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Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I thought I'd share something about one of my all-time favorite candies.

Candy corn!

Yeah, I know...most people think they're disgusting, but for some reason I can eat them until my stools look like a colorful swirl of white, orange and yellow.

Thinking about candy corn makes me remember a childhood memory about the time I decided to play a trick on my mother.

Let me preface this by saying that as a child, I was constantly making up heinous stories to freak out my parents.

I was a festive little storyteller who was a combination of Hans Christian Andersen and Freddy Krueger.

From the moment I was born I knew I was going to be an actor, so I used every second of my childhood to practice the art of LYING.

Like for instance, one time I told my mother I accidentally swallowed a domino while playing with it. I ran into the kitchen very dramatically, grabbing my throat; making choking sounds while my face turned from red to blue. She totally freaked and started slapping the back of my head in the hopes of dislodging it. Finally, I started laughing and said, "I'm only kidding!"

And one time around Halloween, I suddenly noticed that the white tip of a candy corn resemble the tip of a cuspid tooth. So, I cleverly broke off the tip and ran to my mother with one hand covering my mouth and the other hand holding the candy in an open palm; screeching, "Look...Look...I tripped and fell, hitting my mouth on the edge of the coffee table and it chipped off the end of my tooth!"

Let me just say….she was not the slightest bit amused.

I also enjoy Halloween because of getting dressed up in a costume and going to a party. Sadly, I hardly do it anymore, other than getting dress up at work. My greatest joy now, is watching all the little kids walking through the city streets and also the store I work in.

Here are a few photos of some past Halloween costumes….

The year I dressed up as the Greek mythology character - Pan.

The year Cats was popular on Broadway, I decided to be a cat. The cute bunny you see standing next to me grabbing my tail, was a girl I worked with.

*Right after this photo was taken….I scratched both her eyes out.

Me, as Norma Desmond from the movie Sunset Boulevard.

Aren’t I pretty.....ugly?

This years costume…..Ronnie, a child of the corn.

Happy Halloween everyone....Boo!



  1. Ahhh that's so cute! Love the pan costume, too.

  2. Halloween! One of MY favorites holidays as well!

    Which, by the way, is why I'm up at 4am making costumes for my daughter and her friends. WHY I told them I could sew I'm not sure. 3 go-go dress's in vinyl, comin' right up!

    I should learn to keep my mouth shut. But I just can't stand store bought costumes. Argh.

    Love the pan costume!

  3. Oh, Ronny! (Fans herself dramatically) Those costumes were HOT! My, you ARE one for the dramatic flair!!

    So, you're really not showing us what you're dressing as this year? Maybe you'll show us on Monday? Oh, please? With candy corn and a pumpkin muffin on top??

    I happen to loooove candy corn...and even that pumpkin harvest blend they sell in the stores about now.

    You were a real terror as a DO know that? You reap what you sow, honey...I'd be on the lookout for some serious cosmic reckoning.

    I'd suggest you never get a monkey as a pet (shivers)...Heaven knows what could happen!

    Thanks for giving us another glimpse into your childhood,'ve made da boys look like positive angels!

    Have a spook-tactular weekend, sweetie! (Lame, I know. Don't really care.)

    xoxoxo (casually leaves fake spider in Ron's pocket during hug)

  4. Ron,
    If I was your mother I would have KILLED you! Funny pranks none the less! That baby dressed as candy corn is just too cute! Happy Halloween, what is it with us gays? We just adore dressing up!!

  5. Oh! OH!! Dangit that I didn't see that candycorn costume before now--I coulda made one for the bug!

    Next year, maybe--that's IF I'm allowed...LOL

    Nice tail, btw. *laughing* I can deal with that kitty.....I cannot, nor will I ever deal with (oh, don't make me say it .....LOL) HELLO KITTY.....*shudder*

    I think we're set---'cept for that ONE MORE big bag of candy in case we get more than the 140 I'm anticipating.
    Yeah, yeah.....if there's leftovers the Brit will take care of 'em. LOL He's helpful like that. ;-)

    No candy corns for me though.......dang gluten...... *sigh*

  6. "Child of the Corn" -- HA!

  7. Oh my! The last picture is so adorable I can't stand it. You as Pan is not too bad either. Must say I hate candy corn but love the look of it. Great for decorating or pissing people off if that's the only candy on offer.

  8. Hi Tattytiara!

    So nice seeing ya, again!

    Thank you...the bottom half of the costume was a major bitch to keep on throughout the night.

    A very good friend of mine made that for me - isn't she talented?

    Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

    Thank you for stopping by!

    P.S. I LOVE your avatar!

  9. Hey Nancy!

    Turtlenecks and Halloween!


