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I know I'm like a year behind in viewing this film, but last week I finally rented Sex and the City.

The reason why I didn't go see it last May is because the whole experience of going to the movies has gradually turned into some sort of Chinese TORTURE.

Let's see, there's.....

...the price of the movie ticket.

...the price of the popcorn.

...the 200 movie previews that I'm FORCED to sit through.

...the sound of people talking and sitting so close, that they might as well be straddling my EARS.

...and my all-time favorite torture...the delightful sound of cell phones ringing.

You see, this is why god invented DVD'S.

Also, another reason why I didn't see the film is because I don't have cable, therefore, I had only seen maybe a handful of episodes and loved them, yet never really got hooked on them enough to make me want to rush out and watch the film.

I had also heard from several people who enjoyed the TV show, that the movie was over-rated and not very good.

Well, I've gotta say....I thoroughly enjoyed it!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I watched it THREE times.

And part of why I enjoyed this film so much, is because I'm secretly in love with Sara Jessica Parker. And if I were straight, Sara Jessica Parker would definitely be my girlfriend. So Matthew Broderick better be DAMN glad that I prefer male genitalia.

There's something in the way that Sara is put together that I find very attractive and sexy.

Her personality. Her sense of style. Her body.

She's adorable.

Anyway, back to the movie....

What's not to enjoy? I mean, it's not only hysterical and over-the-top, but it also has levels of real-life honesty. And the soundtrack is awesome.

And even though I'm not a fashion mongrel, watching all those clothes EXPLODE on the screen got me very excited. Didn't you love the Vogue photo shoot?

(I rewound that part at least 3 times)

And I guess because I've just recently been reunited with the Big Apple, seeing it as the backdrop for this film made me realize why I enjoy it's cornucopia of visual flavors.

Last week, a customer at work told me that another Sex and the City film is in the making.

And if that's the case...the second it comes out on DVD, this man will sitting in front of his TV screen, sipping a glass of red wine; waiting for Sara Jessica Parker to make her entrance.

But in the meantime, I'll just fantasize about it.....

*above graphic made by: Face In Hole


  1. Hi Ron,

    How are you doing? LOVE the pic of you as Sarah J.!!!
    I LOVED this film!!! I saw it at the cinema in Paris in VO (which means in English) with some friends and we were BUSTING UP!!! I had Alex watch it and we watched it in French (I prefer VO, though). Soooo cute! My friend, Gary (aka Tony) was the stand in for Dante in the film-- hubba hubba!!
    I think there's a GREAT film you should DEFIN. watch - it's called the Accidental Husband with Uma T, Colin Firth and the hotty from P.S. I Love You... Watch it and tell me what you think...
    Writing to you from Budapest (our last day here!!)

  2. 'Zactly--all reasons I prefer to keep my little self at home instead of at the movie theatre.

    Well, that and I'm a disruption.
    NOT that I'm on the cellphone--cuz trust me, I am NOT.
    It's the 'wiggle worm' in me that gets me in trouble. LOL

    Dunno that I could get himself to pick this one up. Last time I asked him to pick up a movie he watched it and I didn't. Oops? :-)

  3. Hi Ronnie,
    Now, I'm really out of it. Sex & the city was seen on French TV. But... it never appealed to me ! Yeah; was she in a convent or what?

    I'm the worst movie viewer too; I never go to the flicks ( ask Leesa ; she goes & sees films in English in Paris with her friends !)Having cable makes you lazy to rush out... "it will be on cable, just wait", is usally D's statement to me or vicey versa.

    Going to the movies has it's good & bad sides. I remeber that you already blogged about irritating peeps in the movie theater !

    Take it easy & blow a kiss to LOVE city for me !


  4. HELLOOOOOOOO Leesa!!!!


    How COOL!!!!

    Now I'll be thinking that everytime I watch the film!

    Thank you...I kinda think I look like Sara a little don't you?


    I think I've seen the film you mentioned Accidental Husband at the video store. The next time I'm there, I'll take your advice and rent it! I just saw P.S. I love you about two months ago and loved it. What a touching film that is!

    I read your last post via my google reader last night and saw that you were in Budapest!!! The photo's are wonderful (as usual).

    Thanks for stopping by Leesa!

    So great seeing ya!

    Have a safe journey home!


