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Hi, folks! This week's post is going to be primarily photographs that I've had stored in my camera and on my computer for the past five months. I've also included a bit of commentary between most of the images, just to fill you in about the image. 

So with without further ado, a collection of photographs. 

Hope you enjoy!


This first image is a nighttime view from my apartment window, using the zoom. This photo makes me feel like a Peeping Ron...

Getting the Forrest Theatre marquee ready for the dancers of Philadelphia Ballet, Shut Up & Dance..

The late, great, David Bowie...

This is an interesting (and odd) capture. I spotted these sneakers as I was walking out of Independence Square Park one afternoon. It's as if the person who belonged to them suddenly vanished in mid-walk. The sneakers were exactly in this position when I saw them; I kid you not...

And if that image wasn't odd enough, here is another one that I captured in a different park on that same day. I wondered if the sneaker man had also left his underwear behind when he vanished. Only in Philadelphia would you see a vision like this. 

Oh well, I suppose the image goes well with the Hanes underwear slogan, "Just wait'll we get our Hanes on you" or rather, off you...

Anyway, moving on to a much nicer view. This was a display at the start of the summer at the Dilworth Park skating rink. I love the colors...

One early misty, cloudy morning while walking back to my apartment from Trader Joe's, I looked up and saw an amazing image. I took this photo with my old cellphone camera...

Skyscrapers (both taken with my new cellphone camera)...

I took this shot because I liked the shadows on the front of the cathedral...

An adorable little bug flew over and landed right next to me in a park one day...

I took this next set of photographs in Ardmore over the past five months.

Here is the front entrance of an apartment building in downtown Ardmore. Isn't it charming?

This was actually an apartment building that I made an appointment to look at a studio apartment and fell in LOVE with it. Also, the monthly rent was very doable for me. Unfortunately, their requirements to move in were much more than I could afford. It's insane what rental properties are asking for right now. I have an outstanding credit score and an excellent track record for paying my bills and rent on time for the past 21 years. However, those things no longer seem to matter. Besides the astronomical move-in fees, they are also asking for a urine and stool sample, a blood test, and proof that your ancestry comes from royalty. 

Yes, that's an exaggeration. But not by much. Anyway, I really liked this building...

I spotted this gentleman sitting on a bench smoking a cigar. Although I used to smoke, but never liked the smell of cigarette tobacco, I love the smell of a good cigar and pipe tobacco. He also had a portable music player beside him, so I could hear the upbeat tunes he was enjoying. I could tell he was having a great time...

I love the style of homes in Ardmore. The architecture is so diverse.

When I first set eyes on this house, I immediately thought it looked like something you'd see in Hollywood, where a silent film star once lived and hosted stupendous parties. I could so picture Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Rudolph Valentino walking up those stairs...

Reminds me of the house in Little Women...

The stonework on this house is stunning...

A little stone garden in front of a house I walked by. Upon closer look, I saw it was a farm - made of tin. How cute is that?...

This final image I captured while walking down Lancaster Street in Ardmore last Spring.

I freaking LOVE this metal sculpture. The wrinkles in his clothing look so real, don't they?

A perfect way to end this photo post.

Smile and say, "Cheese!"

Wishing you all a picture perfect week!


  1. The houses are beautiful! The cameraman sculpture is so very life-like!! The skyscrapers are phenomenal. But, the one that steals the show is the one where someone is airing their dirty laundry!!

  2. Ron, this collection of photographs is excellent. You've got a little bit of everything included. That photo you took with your old cellphone is incredible. It doesn't even look real!!! Lucky for you to have see it and captured it in the moment.

    "Oh well, I suppose the image goes well with the Hanes underwear slogan, "Just wait'll we get our Hanes on you" or rather, off you..." I just about rolled over laughing at that! And who on earth would leave there underwear there?!?! I bet you're right, I bet it was the sneaker man. LOL!!

    And don't you miss David Bowie? I was heartbroken when I heard of his death. I can't believe it's been six years. It's seems like it was yesterday. I was such a fan of his. I still have several CD's.

    Entertaining post, Ron! I so enjoy your commentary! xo

  3. "But, the one that steals the show is the one where someone is airing their dirty laundry!!"

