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Being that I'm a winter-lover, I can finally say that after so many years of not having the kind of winter I always long for (with LOTS of snow), I am completely satisfied with this year's winter.

While most people hibernate inside during the snowy winter months, I'm outside every single chance I get; walking, jumping, and rolling in it like a dog. 

In fact, last week when we had several days of snow in a row, I walked to my favorite cafe and grabbed a cup of coffee, and then sat outside in the park (as it was snowing) and sipped my java, while streaming music on my smartphone. 

For me, that was a moment of pure heaven.

And it's funny, because a little while later I noticed a guy walk over to the bench across from mine; sit down; open a pizza box, and proceed to eat slices of pizza while listening to music on his smartphone.  

So you see, I'm not the only crazy person on this planet. 

Over the past several weeks, I took a lot photographs that represent why I love this season. 

So put on your coat, hat, gloves and boots, and take a walk with me through the beauty of winter.

Independence Park...

The front side of Independence Hall...

The back side of Independence Hall...

Below you will see a photo from the movie, Trading Places (1983), with Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dan Aykroyd, which was primarily shot in Philadelphia. If you look real close, you will see Independence Hall (from the same angle) in the background...

I took this photograph in Old City. I love the architecture in that area because it has such a historical feel. The red door in the center of this building leads to Franklin Court, where Benjamin Franklin's house once stood...

And speaking of houses. This was the home of Betsy Ross...

One day I spotted an elderly woman in the park, skiing. Yes, that's right, skiing! I felt like applauding her. Here she is skiing down one of the small hills in the park...

Random images of snow...

Thank you so much for taking this walk with me. Now go make yourself a nice, hot bowl of minestrone soup with some Italian bread, and a glass of red wine. I guarantee it will warm you. 

Have a faaaaaaaaabulous week, everyone!  💗


  1. Bravo, Ron! Fabulous shots and I especially love the pumpkin covered in snow! We put our three pumpkins up on a big tree stump that sits up on a hill next to our house and I’ve enjoyed watching them decay. Lol....the deer devoured two, but one is still there. The flowers are sad but beautiful and remind me of winter funerals.
    What is that final photo? Something to do with the 13 colonies? I appreciate you sharing the historical photos. I’m not sure I remember you ever doing that before. I think it’s really cool to be able to see the homes of historical figures. Can you go inside Betsy Ross’ home? I like the front of Independence Hall better than the back, as I’m not a fan of the mix of old and new buildings.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend!

  2. Wow Ron, these photographs are gorgeous! The first one of Independence Park looks like you either painted it or drew it. Or both. The way the white snow covers the tree branches looks as though you placed it there. Isn't nature amazing?

    So interesting to know the history of the buildings you pointed out. I remember being in history class in school and learning reading about the home of Betsy Ross. What a cute house. Have you ever been inside?

    I love the info about Trading Places because it's one of my favorites movies. It's a comedy classic!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of winter, Ron. It really is beautiful! Are those your own snow boots in the first picture?

  3. Yay, you DID get some snow! I was hoping you would, Ron, because I remember your saying how much you love it. What beautiful photos you've shared here, and I love that older woman skiing. I do admire people who don't sit and rock ... if they're able-bodied.

    You know, it's one thing to get outside in the snow when the temps are cold -- it's another entirely when the wind chill is way below zero and the snow is coming at you sideways! That's the mess we've had. Trust me, not conducive to enjoying winter.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. We're getting some beautiful warmer days here ... finally. I hope we can keep 'em! xx

  4. What stunning photos, Ron! Your love of winter and snow makes me miss living in the Northeast at this time. I am so glad you got a lot of snow this winter because I know how much you look forward to it. And you're right, the past several winters have been very mild because my family, who still lives in the Northeast, has told me so.

    I love the pictures you took in Old City because they look like they are from another time period. Betsy Ross' house is so charming. So tiny!

    The elderly woman in ski's is priceless! I so admire her energy and stamina to get out there in the snow and enjoy it!

    That final photo of the flame is just beautiful!

    Have a wonderful rest of your week, Ron! xo

  5. I've been thinking about you a lot this winter, Ron. I'm glad the snow gods have finally blessed you with a winter that makes you happy! I know the past few have been disappointing, and because you're like me, I can understand your excitement over finally getting lots and lots of snow.

