for you, buddy!!!

    I'm so glad that you're getting all this great work! I'm happy for you!


    Like I shared with Bekah, you never need to apologize for yourself with me. I've TOTALLY understood that you've been busy with work, and that when you had the time you'd stop by and say hello. No worries.

    (but thank you for being such a good guy and caring!)

    YES....I'm STILL alive, but BARELY!!!

    Fucking pita bread almost took my life. I swear...I actually thought I saw my hair turning GREEN!


    And isn't Dianne the BOMB??

    Thank YOU for pointing me in her direction, cause I found her through YOUR blog!

    Much thanks for stopping by today, buddy!

    ALWAY great seeing ya!

    P.S. And don't forget to grab these awards!

  19. Good Evening Anndi! fellow Libra friend...THANK YOU!

    I'm so damn happy that you and I have met!

    Thank you, UNIVERSE!

    Yes...Libra's do enjoy giving gifts. Especially SURPRISE gifts!!! I used to love surprising my parents with things for their Anniversay and stuff!!

    It was so much damn fun!

    Anyway, thank you for the THIRD recommendation of picnik!!!'s an omen! I will be checking it out this weekend!

    And thanks for enjoying the photo. does look like an aura, doesn't it? It almost looks like the roses are hovering over the stems.

    Thanks for stopping by tonight, Anndi. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Good Evening Dear Mel!

    You are TOO funny!

    Your comments always make my chuckle, dear one.

    Thank you!

    And thank YOU for being one of the FABULOUS, FABULOUS commenters here!

    I so appreciate you!

    Have a swell weekend, Mel!

  21. Love the lotus roses!
    and this is the BEST place for finding fun and laughter in the comments!
    You make it shine Ron!

  22. Evening Lady Sorrow~

    Thank you, my wonderful friend!

    Thank you so much for saying that.

    I always hope that people feel "good" here, and that even though we can bitch about things, we can always find the humor in them.

    And YOU are SOOOOO much a part of that!

    OMG...the more I keep looking at this rose photo, the more I keep feeling that it transformed into a lotus as some sort of "sign" for me.

    Either that...or I must be the David Copperfield of photography!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sorrow!

    You always add such "great energy!"

    Have a GRAND weekend!

  23. That's the beauty of taking photos, suprising you just how well they turn out! Just goes to show you can take photos that don't need to be shopped!

  24. Greetings Trixie!

    Hey...thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    It's always great meeting new bloggers.

    It's funny how photos DO suprise you sometime isn't it?

    I think the camera SEES more than the eyes!

    Stop by anytime, you're always welcome here.

  25. hey Ronnie that picture I just beautiful

    sorry I have not been a very good blogger recently as I have not had time to get around to all my favourite blogs as often as I would like.

    But that doesn't mean you are forgotten

  26. Morning Lady in Red~

    GREAT seeing ya!

    Glad you enjoyed the "ghost photo"

    tee, hee!

    Listen, no worries...Vent is ALWAYS open, so whenever you feel like stopping by, you're welcome!

    I hope you're enjoying your summer, and that it's not too-too hot, like it is her!?!@:


    Enjoy your Sunday, Lady!