    HA! Anni, that cracked me up! And can you believe that? I had to do a double take when I first spotted those red undies on the ground. I'm like, "Are those what I think they are?" And they were!!!!

    Thanks, I'm really impressed with the quality of the camera on my new cellphone and those skyscraper captures. I had my Canon camera with me that day, however, for those shots I used me cellphone.

    Have a fabulous week, my friend. And thanks for stopping by!


  4. Thanks, Candice! You're right, I was sooooooooooooo lucky to have captured that moment. I didn't really know how the photo would turn out because I took it so fast. I was shocked how it captured the sunbeams of light reflecting off the windows through the misty air.

    Can you believe that underwear on the ground? Part of me was horrified, while another part was anxious to take a picture and share it on my blog. LOL!!!! And to have seen both those sneakers AND the underwear on the same day was wild!

    I can't believe it's been SIX years?!? I remember hearing it on the news and thinking I didn't hear it right. Such a talented man. I grew up listening to his music.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, my friend. Have an awesome week!


  5. " Besides the astronomical move-in fees, they are also asking for a urine and stool sample, a blood test, and proof that your ancestry comes from royalty." You are hysterical, Ron!!!! I laughed out loud at my desk this morning when I read that. And I know it's an exaggeration, but it's also partially true. I have a friend who has been looking to move and she's having the hardest time finding a place where she doesn't have to come up with a small fortune just to get through the application process!

    Fantastic photos! I want to live in each one of those Ardmore houses, they are so charming. God, how I miss the architecture in the Northeast. It's just not the same here in Florida.

    Being that I'm originally a New Yorker, the underwear and sneakers didn't faze me because you see things like that all the time in the Big Apple. LOL!

    Thanks for the early morning laughs, Ron! You da' man! xo

    P.S. Is it getting any cooler there, now that Fall is rolling in?

  6. Hola, Denise!

    Right? I swear to god, I cannot believe all the fees and requirements to move into a new apartment. I can understand the application fee, but now they are requiring an additional $150.00 admission fee. What the hell is that?!?!? And some of the rental companies are requiring that you make FOUR times the amount of the monthly rent each month. Excuse me, but if I made four times the amount of the monthly rent, I'd buy a HOUSE. LOL!

    Aren't the house freaking ADORABLE? I was in Ardmore yesterday and after I had lunch, I walked to a nearby park. And on the way, I took photos of the houses along the way. Each one, cuter than the next.

    I agree, the architecture in the Northeast is gorgeous. The homes all looked like they have a rich history.

    And you're see things like that in NYC as well! Particularly at the time when I lived there.

    YES!!!! it is finally getting cooler here. In fact, all day yesterday, while walking around Ardmore, I kept saying to myself, "I can FEEL Autumn moving in!" The air was cool, without a drop of humidity.

    *doing the happy dance*

    Thanks so much for stopping by, girl. Have a faaaabulous rest of your week!


  7. You are spot on, Ron, that house does look like something you'd see in Hollywood; owned by a silent film star! And I say that because I spent some time in CA and took several home tours. I really enjoyed the house photos you shared because there was a time in my life when I seriously considered becoming an architect. I have such a passion for design, especially houses.

    How did you get that shot of the bug? It's such a closeup! So sharp and clear. Nice capture!

    And those skyscrapers are (like HootinAnni said) phenomenal. You have such great eye for composition. How funny about the Hanes underwear. LOL! And they actually look quite new, so I wonder who and why they were disposed of.

    The apartment building you were hoping to move into is indeed charming. I can't get over how well-kept and manicured the homes look in Ardmore. And each one has a different feel.

    The camera guy sculpture is so cool. It's incredible how real it looks. I bet you were tempted to touch the clothes to see if they were real.

  8. Morning, Daniel!

    "And I say that because I spent some time in CA and took several home tours."

    OMG, that is so cool! I've always wanted to do that; particularly the homes of the classic movie stars of yesteryears. I remember watching an old 'I Love Lucy' episode in which Lucy and Ethel take a bus tour of the movie stars homes in Hollywood. It 's one of my all-time favorite episodes!!!

    I got that bug shot by sheer luck because it kept flying around me and then landing. But every time I aimed my cellphone camera at it, it would fly away. That is, until one time a GOT it. And I was surprised how clear the photo was because I took it so fast.

