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After taking a course in aromatherapy, I discovered that the essential oil German Chamomile was extremely beneficial in reducing the appearance of broken capillaries on the face.

And after trying it for several weeks, I indeed found it beneficial.

Broken capillaries are those tiny, thread-like veins which commonly appear on the cheeks, chin, and around the nose area.

They mainly occur on sensitive skin, or skin which has been exposed to excessive sun. Broken capillaries may also occur from using extreme hot and cold water when washing your face.

Aura Cacia German Chamomile blended with Jojoba oil

The warm herbaceous aroma of German chamomile has a rich, sweet, tobacco-like nuance. This exceptionally calming oil has a beautiful deep indigo color.

Suggested Use: Twice a day, apply two drops into the palm of your hand. Begin, by warming the oil between both your palms and then gently press it all over your face; concentrating on the areas where broken capillaries are predominate.

*also known to greatly assist with eczema and rosacea

This oil will be absorbed quickly; leaving no greasy residue.

To find out more about the properties and benefits of German Chamomile, please visit Aura Cacia.

You’ll also find a plethora of high quality products, all made by this reputable company.


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