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While in New York City last week, I decided to stop by The Plaza and take a few photographs of the location where the final scene of The Way We Were was shot.

It's a scene, even after first seeing the film way back in 1974, that still causes my eyes to tear with bittersweet emotion. Both Redford (Hubbell Gardiner) and Streisand (Katie Morosky) are absolutely wonderful in the scene because their acting is quietly internalized, yet the depth of what they are thinking and feeling is so powerfully conveyed through their eyes. Their onscreen chemistry in this film is pure cinema magic.

When I lived in New York, my apartment was not very far from The Plaza, so I would often walk past it on my way to the 5th Ave and 59th Street subway. It's one of those Manhattan landmarks that you often forget is a landmark when you live there full-time. It's only when you go back after no longer living there, do you realize what a special location it truly is.

It's majestic.

Below are photographs from the final scene, which I created by taking screenshots from the movie and then cropped them. Interjected are several comparison photographs of the same location and how it looks presently. There is a lot of construction going on at The Plaza and surrounding area, so you'll notice that it looks quite different from the 1970's. However, its beauty still shines through.

Please enjoy...

A candid shot of Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford talking between takes....

The opening of the final scene...

I couldn't get a photograph of the exact same angle because there were two cars parked next to the curb that blocked my view. However, this is the same spot (and lamppost) that Streisand walked by in the scene above...

Suddenly, Katie spots Hubbell...

Suddenly, Hubbell spots Katie...

She smiles...

He smiles...

Katie runs across the street to meet him...

*notice the difference in automobile styles, then and now...

Katie and Hubbell briefly catch up on their lives, as his wife looks on...

After talking, Katie crosses the street and goes back to her political activist work...

Hubbell follows her...

...and after a private exchange of their love for each other, Katie brushes Hubbell's hair with her hand (an infamous gesture that was created by Streisand herself for her character)...

Here is the gesture in motion...

They say goodbye...

...realizing that although they still love each other deeply, they cannot be together because of their strong differences and beliefs...

Hubbell resumes his present life...

And Katie resumes hers...

The final scene from The Way We Were...
*best viewed full screen*

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. Hi Ron! Don't have a heart attack, but I've never seen the movie, so thanks for the final clip. Robert Redford has to be one of the best looking men of all time! But back to the post . . . You know how I love these before and after shots. I was tickled to see that the two trees were still there in your lamppost photo. It's nice to see that much of it has remained the same on the building and the park. Have a glorious weekend!

    P.S. I get a weird sign in pop up when I open your blog from I just hit cancel instead of logging in, but wanted to let you know.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the pop up because I've noticed that as well, but have no idea how it got there and how to remove it. It's been so frustrating. I think I may have to contact Blogger to see if they can do something about it because I'm totally confused.

    Anyhoo... Yes!....can you believe that those two trees are STILL there? I thought the same thing. And also the lampposts. Not much has changed visually, however, they are doing so restoration and I hope they keep it as is.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a faaaaaaaabulous weekend!


  3. Three comments that will mirror Bijoux's:

    1. I got the same suspicious pop-up.
    2. I have also never seen "The Way We Were."
    3. I also love your before-and-after shots.

    The buildings aren't too dramatically different, but the cars look like they're from two or three lifetimes ago! Those are some classic NYC scenes for sure.

    We did eventually watch "The Goodbye Girl" based on your recommendation, so I'm sure we'll be adding this one to our queue soon. I also haven't seen "Manhattan" in forever and I don't think Tara ever has, so I should add that one, too.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  4. Robert Redford.... sigh. Oh how I loved that guy. From afar, unfortunately. He was always my favourite TV star and I swear I used to dream about him. Sigh.....

    Thanks for this, Ron, you made my day x

  5. Ah, what a movie! I don't recall how many times I've seen it, but it's truly a classic. Thank you, Ron, for showing us the past and the present of this NYC location. Amazing how it still looks so similar, yet the vehicles have certainly changed!

    I'm getting that same weird popup when I open your blog that Bijoux is.

    It's snowing here and, while it's pretty, I'm so ready for Spring! Maybe we can send this one on to you, since you're still wanting winter, ha! Happy almost-weekend! xo

  6. Terrific post, Ron! Thanks for taking the time and effort in putting this one together.

    The Plaza is an absolute treasure and it's great seeing the contrast between the modern day and the movie set locations.

    The city may change but the Plaza is forever!

    Now I have yet to see "The Way We Were" but it is definitely on my "Must Watch" list.

    I seem to recall that we had lunch together in the basement food court of the Plaza the last time we met up in the city. We simply must do it again real soon!

    Take care, buddy, and have a great weekend!

  7. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for letting me know about the pop-up. I don't know what's going on with that. This weekend I will be doing some investigation on the matter. I may have to try and contact Blogger because I can't seem to figure out how to correct it on my own.

    Aren't the vintage cars faaaaaaaaabulous? OMG...I love the style of automobiles back then. They were so classy!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed "The Goodbye Girl" I own that film and will watch it a few times a year. It's exactly the way I feel about "When Harry Met Sally"----I never tire of seeing them. LOVE "Manhattan!" I watched that again last Fall. Such a great Woody Allen film.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a terrific weekend!

    X to you and Tara

  8. Isn't Robert Redford dreamy, Valerie? And not only good-looking, but also a really nice down-to-earth guy who does a lot for new filmmakers in the industry. In fact, he started the "Sundance Film Festival" for new talent.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, dear friend. Wishing you and Mr. Charlie a fabulous weekend!


  9. Me neither, Debbie. I've lost track of how many times I've seen it. I own the Anniversary DVD issue that contains not only the film, but also some really wonderful special features and interviews.