    HA! I thought the exact same thing about the undies, they looked new!

    "The camera guy sculpture is so cool. It's incredible how real it looks. I bet you were tempted to touch the clothes to see if they were real."

    Yup! And I DID!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Daniel. Always great to read your comments. Hope you're having a great week!


  9. Me too, Ron! As a matter of fact, I had ALL his LP's! I loved his album covers. He was so ahead of his time, wasn't he?

  10. He sure was, Candice! I loved how androgynous he was! I had a few of his LP's too. The guy I lived with in NY (who later became my partner), adored him.

  11. Omg, those houses in Ardmore are incredible! That first one looks straight out of Carmel By the Sea In California! I love it! But they are all so beautiful and full of charm. And holy cow is that a beautiful bug! Isn’t it amazing how many bugs are out there that you can frequently see ones you’ve never seen before?

    I do love that statue. So realistic. And the colors of the balls over that skating rink are so pretty. It reminds me of those umbrella alleys. Have you seen any of those on sites like Instagram? The church colors are also pretty. Is it a synagogue? The tennis shoes are so bizarre. Like, how many people must have walked over them before something was done? Lol, I would not have picked them up either!

    David Bowie . . . sigh. Thanks for taking us on this journey. XO

  12. What a great collection of photos, Ron!! I had to giggle over those sneakers (yes, they do look like the end of that guy's life, when he left his shoes and flew off!), and I'm amazed at the "Heavenly image" you captured over the skyscraper. That's one big bug, my friend -- I'd have vacated the bench, fearing he might be poisonous!

    The architecture there is gorgeous -- so many lovely homes! I like the aqua-colored one with the huge porch! And that statue with the camera looks so real -- bet he's photographed a lot. I can see why you wanted to live in that apartment, but gee, not at the rate of having to prove you're royalty, ha!

    Enjoy your week. We're getting a nice cold front this evening, and tomorrow should start a lovely cooler few days. Monkey and I can hardly wait! xx

  13. I know, aren't they INCREDIBLE? I spent yesterday out there and had the time of my life. Before I went, I google different parks and visit a few - so peaceful, so quiet, so clean - a lot like Philly. Bwhahahahahahahaha! I'm not giving up on finding an apartment in that area, or even the surrounding areas because anytime I'm there, I have this very strong feeling that I BELONG there. I'll keep you posted.

    "That first one looks straight out of Carmel By the Sea in California!"

    You SEE that! I have never been to Carmel By the Sea, but as soon as I spotted it, I immediately thought....CALIFORNIA!

    Isn't the bug beautiful? I tried to look it up online by describing it, but couldn't find out what kind of bug it was. It kind of looks like a Lady Bug and a beetle combined.

    Yes! I absolutely HAVE seen those umbrella alleys on Instagram. They're faaaaaaaabuous! And you're right, they do remind me of those. I think the colors of the balls had something to do with Gay Pride and the color of the rainbow. I can't remember what month I took that photo, but I think it was in June, which is Gay Pride Month here in Philly.

    You know, I'm not 100% sure. I thought it was a cathedral, but it very much might be a synagogue. the next time I'm in that area, I'll have to look closer.

    Isn't that weird about the sneakers? I did a doubletake because I wasn't sure I was seeing what my eyes were seeing. LOL!

    Don't ya miss David Bowie? He reminds me of such fun times in my youth. Such a talented man!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a super fabulous rest of your week!


  14. Thank you, Debbie! I figured I better post them because my camera and computer were getting bogged down with photos. I needed to make some room.

    Aren't those sneaker so bazaar?!?! I had to do a doubletake when I first saw them because I didn't believe my eyes!

    I was so lucky to capture that Heavenly image because I took the photo so fast. I literally saw it, dropped my Trader Joe's bag, and then whipped out my phone and snapped a photo. And I only took ONE shot. And you're right, it does look heavenly.

    That bug was flying around me the whole time I was there. It would fly, land, fly, land, fly, land, until finally I took my cellphone and snapped a photo. I was afraid of it because it reminded me of Lady Bug, and I love Lady Bugs.

