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It's ironic that last week, I suddenly felt the desire to watch some of my favorite Doris Day films. I will sometimes get like that, where I need a "Doris Day Fix" because whenever I watch one of her films, or even see her face, I immediately feel good. Her films are the perfect little pick-me-ups, especially good for unwinding after a tough day at work, and always good for a laugh and a smile.

Doris Day films always make me feel that all is well because she had a bright light that emanated within her, touching my heart. She was very much like one of my other favorite leading ladies, Audrey Hepburn. They both had an ethereal quality about them. Like two beautiful earth angels.

Therefore when I discovered on Monday, the 13th, that Doris Day passed away, I couldn't help but feel the loss of someone very special.

For all her fame and prosperity, Doris Day experienced a great many challenges and hardships during her life. Yet, she never allowed those things to hinder her light.

She perpetually glowed...

Here she is with a few of her charming and handsome male co-stars. The films she made with these three gentlemen are some of my favorites...

Yet, to me, the most heartfelt and sincere partnership was between Doris Day and Rock Hudson. They shared a chemistry that went beyond acting. They shared a loving friendship that made their on-screen relationships in the three movies they made together, so real. You could feel their love and devotion for one another in every single frame...

And they shared that special bond off-screen as well. Theirs was a loyal and longstanding friendship. They were very much, soulmates...

Doris was there for Rock even at the end of his life. Here they are together only a few months before his passing. She was a true friend, and loved him unconditionally...

And I'm positively sure that when Doris passed on Monday, Rock was there waiting for her...

Doris Day was also an animal advocate (Doris Day Animal Foundation), dedicating much of her life to her furry friends...

Last night I watched another one of my favorite Doris Day films. During her career she was primarily projected as the "girl next door" who was "wholesome and pure." However, she was also very sexy. But that was not something you saw in most of her movie roles.

She had an incredible figure, and could dance like nobody's business.

She was, what is referred to in show business as: a triple-threat. Because she could act, sing, and dance. And excelled in all three...

Here she is in a musical number called, "Shaking the Blues Away." I especially love this number because of the costumes. She's wearing a faaaaaaabulous sexy blue dress, surrounded by men in top hats, tuxedos, and canes...

I give you the sexy Doris Day in, "Love Me or Leave Me"...

Your light will shine on forever! 

 Have a grrrrreat rest of your week, everyone! 


  1. Valerie DaggattThursday, May 16, 2019

    They don't make them like Doris Day these days! She was and always will be unforgettable. I loved her and envied her, always thinking 'why couldn't I be like her'.

    Loved all the photographs of her but especially those with that wonderful guy, Rock Hudson.

    Thank you for this tribute, Ron.

  2. OMG, it seems like people are dropping right and left, doesn't it? I wasn't very familiar with her work, so thank you for the education, Ron. I loved all the photos with Rock Hudson as they were dressed so well in the 60's, weren't they? And James Garner always reminds me of my grandma because she just loved him. I only knew him from watching The Rockford Files with her. Hope your weekend is as bright as Doris herself.

  3. Ron, I'm delighted you paid this lovely tribute to Doris Day at her passing. She truly was magical, wasn't she? I usually thought of her as the girl-next-door type, but I hadn't realized she was considered a "triple threat," too. Thank you for pointing that out.

    She lived to what's considered a ripe old age, but I know she experienced many heartaches along the way. Perhaps that's to be expected -- few of us get out of here without having some trials. Surviving them and maintaining a sunny outlook takes a special kind of strength!

    Enjoy your week, my friend. I'm trying to take a few days off, but I just *had* to comment here first! xx

  4. They sure don't Valerie, you are absolutely right.

    I've seen several documentaries on her life and many television interviews, and was surprised to find out that she had so many difficulties, challenges, and setbacks in her lifetime, yet she always rose up (like a phoenix) and recovered.

    Her light was perpetual.

    Don't you just love the pictures with Rock Hudson? They always looked so good together. Like they belonged.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a faaaaaabulous weekend!


  5. Yes, it sure does. Not only Doris Day, but also Tim Conway. Doesn't it seem that it happens in spurts?

    Yes!, back in the 50's and 60's, people dressed so differently. They always looked so well-groomed and put together. She and Rock were such a beautiful couple because they looked like they belonged together. And much of that had to do with your longstanding and loyal friendship. She was heartbroken when he passed away.

    "And James Garner always reminds me of my grandma because she just loved him. " too! HA! To me, he was such an incredible handsome man, and such a gentleman. Do you know that he and his wife were married for 58 years? I think, back then, it was listed as the longest Hollywood marriage ever. He and his wife were so dedicated to each other.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend!

  6. Yes, she sure was, Debbie....magical!

    Hollywood promoted her as the girl-next-door because she was so pretty, and a wholesomeness about her. However, as her career moved forward, she started branching out into different roles. I've seen her is some very serious roles, as well as comedies, and she was fabulous. She could do anything, and do it well. A triple threat in show business is a term used to say that someone can do it all and is not limited to one single genre.

    She did, she lived into a ripe old age and lived it to the fullest. "Surviving them and maintaining a sunny outlook takes a special kind of strength!" Yes, and that's what I so admired her for. She was a perpetual optimist. I also heard that she had tremendous "faith", therefore that contributed to her strength.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. I appreciate that. Enjoy your time off.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. http://ladyfi.wordpress.comFriday, May 17, 2019

    She was dazzling and compassionate! Thank you for this lovely tribute.

  8. Oh Ron, I loved Doris Day and was so sad to hear about her passing on Monday. I know she was up there in age and had a full life, but it's still so heartbreaking because she was a huge part of the American fabric.