    OMG...what a WONDERFUL mother you are!!! Please post the results of those go-go dresses on your blog - I would LOVE to see them - I bet they're FAAAABULOUS!

    GO, girl....GO!

    And you're so right...handmade costumes are the BEST! The whole fun of a costume is putting it together.

    Thanks for dropping by today, girl!



  10. First of all - your mother must be a saint for putting up with you!
    Second, I'm loving your costumes, and that candy corn costume is one of the cutest things EVER!

  11. Good Morning Kathryn you love candy corn too? Yup...the harvest blend is VERY tasty!

    casually leaves fake spider in Ron's pocket during hug.



    Yes, my dear...I was a holy terror as a child (we reap what we sow). That's why now, I burn sage to keep away my KARMA!


    And yeah, I hear monkeys like to throw their poop!

    My costume this year will be one of two things - I have to figure out which one I want to use.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, my friend!

    ALWAYS a delight!

    Have a spook-tactular weekend!!!!

    Very clever!!

    BOO and X,

    Mr. Candy Corn

  12. Hey brndoutw8tress!


    My mother and I laugh about all this now, but when I was younger she would count to ten and beg God for patience!!!

    Isn't the baby candy corn adorable? I saw it online earlier this week and knew I had to use it in this post.

    I guess us gays like dressing up because we're so GAY!


    Thanks for dropping by, my friend!

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween and a great weekend!


  13. Hiya Mel!

    You have no idea how MUCH I thought of the "bug" when I saw that candy corn costume. She would look adorable in it! Oh well...maybe next year.

    I can deal with that kitty.....I cannot, nor will I ever deal with (oh, don't make me say it .....LOL) HELLO KITTY.....*shudder*...


    You make me laugh!!

    Oh dear lord, I think that post will go down as one of you're favorites - right?

    I still think it's amazing that you prepared more than 140 candy bags for the kiddies!! You are such a DOLL. I bet those neighbor hood kids just LOVE you!

    I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and just smiling!

    It's finally here, Mel...OUR favorite holiday!!!!

    Enjoy the day, dear lady!

    X ya!

    P.S. Love to Mr. Studley!

  14. Oh you little monkey Ron, I'd have tanned your backside! LOL

    Love the costumes, especially the Pan outfit - did you make it?

  15. Greetings MJ!


    Thank you for stopping by!

    So nice to meet ya!

    That's actually one of my favorite Steven King movies!

    Happy Halloween to you!

    Please stop by anytime!

  16. Hey Jen!

    Isn't that last photo BEYOND cute?

    I just squealed when I saw it!

    I know...I think if we took a poll on who likes candy corn, it would be 95%-no and 5%-yes.

    Great for decorating or pissing people off if that's the only candy on offer.


    Always so great seeing ya, Jen!

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

    Happy Halloween!


  17. Hellooooo Misty Dawn!

    your mother must be a saint for putting up with you!

    You said it!

    I was the "bad seed."

    She's beyond a saint.

    So glad you enjoyed the costumes. And YES, I agree...the little baby candy corn makes me want to figure out a way to shrink myself so I can wear it this year!!


    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Misty Dawn!

    Always so nice seeing ya!

    Enjoy your day!

  18. Good Morning Akelamalu!

    tee, hee....

    Wasn't I an evil little monkey???

    I can't help it though...I was BORED.


    Yes, the costume was handmade by a good friend of mine. The bottom half was stuffed with pillow stuffing. I painted the upper part of my body with makeup and then glued on body hair and horns.

    It was so much fun!

    Happy Halloween, m'dear!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  19. Good morning Ron!

    Wow, you are GREAT at putting together costumes! I really hope that you post a picture to show us what you decided on for this year!

    I have a spike through my head. I'm HAMMERED! hehehe

    Have a very awesome weekend my friend, and I hope you max out your Halowe'en fun. I'm going out tonight with some friends, to avoid the TOTAL madness that is Halowe'en on the town. We only want *partial* madness this weekend. hehe


  20. Haha my parents would have killed me if I'd done such pranks to them. xD I would have loved to watch you grow up, you seem like quite the character. Great post, great blog. (:

  21. Good Morning Penny!

    I have a spike through my head. I'm HAMMERED!


    That is so clever!

    SEE!!!...I knew you'd come up with something great!

    Yeah...I so love putting together costumes. For me, that's where all the fun is.

    Have a wonderful time tonight, my friend! I have a feeling the parties are going to start this evening here too. I can't wait to see the city streets filled with costumes - yipee!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Enjoy your weekend!



  22. OMG! I love the Child of the Corn!!!

    my favorite Halloween was the year a friend and I went to the parade in the Village dressed as nuns

    He was Mother Inferior and I was Sister Slut

    Good times!!