    Beautiful pics, by the way! I miss seeing you around my blog. Hope you have a great rest of your week.

  6. Aw, thank you, my friend! I had so much fun taking these photographs in the past several weeks. I'm in awe of the amount of snowfall we got this winter because the past several years have been scarce.

    Isn't that pumpkin cute? I saw it sitting there on the window ledge cover in snow, and I just had to get a picture! Me too, I had three baby pumpkins that I got back in late October and I just recently tossed them out because it took them that long to start decaying.

    "What is that final photo? Something to do with the 13 colonies?"

    Do you know what that is? That is the perpetual flame at the "Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier" in Washington Square Park. That park is an actual burial ground. Here is the link in case you're interested in reading the history:

    In the past, I may have posted a few posts about the history in Philadelphia, but not anything about the homes of the historical figures. However, I may start doing that every so often. I may also post about some of the celebrities who grew up here and where they lived. I found out where Kevin Bacon grew up and his home is not very far from where I live. I may take some photographs this week and post them. Also, Bradley Cooper and Will Smith grew up here.

    I agree, the front of Independence Hall is much more attractive than the back side. Where I was standing to take that photograph was directly in front of the Liberty Bell.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have faaaaaaaabulous Wednesday!


  7. Simply beautiful! I love the ironwork with the snow. And kudos to the woman on the skis!! Amazing. Yesterday, it was almost 70F here and, mercifully, the snow is GONE! While I love the beauty of the first snowfall....or even the third or fourth....I have to admit, I'm so done with winter. I think the polar vortex that plunged us into the negative numbers for a couple weeks has something to do with it. Your shots are lovely and I love Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross home, but I'm looking forward to warmer weather. Enjoy the snow while you can! X

  8. Thank you, Candice! :)

    I took the first three photos with my smartphone, but the rest I took with my camera. And yes, nature is AMAZING!

    " I remember being in history class in school and learning about the home of Betsy Ross. What a cute house. Have you ever been inside?"

    OMG, me too! Especially since I was born here, so we had to know all the history. And yes, I've been inside. But it's been so long ago, (like when I was still in Catholic grammar school), that the only thing I remember is how small it was, particularly in the room where she sewed the American flag. It was like an attic.

    Isn't Trading Places a funny film? I live very close to where they shot all the bank scenes. It used to be a First Union Bank, but now it's Fidelity.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Candice! Have a terrific rest of your week!


  9. Hey there Debbie!

    OMG, yes, we FINALLY got the kind of snowfall I've been wanting for the past 3 years, which included TWO blizzard storms. I am very grateful for this winter!

    "What beautiful photos you've shared here, and I love that older woman skiing. I do admire people who don't sit and rock ... if they're able-bodied."

    Me too! And that's why I wanted to applaud her. She was there with a gentleman, who I assume was her husband, maybe? They both were wear ski's! And you should have seen her move. She had a lot of energy.

    I know that because you're in the Midwest, you had a ton of snow and very low temps. I'm sure you're so ready for Spring.

    Yes, it's warmer here as well. In fact, today it went up to 57. I have a feeling that we'll still be getting some additional Winter weather because it always does this every year--we have a couple of warmish days and then come March, it gets cold and snowy again.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a great rest of your week!


  10. Hola Denise!

    Thank you, girl! :) I know, this is the first time in MANY years that's we've gotten the kind of Winter I love --- cold and very snowy. And I am soooooooooooooo enjoying it! And I have a feeling it's not over yet because March can be cold and snowy as well.

    I love the whole "feel" of Old City because, yes, it looks like you're walking around in another time period. Also, parts of it remind me very much of SoHo in New York.

    "The elderly woman in ski's is priceless! I so admire her energy and stamina to get out there in the snow and enjoy it!"

    Isn't she faaaaaaaaabulous? She had so my energy. And you could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She was there with a gentleman, who I assumed was her husband. Or maybe her boyfriend!

    That flame stays lit continuously. It's a memorial in Washington Square Park, which is my favorite park to hang out. I also enjoy Independence Park.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful rest of your week too!


  11. Thank you, Lisa! I had so much fun taking these photos over the past two weeks. I love ironwork one as well. It's a gate that leads to an old cemetery. It's a beautiful area!