    "whenever I watch one of her films, or even see her face, I immediately feel good." I so agree with you. Her movies, even to this day, still make me feel good. And you're right, the films she made with her costar Rock Hudson were the BEST! They had an amazing chemistry. You could feel their love for one another. My favorite movie they made together was Pillow Talk. And I also loved the ones with Tony Randall as their best friend and neighbor.

    I'm shamed to say that for being a big Doris Day fan, I've never seen, Love Me or Leave Me. What a gorgeous body she had. Wow! I wonder how old she was in that film. Loved the clip! They sure don't movies or movie stars like that any more, do they?

    Beautiful tribute, Ron! x

    RIP, Doris Day. You'll me missed.

  9. You are so right, Fiona. She was such a compassionate lady. She was an earth angel.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I agree with you, Elaine. I know she was 97 years old and had a full, rich life. But I was still very sad to read that she had passed. You always think that people like her will just live forever.

    " My favorite movie they made together was Pillow Talk. And I also loved the ones with Tony Randall as their best friend and neighbor."

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Pillow Talk was my fave as well. They made three films together, and I enjoyed them all, but Pillow Talk was extra special. And I heard her say in an interview that that film was her favorite one with Rock as well. It's such a great film! And yes, I love the ones with Tony Randall too. He was such a great foil for both Doris and Rock. HILARIOUS man!

    Glad that you enjoyed the clip. Wasn't her body AMAZING? And that dress looks AMAZING on her. I believe she was in her mid-30's when she made that film.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, neighbor! Have a faaaabulous weekend!

  11. Ron, what a beautiful tribute to such a special lady! Doris Day was one of a kind, wasn't she? I loved her voice. One of my favorite songs of hers was "A Secret Love." And my favorite movie was "Pillow Talk" with Hudson. He was a handsome man! They had such a strong friendship. A bond like no other.

    Loved the video clip. Oh my god...that DRESS! What a figure!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ron x

  12. Hola Denise!

    Yes, she sure was....ONE OF A KIND! OMG, I love "A Secret Love" as well. Faaaaaaaabulous song. I also loved "Perhaps." In fact, that song was in one of my favorite movies, "Strictly Ballroom." There was a part of the movie where they used that song during one of the dance numbers.

    Rock Hudson was so handsome, I agree ;) Their friendship was like a marriage because they were so loyal and dedicated to each other. I think that's why their onscreen relationships seemed to real.

    Great body, hu?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, girl. Hope you're enjoying a fantastic weekend!

  13. You know the movie I always think about with Doris Day? With Six You Get Eggroll. Somehow that's the one that has stuck with me.

  14. HA! Yes, LOVED that one too! With Brian Keith! What a cute film! That movie reminds me of "Yours, Mine, and Ours."

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


  15. My favorite Doris Day movie is probably "Calamity Jane." I've actually been meaning to watch it again since moving to South Dakota. RIP to a real screen legend and one-of-a-kind gal. Thanks for the touching tribute, my friend!

  16. LOVE "Calamity Jane" too, Mark! And I love the theme song she sang for that movie - "A Secret Love."

    The wonderful thing about actors and actresses who appear in films is that it almost makes them immortal, because you can always turn on the TV or rent a DVD and watch their movies. And, VoilĂ !...there they are! Immortalized.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, bud. Have a super week!

    X to you and Tara

  17. She definitely had the fresh-face, girl-next-door look down pat. But, you're correct in she was much, much more. I love the term "triple threat"! I constantly shake my head in sadness that these icons are passing one by one and there is no one that even comes close to replacing them as class acts now. Grace, style, beauty and charm. Nope....can't think of one! Thank you for bringing her to life again in this post.

  18. HA! Yes, "triple threat" is a term they use in show business, whether it's film, TV, or stage. Isn't it a great term?

    " Grace, style, beauty and charm."

    Isn't it something how lately, so many icons are passing away? And I agree, NO ONE comes close to replacing them as class acts now.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Happy Monday to ya!


  19. Ron, beautiful tribute to a very special lady...Doris Day! I remember when I was a kid watching her movies with my cousins on the weekends. And I love what you said about how when you watch her movies or even see her face, you feel happy and that all is well. That is so true!

    My favorite DD films were the ones with Rock Hudson because they were so cute together. He was so good-looking and she such a beauty. They had an incredible chemistry.

    Thank you for sharing the movie clip. What a BOD! I wish I looked that good!

  20. Yes, she was Candice, a VERY special lady! I used to watch her films with my mother on Saturday/Sunday afternoons when I was a youngster. I remember my mother doing the ironing, while we sat and watched old movies on the weekends. Happy memories!

    Rock and she looked like they BELONGED together, didn't they? That's probably why Hollywood put them together so much. She said that "Pillow Talk" was her favorite movie with Rock.

    Didn't she have a faaaaaaaabulous BOD?

    Have a great week, my friend. And thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. "She perpetually glow..."

    What a sincere and heartfelt tribute, Ron. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

    Doris Day really defined an era in American entertainment. I didn't know her work very well--I was into westerns and cop movies when I was younger--but there is no denying her importance to cinema. And then there's her great work on behalf of animals.

    Radio personality Jonathan Schwartz interviewed Doris Day in 2010 and she told some fabulous stories, including an encounter with Frank Sinatra. It's over an hour long and I'm including the link so you can listen to it when you have a chance. I hope you enjoy it.

    Take care, buddy!

  22. Rob, I can't thank you enough for sharing that link!!!!! I will most definitely be listening to that interview sometime this weekend. Can't wait!!

    "Doris Day really defined an era in American entertainment."

    Yes, she most certainly did, you're so right. Over the past week, I've gone back and watched several of her films and smiled. She was such versatile actress, who also had a heart of gold.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, buddy. Have an awesome weekend!


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