  5. Mornin' Mel!

    Exactly...I tend to be a "wiggle worm" too. You should see me...I'm forever changing my sitting position because I can't get comfortable in those TINY seats.

    I don't know...I much prefer sitting on the floor with some throw pillows and a blanket and being able to PAUSE the film when I need to go pee-pee!

    I know you're not a huge movie watcher, but if you're ever in the mood for something light and humorous, try this really is FUN!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by Mel!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. Bonjour Barbara! me, I'm out of it too.

    It only took me a YEAR to see this film!


    I remember one of the first times I had seen an episode of Sex and the City at a friends home and even "I" blushed! But eventually the "little devil" in me came out and I ended up LOVING it!!!

    Yes, my friend...that's how I feel about going to the movies too. "Just'll eventually come out on DVD."

    Thanks for stopping by Barb!

    We finally got a break from the HEAT here in LOVE city. It actually hit 90 the past few days. Today it's back in the 50's.

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

    X from Philly!

  7. Sex and the City is my all time favorite series. I love that show and I still watch the re-runs whenever I can. You should rent the series and watch it from the beginning. Even my husband can tolerate it and he is a Star Trek kind of person as far as TV watching.
    I love SJP too? Have you ever seen that really old movie that she did called "Girls just want to have fun"
    That movie is so cute. I loved it when I was a teenager. I still like it.
    Gotta run Ron. Hope you are having a good week.

  8. I never watched the series and I haven't seen the film but I'll take your word for it that it's good Ron. :)

    Now tell me how the hell did you put your head on that body? LOL

  9. Hellooooo Nicole!

    It's funny, because I remember last year when you mentioned this movie on your blog and that you couldn't wait to see it last May. At the time, I really didn't think I would ever see it, because I was not a consistant watcher of the series.

    But WOW...I LOVED IT!!!

    I think it's so great that your husband enjoys watching the series too. There's really a little bit of something in it for everyone. I remember seeing one episode involving Samamtha and I was totally SHOCKED at what they actually showed!! OMG...I laughed my ass off!!

    That's HBO!

    I've really enjoyed so many of the movies and series I've seen on HBO. They really produce some GREAT stuff!

    And I think I do remember seeing the movie you mentioned. I remember Sara Jessica Parker being A LOT younger.

    She just too cute, isn't she?

    Anyhoo...thanks for stopping by, Nicole!

    ALWAYS so great seeing ya!

    Hey...didn't you LOVE this HOT weather we suddenly got?? Thank god the temp. has gone down today.

    Hope you had a great day!


  10. Ron, you make a better looking SJP than SJP does. Heheeee.
    I'm not into chick flicks LOL

  11. Hi Akelamalu!

    Hey...if you ever get the chance to rent the movie or some of episodes from the TV series, I have a feeling you would LOVE IT!!!

    It's from HBO, so it's pretty blunt, but very funny!

    Oh...and the photo is actually ME!

    I had a sex change two days ago and I think it turned out pretty good, don't you?


    Thanks for dropping by, dear lady!

    I SO enjoyed your post today!!!


  12. Funny, my wife's always had a pet peeve about the sound of popcorn being crunched at movie theaters, while I tend to be oblivious to most distractions. That said, now that Verizon offers free on-demand, we see everything at home.

    My mother finally got cable a few months ago because she "didn't think should could handle" the converter box. Everyone's got a breaking point, Ron.

  13. Aloha Debi!

    OMG...thank you for saying that!

    I'm thinking of actually auditioning to be her stand-in and understudy.

    And I think I may have a pretty good shot at it!


    Hey...I know several women who are not into chick flicks.

    Thanks for dropping by Deb!

    Hope you had great day!


  14. Hey, Ron:

    I must say that I was one of those people who liked the show, but was disappointed by the film. Though I will say that I enjoyed it more after a second viewing.

    Personally, I can't stand Carrie. She is such a selfish character. I'm surprised the other girls put up with her. I, myself, am a Charlotte guy. The entire time I was living in New England I kept hoping to find my very own Kristin Davis/Charlotte. Alas, it was not to be. But I'm still hopeful!

    - R

    p.s. I too really like P.S. I Love You. :)

  15. Hey MVD!

    That's funny...because WAY back when I first started this blog, I wrote a post about an experience I had in a movie theater and mentioned the same thing that your wife said about the sound of popcorn being eaten!

