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Hi everyone!

Sorry to be absent since yesterday, but I wanted to let you know that I am without Internet or phone service.


This problem all started on July 21st (yes, you heard me right) when I could not receive telephone calls and had intermittent use of the Internet. Sometimes it would work, other times it wouldn’t.

During that period, I contacted Verizon FOUR times and explained what was going on and they said it had something to do with an underground cable that needed to be repaired, which was affecting a certain area of Philadelphia and that they were working on it. In the past few days things seemed to be better, but then yesterday at 1:45 PM, I lost service again - and this time it did not come back.

And after contacting Verizon AGAIN, they told me that they were aware of the problem and would have my service restored today, by 3:30 PM.

HA! I still didn’t have any service at 4:30 PM.

And after contacting them yet AGAIN, they promised it would be fixed by Saturday at the latest.

Promises, promises.

To say the least, I am annoyed and frustrated.

I am presently sitting in Starbucks with my laptop and using their WiFi; quickly catching up on emails and posting this post.

I wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting tomorrow, but rather on Monday.


*fingers crossed*

Supposedly, Verizon will be crediting my account for everyday I’ve had interrupted service.

And you better believe I’m going to hold them to it.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!

So sorry about this blogging interruption.


P.S. I turned off comments on this post.

P.S.S. Ooops, after I published this post, I discovered that I can't turn comments off on Disqus.

Update (Sunday the 4th at 6:55 PM): Hey there peeps, just wanted to let you know that I am still without Internet or phone. And yet, I’m not at all surprised because I had a feeling this would happen. Anyhoo, since I’ve not been able to get online, one positive note is that it has given me LOADS of time to play around with my new camera and take pictures. I’ve been outdoors all weekend, snapping away and having fun.

I have no idea when I’ll be connected again (maybe by CHRISTMAS, do you think?)

Oh…and thanks SO MUCH for your comments everyone!

Please know that I’m sitting here in Starbucks on my laptop; missing you and longing to get back online again...

I made this silly photo with the webcam on my laptop

Have a great week everyone...x

Update (Tuesday the 6th at 9 PM): I finally got my phone and service restored - Yahooo! Thanks again for your comments and concern everyone! x


  1. HA HA HA HA HA I just read your comment about your internet on my blog.. then I answered it. Then I came here to see your latest and voila! HA HA HA! That is CRAZY!

  2. Oh, man, that's frustrating. I HATE being without internet! Hope you get yours back soon!!!

  3. Hey, welcome to the party!

    Having just lived through something very similar, I have nothing but sympathy for you, my friend. For me the nightmare is finally over, but it seems to be just starting up for you. Will be keeping my fingers crossed that service picks up for you soon! When you're back up we're going to have to compare notes on our experiences. Heh...

  4. It is SO annoying to be without internet!! That is how I feel on the road when I take great care in booking parks that swear up and down that they really do have internet...only to get there and find out that it does not work!! So frustrating! Sure hope they fix the problem SOON and yeah...stay on them about that credit! Xo Jeanne

  5. When someone 'goes missing' your friends suffer from 'not knowing'. Poor Ron, I feel for you, I really do. But... at least you're well and only suffering from a major attack of frustration. Stay cool, dear friend, and know that we're thinking of you xx

  6. I am sorry to hear about the internet/phone loss. In this day and end that is one of the most frustrating things to go through. Especially for us bloggers! I hope you get it back soon!

  7. Oh, why would you wanna turn off comments and deny us our right to kvetch?! LOL
    You poor thing! July 21?! That's a long time to be dinking around with on/off/on/off And it must be a mighty deep hole that cable is sitting in. Or.....maybe they're still diggin'.......
    *rolling eyes*
    I have difficulties believing some of the 'explanations' I'm handed, huh?

  8. darn ron. come outside and i will pick you up. it's everyone's right to have access to the internet. the phone is another story. poor baby. i'll say my good-byes to you now. you know where i'm off to. take care and i hope you get the internet soon. i'm going to do my dance to the internet gods right now for you. hold on....done. i sent it.

  9. Jeffrey tells me all the time that the infrastructure of cities like NY and Phila is crumbling and that underground cables are as vulnerable as overheads in a hurricane
    Hang in there kid
    Hugs from me and Hope

  10. We were all without cell phone service for 3.5 hours yesterday a d it was like the apocalypse here! Lol.......and hey! You can't turn your comments off on us! We love you!

  11. That must be so annoying! Hope you get plugged back in soon Ron. x

  12. Oh, man, Ron, this blows! We're so dependent on the phone and internet.
    Good luck with Verizon, brother. If they're anything like Time Warner, you're going to need it!
    Have a great weekend, buddy, and I hope you're back on line ASAP. The internet ain't the same without Ronnie!

  13. Oh no, we'll have our say, whether you like it or not. Bwahaha!
    Good luck fighting the telecommunications red tape machine.

  14. If you turned off comments, you probably don't want comments. Well, you know what? Tell that to the 13 people ahead of me who have already commented! Now I don't feel so bad.

    Hope you can get things squared away with Verizon. I'd probably PANIC and FREAK OUT if I lost phone and internet service, and trust me, neither is a pretty sight.

    Have a groovy weekend, though!

  15. Hey Ronnie,
    I am sorry to year this, babe. It's so weird... D and I are not about the situation but we wondered if would not be the "locusts"(nearby Locust street) who nibbled on those cables?!
    It still remains very frustrating and long...

    Sending you our love from very warm Paris. Darn it; I missed this yesterday with the heat. Be well and down your cool drinks and free wifi!
    We love you, dude xoxo

  16. Excuse me, I skipped a word:
    " D and I are not JOKING about the situation."
    We home that you get phone & internet soon!

  17. Oh Ron, I am so sorry to hear about your internet AND phone service. I would die without my phone. Isn't it horrible how dependent we've become on these things? I'm sad you didn't post today because I was looking forward to hearing all about your NY trip. Hope you get your service restored soon. Miss you!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ron.

  18. This SUCKS, dude! I remember being without service for just 12 hours and I thought I'd go mad. I can't believe this trouble has been happening to you since the 21st of July! Yes, make sure they do credit you for lost time.

    Hope it's restored soon, Ron!

  19. Yay, I'm glad you weren't able to turn off comments because then we wouldn't be able to cheer you on in getting your service restored soon. But I understand why because you can't get online to answer us.

    Ron, if I had this issue with my internet and phone I'd be a basket case, so I know this has to be annoying and frustrating. Hopefully, as Verizon promised, they will have you restored by tomorrow.


  20. Just checking to see if you updated with news of your service being restored today. Thinking of you Ron! Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  21. OY VEY!!!! Hope this gets resolved ASAP!

  22. I deliberately didn't leave a comment, because you said you had tried to disable them :)

    Poor Ron. No internet! I hope it gets back to normal soon for you, but I bet you've got some great photos. That pic made me chuckle :)

  23. Love the Starbucks photo, Ron. You look like you should be climbing up the side of the Empire State Building!

  24. Just checking up, Ron, but I can see that you still don't have service. Damn! Hope you get restored soon.

    Love the photo!

  25. Poor Ron, computer problems are the WORST! I've been AWOL from Blogland, too, but that's because I've been up to my ears in work. Having an absence thrown onto you -- completely regardless of your desire for it -- is awful.
    Here's hoping you get back online soon!

  26. Yeah we went through a wee bout of internet interruptus a while back. Took 'em a pile of visits where they re-wired our house twice, supposedly replaced a major switch at the switch station, and 1/4th mile of cable. After months of intermittent they replaced a $100 junction at the telephone pole and fixed the issue for us. And a few neighbors. Good luck ....

  27. Yay, glad you are back on! You waited wayyy longer than we did. Our problem only started Friday when lightening hit in our driveway. They ended up coming out earlier than they said (guy just left) and problem was fixed. When we first called and heard that it would be 5 days before a tech could even come we were both very upset... but, we survived the few days without service and Ron will call for an adjustment on our bill.

  28. too, Mary!!! This started happening back in July and didn't have my FULL service restored until the 6th of August.

    I too spoke to Verizon and they are adjusting my bill.

    Glad to hear you got back on as well!!!!



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