    Wow...70F?!?!? That is warm! It's warm here too, but only about 57. Today was the first day of warmer weather. However, it get's cold again as we move into the weekend.

    I know that where you live, you've had severe low temps and LOTS of snow, so I understand why you're looking forward to the warmer Springtime weather.

    However, for the past 2-3 years, we've had hardly any kind of winter at all; particularly last winter. So I've enjoyed this winter, and eating LOTS of delicious soups! And cold weather is perfect for red wine!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the warmer temps!


  12. Yes, Mark...FINALLY we got the kind of winter I've been longing for, for 2-3 years. Not only has it been deliciously cold, but we also got a shitload of snow. And I have a feeling we'll be getting more next month. I'm not ready for warm weather just yet.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a grrrrreat rest of your week!

    X to you and Tara

  13. KILLER photos, Ron! You so know how to bring out the beauty in all the things you photograph. I really enjoyed the historical photos you shared. I always forget about the American history that stems from Philadelphia. Afterall, it served as our capital for like 10 years, am I right? Old City looks so cool! I love how many of the homes in your photos have storm cellars. You don't see them anymore.

    The photo of the yellow flowers surrounded in snow is so beautiful. The snow looks like crystals.

    So happy to hear that you had a snowy winter because I know from years past that you haven't.

    Way to go, dude!

  14. Hiya Matt!

    Thank you so much for your kind, supportive words. :)

    " I always forget about the American history that stems from Philadelphia. Afterall, it served as our capital for like 10 years, am I right? "

    Yes, right you are! And I too forgot that Philadelphia served as our capital for 10 years and I LIVE here. It just goes to show how bad I was in history class. LOL!

    Aren't the storm cellars the neatest things? That's one of the first things I notice when I moved back here in 2001, how so many of the older homes had storm cellar doors that went to the basement. SO COOL!

    I saw those yellow flowers in the flower box with snow all around them and immediately took a picture. I thought they were so beautiful too! Yes, the snow does look like crystals, you're right!

    I am beyond happy at our winter this year. For the first time in many years, it actually felt like winter.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a faaaaabulous rest of your week!


  15. Oh Ron, that is so neat you live close to the bank where they shot the film. I remember from the movie that it was a beautiful bank inside. It was huge! I love seeing film locations. I just think it's so interesting. Did you ever see them filming during the film?

  16. Yes, that bank is GORGEOUS! I used to work for a company who used that bank for their business, so I would have to go inside sometimes to drop off bank deposits. No, I never saw them filming because I wasn't living in Philly at that time. My family had moved to Florida.

    In case you're interested, here is a link to a post I shared many years ago about the Philadelphia film locations for the movie, "The Sixth Sense." I LOVED that film!

  17. Faaaaaaabulous shots, Ron! You really know how to share not only the beauty of winter, but the beauty of this city. It's because of you that my husband and I visited Old City years ago and loved it. I much prefer the lower sections of both Philly and New York City because they have the most history, which make you feel like you're in another time.

    This has been a robust winter, hasn't it? Like you, my husband and I enjoy winter.

    I didn't realize that Trading Places was filmed in Philadelphia. I saw that movie eons ago, but remember laughing a lot. Love your captures of the woman skiing. Good for her for getting out there and enjoying the snow!

    I don't think winter is fully over yet. March can be crazy weather-wise, so you might be getting more snow time, Ron! xo

  18. Thanks, Elaine! :) Don't you just love Old City? I was just there yesterday afternoon because the weather was exquisite. I sat in the park and watch everyone taking their dogs for walks. They were all so cute! I too prefer the lower parts of the city. I LOVE lower Manhattan (and the Financial District). It has such a wonderful feel. The architecture there is a-mazing!

    Hasn't this winter been the best? It's about time we got a really good winter. And I'm going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts. You're right, March can be cold and snowy.

    Yes, "Trading Places" was primarily shot in Philly, but they also shot parts of it in Manhattan. They shot a few scenes down by the World Trade Center.

    That woman on the ski's was the highlight of my day. I wanted to applaud her, but I didn't want her to think I was a crazy person LOL!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, neighbor. Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat week!