    My ears are SOOOO sensitive, that I can hear a cotton ball hit the floor!

    Sometimes I wonder how I can live in a city!?!? you think your mom would let me come over and watch Sex and the City with her on HBO?

    I really DO need to get cable. There's so many GREAT things that are available, that you just can't get on regular TV.

    Great seeing ya, bud!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Howdy Roberto!

    Yes...several people have mentioned the same as you about the show versus the movie.

    I think because I didn't see much of the show...the movie was like getting a condensed version.

    I need to go back and rent the series so I can see everything I missed. The episodes I did see...I REALLY enjoyed!

    It's funny you mentioned about Carrie being a selfish character, because it certainly showed that in the preparation of the wedding, didn't it? But she did learn in the end.

    I'm so anxious to see in the next film, where it takes the girls in the next stage of their lives!

    Can't wait!

    Thanks for dropping by Roberto!

    Hope you had a great day, bud!

  17. I'm sorry but I can't STAND Sarah Jessica Parker. I think she's a buttah face. She has a fabulous body, buttah face....

    You look much better, dahling..

  18. Hiya Chrissy!


    Butta face!

    OMG...that's HYSTERICAL!!

    And ya know? I know of other people who feel the same way about her too! It seems to be either - or with her.

    But THANK YOU for the compliment!

    I've got GREAT legs, don't I?


    Thanks for stopping by Chrissy!

    Always enjoyed!

  19. look just like her!!! you know what? i've never seen one episode of the show or the movie although i put it on my netflix list just for you, i can fantasize about you while i'm looking at her*big grins* geez what IS the matter with me..i think it's because i don't have much else to say so maybe i will just be good and go read your frankx2 post? good idea no? male genitalia my boobies..!

    oh ronnie, thank you so much today for such a sweet comment on my blog, are such a sweetheart and i felt flooded with such affection for you just now, i thought i'd tell you.. ;)

  20. oh and i agree completely about movie theatres and haven't been in one for probably 10 years!

    ok bye

  21. Helloooooo Linda!!!!


    I'm so glad you're renting it!

    It's fun, it's romantic, it's brash, and it's outrageous! It's just a great flick that'll make you feel good and laugh.'re welcome, dear lady!

    I LOVED your last post and meant every word of my comment! Such a wonderful thing you did sharing yourself with us. It was like taking a journey through your life!

    So thank YOU!!!

    And thank you for stopping by for a little Sex and the City!

    Boobies and all!

    Have a great evening, Linda!

    X to you!

  22. P.S. Linda...don't movie theaters SUCK?

    tee, hee!

  23. I watched it 2 x back to back!If I was gay I'd be so into Carrie.

  24. Hi Urbermouth!

    It's so nice seeing ya!

    Isn't the movie FAAABULOUS???

    And isn't Sara Jessica Parker the sexiest thing?

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by!


  25. Sex and The City is/was one of my favorite shows. I just love Samantha and Charlotte.

    SJP is a very striking woman with an incredible sense of style. I remember watching SATC for the first time and staring in disbelief at her being absolutely stunning with her quirky style. Then going, "OMG! She's from Square Pegs!" LOL

    That Vogue shot from the movie is what little girls (and some little boys) dreams are made of.

    Can't wait for the sequel!

  26. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    HOLY're RIGHT!!!

    I forgot about Square Pegs!

    For some reason, I never really notice her until SATC. And then when she came out with her own perfume (which I really like) she was plastered everywhere and I began to see just how striking she was. And that's the perfect word you shared...striking!

    OMG...didn't you love the scene in the movie when Samantha had all that SUSHI on her body, and was waiting for her boyfriend to get home???

    And you said it, Sis...that photo shoot is definitely a DREAM of this "little boy!!!"


    VOGUE...strike a pose!

    Great seeing ya, Sista'

    Thanks for stopping by!


  27. Oh! Yes, I have "Covet" and adore it!

  28. Hey Nitebyrd....

    Now I KNOW you and I are siblings!!!

    I ALSO have a bottle of Covet and LOVE it!

    I know it's a women's perfume, but the smell is so unisex, that anyone can really wear it.

    It's not a very popular scent in our store, because for some reason, not many people like it.

    But WE do!!!!