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Okay, is this not one of the cutest pictures you ever saw in your life?

(insert *squeal*)

A few days ago I was scouring the Internet, looking for photos of cute baby pictures for a post I wanted to share, but when I saw this photo I changed my mind and decided to post about CUDDLING.

“Hi, my name is Ron and I’m a cuddle-holic.”

Yes, it’s true.

Whenever I’ve been in a relationship, cuddling is mandatory.

In fact, before I ever get serious with anyone I make them fill out a test form and one of the questions is, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like to cuddle?”

Anything lower than a 10 is a failing grade and I refuse to ever see them again.

(which is why I’m single and cuddle my bed pillows)

Have you ever heard of the Cuddle Monster? Well, that’s me.

I’m an affectionate person, therefore I enjoy touchy-feely moments in my relationships.

Even within my friendships.

If I like someone, and they’re okay with it, I will affectionately touch them.

Touching for me is a way to connect to someone who I feel very close to. Even just a light touch on the shoulder or back feels good to me. I’m forever walking up to certain people I work with and hugging them.

*notice how I used the words certain people I work with because there are others who I wouldn’t touch, even if I were wearing asbestos gloves and standing behind bullet-proof glass.

In a more intimate relationship, I’m even apt to have a day where all I do is cuddle. It’s called Cuddle Day. Like on one of those cold wintry days, snuggling up to someone on the couch with a blanket while watching reruns of The Jetsons and eating Cracker Jack.

However, my favorite time to cuddle is while going to sleep. I know many people are not fond of cuddling while going nighty-night, but I enjoy that “spoon feeling” as I’m drifting off to dreamland.

My one longtime partner use to pretend he didn’t like it, but GOD FORBID I not do it one evening and he would be like “Awww….aren’t you gonna cuddle with me tonight???”

So there, I confessed….I’m a cuddlier.

Just call me Ron the Koala Bear.

Have a cuddly weekend everyone!


Please note:

If any of you found this post a bit overly cute, don’t worry, because next week I might share a post about how un-cute I can be, as I tell you how I enjoy throwing water balloons out my 21st floor apartment window while attempting to hit the Chinese food delivery boy on the head, just for the hell of it.


  1. darn you are JUST like me ron. i love to cuddle, love to touch. i touch my friends, i hug them, kiss them. now if they're not that type of person, i'll deal with it, but it's natural for me to touch people - an arm or their back. i don't mind it myself, just don't go near my right ear.

  2. Hiya Val!

    YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO....another cuddlier, toucher, and hugger!!!

    Me too, if people are not into it, I understand and will deal with it. But, for those who welcome it.....HUG, HUG, HUG.

    "i don't mind it myself, just don't go near my right ear."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...ok, I'll have to remember that whenever you and I eventually meet one day.

    Just don't go near Val's right ear.

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

    {{{{ Val }}}}

  3. "I’m forever walking up to certain people I work with and hugging them."
    I think you would be the best work partner if you do this all the sweet..... i am not always ok with men touching me, because of my lovely past, but if they ask me first, then i am ok...the thing i hate the most is when some idiot comes up in back of me and i not know it and hugs me...they had better be ready to protect those jewels because they will be hamburger if they try this with kidding, some have been forever scarred, not a good moment for anyone....but it's nice to be affectionate if you know who it is and no surprises. [i am sure some do this 'surprising' thing because of the power they feel it gives them...the element of surprise, gee no kidding]

    "However, my favorite time to cuddle is while going to sleep. " now this is a no no for me....i like cuddling [i think-mulling it over here actually]but when i'm tired and want to go to sleep, i want to be left alone, no touching, not even a foot or a warm part of the sheet! i know....sigh....weird.....but i hope you find someone someday again who likes this so you don't have to be alone....wouldn't that be nice? and hard too!? oh hell, never mind....thinking about my girlfriend and her luck in the romance dept makes me know for sure, it's just damned depressing to even try.

    on that note, xoxoxxoxoxxoxoxo to you, dear friend....thanks for putting up with my absence over here of late...i am feeling better 'right now' so i came over here FIRST, so that when the inevitable weariness hits me, at least i have left you a few kind words ;)

  4. Hi Linda!

    "they had better be ready to protect those jewels because they will be hamburger if they try this with me."

    HAHHAHAHAHAHA....OMG, that was so funny!

    But, I know what you can be scary when someone just comes up from behind and hugs you.I always make sure to KNOW who I can and cannot hug, so I don't invade their personal space.

    "wouldn't that be nice? and hard too!?"

    HAHHAHAHAHAAH...OMG, you're on a roll tonight!

    LOVE IT!

    I don't mind being single, truly I don't. But, if I should ever be in a relationship again, it would be nice to share with someone who also enjoys cuddling.

    No problem, dearest lady. I totally understand that you've been through a lot these past few months, so I enjoy whenever you stop by.

    So glad to hear you're feeling better!

    Always know that I'm sharing much Reiki with you!

    {{{{ Linda }}}}