  23. Greetings Insanity!


    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing a comment.

    It's a pleasure to meet you!

    Yeah...I was a pretty DEMONIC little child. My parents would just shake their heads and say, "WHATEVER."


    So glad you enjoy the blog. That's so nice of you to say so.

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcome.

    Happy Halloween!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  24. OMG, Dianne!!!!

    I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and when I read.... favorite Halloween was the year a friend and I went to the parade in the Village dressed as nuns

    He was Mother Inferior and I was Sister Slut

    I SPIT all over my keyboard!


    I. LOVE. YOU.

    I would have given anything to see that! And I bet in the Village it went over FAAAABULOUSLY!!

    Ya see? That's WHY I love NYC so much....'s totally irreverent!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that, dear lady.

    You MADE my Halloween!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love to you, Hope, Siren, and Mia!

    a child of the corn


  25. To be honest Ron... putting together the costume is NOT fun for me. I get all stressed... what if it sucks... what if I offend someone... what if nobody gets it...

    For me, it's a bit like buying a gift... the end result is always fun but the process to get there is rife with pressure and STRESS!!!

    hehe... but I always have fun when I'm dressed up. I have added to my costume... crooked pigtails and a sign on my back with a drunken smiley face saying... hammered... thanks to my ever creative boss... :)

    I am looking forward to seeing lots of costumes tonight too! I will be the designated driver tonight so I'll probably even remember some of them! ;o)

  26. Hiya Penny!

    I have added to my costume... crooked pigtails and a sign on my back with a drunken smiley face saying... hammered...

    That's PRICELESS!!!

    GREAT idea your boss had!

    Hey...and I bet you even win for BEST costume!!!

    Have a WONDERFUL time, my friend!

    Drive careful.

    And hopefully you'll be taking some photos for a post this weekend!

    Can't wait to see!

  27. You little shit!

    It's a wonder you lived to see your eighteenth birthday after your antics.

    Great costumes. I think Pan is my favorite.

    We've got the house all ooky-spookied out in anticipation of lots of little monsters that will be ringing the doorbell tomorrow night.

    Later dude!!!

  28. What a terror you were! Just so you know, boys never grow up. My husband pranked me by pointing out a cat turd on the carpet and said "Could you get a paper towel?" When I came back with one, he promptly picked up said turd and ate it. It was a piece of a brownie all balled up. I did as your mother did. Slapped him up side the head.

    Love your costumes! You don't do it halfway, that's for sure! Happy Halloweeny!

  29. OMG...Jeff!!!!

    *jumping up and down

    It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin' great too see ya, bud!!!!

    How are ya??

    You little's a wonder you lived to see your eighteenth birthday after your antics!


    You said it!

    Between what I use to do to my parents and my poor brother Tom, it's no wonder I wasn't evicted from the house!

    Have FUN tonight, enjoying all your trick or treaters!


    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by, Jeff!

    Miss ya!

    Later gator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hiya Kathy!



    Oh dear god...that was HYSTERICAL!!

    Tell your husband I said, "That was BRILLIANT!"

    But you're right, Kath...boys never grow up!

    I'm still playing evil pranks at 54!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a laugh - so enjoyed it!

    Happy Halloweeny, my friend!

    Hope you're feeling better!


  31. Oh, mah gaw, your mom should've made you EAT that candy corn tip!!!

    (OK, that wouldn't have been very punish-y. But still.)

    I love your costumes. How old were you when you went as a very convincing Pan? Because you look young-ish. And that chest hair can't be fake, can it?

    Happy Halloween!

  32. Child of the corn.. now that's funny..

  33. Hi JD!

    Oh, mah gaw, your mom should've made you EAT that candy corn tip!!!

    Either that or stick it where the sun don't shine!


    I was "The Bad Seed."

    Yes, I was much younger when I dressed as Pan (probably in mid 30's). And believe it or not, that chest hair IS fake. Which is odd that I bothered to do that because I have a chest FULL of hair to begin with. I think must have been going for a much more exaggerated look or something.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, JD!

    It's so nice to see ya again!

    Wishing you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


  34. Greetings Queen!


    Thank you for stopping by and sharing a comment.

    Nice to meet ya!

    Hey...I LOVE your avartar and name!

    I can't wait to stop by your blog later this evening and check it out!

    Happy Halloween!


    A Child of the Corn


  35. Fabulous costumes! I LOVE your Norma Desmond. We used to have parties every year and get dressed up but I haven't done it about 5 years or so. What fun times those were!

    I love candy corn, too. Not that stupid autumn mix. Who buys that stuff?

    Happy Halloween, Ron!