    "Amazing how it still looks so similar, yet the vehicles have certainly changed!"

    Aren't the vehicles faaaaabulous? So classy!

    OMG...I cannot believe you're getting snow!?! Yes, do send me some...please!!!! We haven't had not one single snowflake this winter. March and April can be quite surprising when it comes to weather; therefore, I'm hoping for some "white stuff" before Spring.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a glorious weekend!


  10. Thank you, Rob!

    "The city may change but the Plaza is forever!"

    Right on!

    Isn't the Plaza a treasure? And yes...I do remember when you and I had lunch in the food court. They changed so much inside the Plaza, I wonder if that food court is still there. I'll have to check the next time I'm in NYC and in that area. MUST see "The Way We Were" because it's a classic. I remember when it first came out and how it was SUCH a popular film. Even today, people still love it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, buddy. Have a most excellent week!


  11. Oh my god Ron, I LOVE this post! The Way We Were was/is one of my all time favorites! I love the comparison shots because they practically look the same then and now. Many years ago while on a business trip to New York, I made a point of going by The Plaza and sat on one of the benches by the fountain. And the whole time I was there I was thinking of that movie.

    Great post, Ron!

    "Your girl is lovely Hubbell."

  12. Ron, do you remember the scene in Sex and the City where Carrie and Mr. Big stood in front of The Plaza and mimiced the finale of the movie? WONDERFUL post!!! God, every single time you post about my hometown city, I get this pang in my heart and miss it. You are such a New Yorker at heart because you know how to capture it through your photographs and express yourself through your words.

    Your comparison photos are so great because you can see the differences, but also the similarities in how it hasn't changed.

    Loved the clip too! Seeing it makes me what to watch it again. Redford is so handsome!

    Thanks for sharing this, Ron! xo

  13. Ron, I really enjoy when you post comparison photographs because I love looking at both images in detail to see then and now. And as always, your photos ROCK! Can you believe that I've never seen The Way We Were? My girlfriend has and said it's one of her favorite love stories. I think we'll see if we can find it on Netflix or somewhere online and watch it one night.

    My favorite pictures are the ones showing the cars. They are so cool!

    Great post, dude!

  14. OMG, Denise.....YES!....YES!...YES! I do remember that scene. In fact, I just recently watched it on YouTube. And what a great scene that was!

    Thanks so much for your sweet words. I ADORE NYC. And love it with all my heart. I find that city so utterly inspiring in so many ways.

    You 're right, it some ways the location has changed, yet in other ways it's kept so much of it's originality.

    Isn't Redford handsome? He and Streisand make such a good-looking couple!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, girl. Have a super Sunday!


  15. Thank you, Matt! I really enjoy putting these posts together because I enjoy doing research and finding similar images that match. Also, I love history and architecture, so I enjoy seeing how they evolve.

    Yes, do watch it one night. It's such a wonderful story how two people who love each other deeply, yet their differences keep them apart.

    Aren't the cars faaaaaaaaaaabulous? I love how BIG cars were back then.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, buddy. Have a great week!

  16. Hey there Candice!

    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed. Me too...."The Way We Were" is one of my faves as well. I actually bought the DVD of the movie that includes so many fabulous special features of behind the scenes making of the film. I usually watch that movie twice a year, and each time I get to the final scene...I still cry. HA!

    "Many years ago while on a business trip to New York, I made a point of going by The Plaza and sat on one of the benches by the fountain. And the whole time I was there I was thinking of that movie."

    That's so awesome! I think of the same thing anytime I'm there. It's such a classic spot in NYC>

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Hope you're enjoying a terrific weekend!

  17. http://ladyfi.wordpress.comSunday, March 01, 2020

    The Plaza is impressive! And gosh, how I cried at the end of the film!

  18. Ron, what I think is uncanny is that your comparison shots are seasonally spot on because they match. You can see it in trees. They are identically bare!

    I remember when "The Way We Were" came out. I saw it with a girlfriend of mine from Long Island. The two of us had such a crush on Robert Redford LOL! And at that time, Barbra Streisand had recently made "Funny Girl" so she was a MEGA star. They looked so good together, didn't they? I cried so hard at the end of the movie. It was so great seeing that clip again.

    Terrific post, Ron! Loved it!

  19. Isn't it beautiful, Fiona? Such a classic landmark. Stunning architecture!

    Me too! And I still get teary-eyed when I watch that scene.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a faaaaaaaaabulous week!

  20. Hey there Elaine!

    You know, you're right...that I didn't really notice that before. They must have shot that scene during the winter months because the trees do look the same.

    Yes, "Funny Girl" was in 1968, and "The Way We Were" was only 4 years later. It was a time when Streisand was in such demand because of the success of "Funny Girl."

    Sure did! They looked gorgeous together. They were physically complete opposites, but that's what made them attractive.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, neighbor! Have a super week!

  21. What a great time capsule you've given us with the comparison photos. You do such a good job with juxtaposing past photos with current ones of the same location. I have seen the movie, but it's been eons ago. The theme song was one of my favorites when I was younger. Hope your weekend is warm and wonderful. We're set to reach the 60s! WooHoo! :-)

  22. Lisa, I had so much fun putting this post together. I created the screenshots first and then used them via my cell phone to look at while I was in NYC, to try and get an exact comparison shot. Unfortunately, NYC is so very busy with parked cars and trucks, that they blocked my view in certain shots.

    Isn't it such a wonderful film? Such a classic! And the theme song is too. The second you hear it playing, your mind goes right back to that final scene in the movie.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting, my friend. Appreciate that.

    Yes, it's been warm here as well. Strange weather though because one day it's very warm, then two days later is very cold. Monday it's supposed to be 68 degrees!?!?



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