    Aren't the homes beautiful? And one is more beautiful than the next. I spend several hours in Ardmore yesterday, so I took many photographs. I wanted that apartment so bad. And the property manager was very nice and wanted me to be a tenant because she and I hit it off immediately. However, the building is owned by a corporate company and they are the ones who make all the insane demands upon moving in. Oh well, I'll find something else. I know I will.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. my friend! Ooooooooooooooo....goodie, you're getting a cold front. PLEASE send it MY way, okay? It's been much cooler here, but not as cool as I'd like it to be. I am so over this past summer and the intense heat and humidity we had. I think all of us had the same experience this summer.


  15. Oooops, Ron, when I came back to read your responding comment, I noticed that I totally forgot to mention in my comment how much I loved the first shot of the view from you apartment. What a great capture! Love the light coming from some of the windows. And the building is gorgeous! Reminds me of the movie, "Rear Window" with Grace Kelly and James Stewart!!!

  16. Thank you, sir! That building is an office building plus it has a designing firm on the bottom floor, street level. You should see it up close and during daylight. The architecture is stunning. And yes!!!!!! TOTALLY a scene from Rear Window! Wonderful film, isn't it?

  17. Hellooooooooooo there, Elaine!

    Much thanks, my friend. The day I took those two shots, I was trying out my new cellphone. I had my camera with me too, but I took certain ones with my cell. I am LOVIN' this new phone!

    I know, isn't the comparison funny? Like you said, completely different worlds. And to think that Ardmore is only 22 minutes outside the city. So happy to hear that you and your husband made it out there. Isn't it fantastic? I was just there yesterday and had the best time. And the weather was so nice, that I walked everywhere and didn't sweat a drop. God, how glad I am that summer is over!

    The market in NY is much worse than here. And I knew it would happen too. I can't get over how I have no interest in visiting NYC at the moment. Maybe years from now I'll go back for a visit, but for right And I can't believe I even said that. LOL!

    Yes....and Baby Boomers we are! David Bowie was one of a kind, wasn't he? Not only talented, but also his whole image was so unique. And I loved that he didn't give a shit that he was different.

    OMG, yesiree...I am so enjoying the cooler temps. I can't wait until it gets really cold so that I can start making SOUPS!!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, friend. Happy Wednesday!


  18. Ron, we google that bug and I wanted to leave you the link. They are called, a Spotted Lanternfly and are only dangerous to agriculture. Here is the link my husband found:

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for doing that, Elaine. Can't wait to read the article.

  20. Ron, I'm going to use your favorite word to express how I feel about these photographs. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!

    Honestly, dude, these are excellent! Skyscrapers...WOW! And I ROFLMAO at the sneakers and underwear commentary. Only YOU would find things like those on the ground and think to photograph and post about them!! Where did you take that first shot below the post title? What a cool shot!

    The homes in Ardmore are beautiful. Each one has a different feel. And the cameraman sculpture is so life-like. My girlfriend, being an artist wanted me to tell you how much she enjoyed it.

    Hope you're enjoying a great weekend and cooler fall weather!

  21. Aw...thanks, Matt! And your usage of faaaaaaaaaabulous made me laugh!!!

    I know, can you believe I found those items on the SAME DAY, but in different parks? It's like I'm a magnet for weirdness. HA! I took that first shot one day, while walking over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. I took it on the way back from my bridge walk.

    Isn't the cameraman sculpture amazingly life-like? There were two other sculptures that I took photos of as well. One was of a elderly woman sitting on a bench; waiting for a bus. And the other was a policeman who was waving his hand and smiling.

    And yes....OMG....I am soooooooooooooo enjoying the cooler fall weather! Yesterday, I actually wore a light jacket to walk to work. I can't wait until it gets even colder!

    Have a superb weekend, my friend!


  22. Ron, you have such a gifted eye for street and architecture photography. These are fabulous and I enjoyed every one of them (except maybe the underwear). And the adorable!! Wonder what it is because we don't have these in Missouri. Hope you are enjoying the cooler days and nights. I haven't had my AC on for a couple weeks now. X

  23. Thanks, Lisa!

    I looked it up online, it's called a spotted lanternfly. They are not harmful to humans or animals, however, they apparently are very destructive to trees and plant life.

    Yes, I am sooooooooo enjoying this cooler weather.

    Thank God it's finally AUTUMN!!!!



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