  36. Happy Halloween Chrissy!

    Thanks, girl!

    Putting Norma together was a BLAST!

    And what's really funny, is that the second I got out of my car and starting walking into the bar, two guys who were standing on a balcony, screamed out...



    Hope you had a FAAAABULOUS trick or treat day!

    Love to you and Bern!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  37. Great baby photo :) your blog had me laughing out loud!

  38. Greetings Smileyfreak!

    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by...very nice to meet ya!

    So glad you enjoyed the baby corn photo!

    Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

    Please stop by anytime.

    Enjoy your day!

  39. Ok Halloween is now over and I bet your teeth are aching from all that sugar that has passed through your lips and over your gums.

    My Friend, This is one area where we are NOT alike. Candy Corn and I do not agree. I would rather have a bath in apple cider vinegar and water then to douche my pallete with those little corn thingies. They have always given me ill feelings everytime I would see them in a candy dish.

    Now the pranks! They were great I had my share of those crazy zanies that made my mother break about 1 dozen wooden spoons over most of my body. The welts are still imbedded in some places but it is the fun that still remains in my soul.
    The time I boiled worms and fish guts and told my mother that the cat jumped into the pot and I did not know how to get her out. Or the time when I sprinled water on on my napping grandfather's pants and told mom that he peeped himself as he slept.

    The joys of youth.
    Now let me put on my rubber underwear and go to sleep.

    Happy All Saints Day.
    Father Candy Maze

  40. Ron, I'm now convinced we are related. I did the exact same thing with the candy corn/tooth! My mother was not impressed but my sister-mother freaked out!!! It was awesome. I didn't think anyone else was so twisted, so young! LOL

    You make the most brilliant Norma Desmond - EVER! And that baby candy corn picture is actually sweeter than the real thing!

    Happy belated Halloween, bro!

  41. Howdy Dave/Father Candy Maze!

    I would rather have a bath in apple cider vinegar and water then to douche my pallete with those little corn thingies...


    Dave...that is PRICELESS!!!

    You have no idea how I laughed at that! I know, buddy...there are so many people who do not share my pallet for those "little corn thingies." I can't understand why I love them so much, either. I mean they're nothing but PURE sugar?!?!

    Ok...maybe it's a "Libra Thing" but why is it as children we were all little devils?

    Or the time when I sprinkled water on on my napping grandfather's pants and told mom that he peeped himself as he slept...



    That's BRILLIANT and so utterly CREATIVE - why the hell didn't I think of that? I have a feeling "together" we would have been childhood demons!

    And teeth are slowly rotting out of my mouth from all the candy I ate this weekend. Today at work, I ate FIVE mini tootsie rolls!

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

    Your humor is always such a bright spot!

    Happy All Saints Day!

    Saint Candy Corn

  42.'re shitting me????

    SEE!!!! We ARE related!!!

    TWISTED minds think alike!!!

    Hey...I wonder if the two of us ever did it at the exact same time????


    First the TROLLS, and now THIS!!!

    It must be that "gothic blood" we share.

    Isn't the baby corn the most precious little thing you ever saw? I just want to take a bit out of it!

    Thanks for dropping by, Sis!

    Hope you had a BOO of a Halloween!

    X ya!


  43. Ron, WTF, "Cats." LOL. Just kidding. Those were awesome costumes. Even my "Michael Jackson" this year couldn't beat those. Pan was sweet!

  44. Happy Belated Halloween Constant Complainer!


    I know. And do you know what's funny? I actually HATE that show!!! I really love cats, but that show was freakin' BORING!


    OMG...I bet your Michael Jackson costume was the BOMB! I would have given anything to see you. And I bet you had loads of laughs...THRILLER!

    Thanks for stopping by, bud!

    Enjoy your evening!

  45. Happy Belated Halloween, Ron dear!

    You were quite a little devil growing up! Loved all your costumes, but most especially your Norma Desmond costume!!!



  46. Hello Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    Yes, my nickname was....

    ...Rosemary's Baby!


    GREAT seeing ya, my friend!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    LY too!

    With love,


  47. my favorite pic is that of the baby but you are pretty cute...what a horrid child you were, you would have sent me right over the edge a lot faster than i went, you little devil...i am so glad my kids were always as honest as dirt at least as far as i know and that's as far as i want to know :)

    hello again...sorry but i have been a bit under it all, so nice to see you again♥

  48. Hiya Linda!

    Don't you just LOVE that baby corn picture?

    It's SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!

    And yes, my friend...I was a BEAST of child. Thank god I had humorous parents who were VERY patient with me.


    Thanks for dropping by, dearest Linda!

    It's great to see ya anytime!

    Enjoy your evening!