  19. Beautiful array of winter wonderland photos, Ron! They really are gorgeous! I think my faves are the one with the pumpkin and the yellow flowers. Although, I enjoyed reading about the movie, Trading Places, and seeing the location photo. That film was hilarious!

    Philadelphia looks like a very attractive city. I've never been there, but it looks really nice!

  20. Hi there, Daniel! Always nice to see your comments.

    Thank you 🙏 I love winter and all that comes with it (the cold and the SNOW) and this year has been faaaabulous! I hoping we get more in March LOL! I always tell people that I used to be a penguin in one of my past lives because I LOVE winter.

    I wasn't living here when they shot Trading Places, but I know all the different locations.

    Philadelphia has a lot of wonderful architecture because of its history.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  21. Thanks, Rick!

    Hope all is well! Have a great week!

  22. Ah, the beauty of winter is something I enjoy as well, Ron. Growing up in NJ, the winters back then were quite snowy, more so than I remember as an adult, perhaps it's because I was smaller? As you know, I am a fan of Philly and even though I haven't been back since y college days, it remains a special place. Thank you for bringing back some memories.

    Trading Places is such a funny movie and we added it to our holiday movie collection this year because it does have that funny Santa chase in it.

    I enjoyed your snow walk and that lady on skis obvious was enjoying the snow as well!

  23. Hey there D!

    It's so nice to know that someone else sees the winter season as beautiful. Most people dread winter. Me? I come alive in the autumn and winter seasons because (and I know this sounds strange) but I like being cold, rather than hot.

    And yes, you're right....when I was growing up here as a kid I too remember the winters being quite cold and quite snowy. In fact, sometimes it would start snowing at the end October!

    Isn't "Trading Places" a gem of a movie? Today, I walked past the bank where they shot the interior and exterior bank scenes.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a terrific weekend!

  24. http://ladyfi.wordpress.comSaturday, February 27, 2021

    What wonderful shots! As a fellow winter lover, I just want to say that our winter has NOT been long enough for my liking! LOL!

  25. Thank you, Fiona! :)

    " As a fellow winter lover, I just want to say that our winter has NOT been long enough for my liking! LOL!"

    Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo! OMG, it's so wonderful to hear someone else say that. And as I'm sure you know, I TOTALLY agree with you!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my fellow winter lover! Enjoy your weekend!

  26. Ron, I swear you can take the cold out of Old Man Winter--and this is coming from someone who hates winter with a passion!

    These photos are beautiful! I love them all, of course, but I'm particularly fond of the extreme close-ups of the snow-covered pumpkin, flowers, etc.--fantastic!

    I also absolutely love that opening quote and that wonderful image. You're a genius, my friend. a freakin' genius!

    Keep posting these awesome winter photos and I will always enjoy them--preferably from a beach in Hawaii!

    Take care, buddy!

  27. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. You know I don't much like being cold, but I do love the snow. It's so incredibly serene and invigorating at the same time.

    I love the old woman skiing. Good for her! I also really like that shot of the snow-capped pumpkin (because like you, I love me some pumpkins!).

  28. Aw...thank you for your sweet, kind, and encouraging words, Rob!

    I know how much you hate winter (the cold and snow), so I really appreciate you being able to enjoy my enjoyment of winter.

    Isn't that pumpkin covered in snow adorable? I caught that out of the corner on my eye while I was walking past a shop window.

    I found that quote online and instantly knew that I wanted to use it for that photo because it's perfect for how I feel about walking through snow!

    "Keep posting these awesome winter photos and I will always enjoy them--preferably from a beach in Hawaii!"

    HA! Okay, I will! Hey, I should actually do some reposts of posts I share while on my Florida trips to see my family because they re very tropical and warm-looking!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, buddy. Have a most excellent week!


  29. Thank you....X

    I agree... there is something so incredibly serene and invigorating about snow. And I think that's why I love it so much. Whenever I see snow, it makes me happy!

    Isn't that elderly woman faaaaaaabulous? I wanted to applaud her!!

    "! I also really like that shot of the snow-capped pumpkin (because like you, I love me some pumpkins!)."

    Yes, I do remember that we share a love of pumpkins!!! They're such cute things, aren't they? That's another thing that makes me smile whenever I see them. PUMPKINS!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my posts, my friend! X


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