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Are you not SICK to death of going into most corporate retail stores, and upon paying for your purchase, asked at least 20 invasive questions by the check-out person?

“Hi…do you have one of our store INCENTIVE cards? If not, let me sign you up now, so that you’ll start receiving a multitude of special benefits and discounts; which include a whopping 2 % off anything you purchase today. It will also entitle you to free gifts and good karma throughout the entire year, and the best part…is that you’ll be helping me to keep this job, because I’m being forced to open at least 10 of these a day or I’ll get fired.”

"It will only take a second….ready?"

1) Email address?
2) Home address?
3) Home phone?
4) Work phone?
5) