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As of this year, I've written and shared on this blog for TEN years!! Can you believe that?

Now for those of you who have been here for those 10, or even half of those years, know that my life has not ever moved in a straight line. I've had times of smooth sailing, but also times of choppy waters and frustrating detours. I've experienced the joy of witnessing birth, and the grief of witnessing death. I've had times where I was paralyzed with fear, and yet times of having the courage. I've experienced bountiful wellness, and I've experienced serious illness.

In other words, the life that I've shared on this blog has always had its ups and downs. Positives and negatives. Confidences and insecurities. Comedies and tragedies.

And you know what?

That's life.

I can't really say that certain years of my life have been better than others because no matter how challenging some years have been, I also found those years filled with great blessings and lessons. Nor would I change previous years of my life.

Let's be honest, we don't really learn much from the times in which our ship sails smoothly. Because very often, those times are simply taken for granted and go unnoticed until our lives are shaken and challenged, and then suddenly we notice them. The challenging times are needed for both growth and gratitude.

My life (and each year) will never move in one straight, smooth line, it's not meant to. So it's foolish for me to ever wish for a better New Year because I take them as they are presented and unfold, and then make my choices based on conscious awareness. 

Therefore, the only thing I really wish for on any New Year's Day is to be more consciously aware of what's going on in my life. Consciously aware of why I'm being challenged; consciously aware of the lessons I'm being taught; consciously aware of how blessed my life is regardless of how challenged I am; and consciously aware of how life is like a dance. Sometimes I will lead, other times I will need to follow. And it's in the following that I learn to be a more conscious dancer.

I know this may sound quite daft, but I envision each New Year as if it were nude; disrobing the previous experiences, but taking their valuable lessons into the next year.

I might not be able to change what occurred in the past, but I can certainly use it to grow in the present.

And begin again.

Wishing you a Happy Nude Year!

Cheers and X to you all!

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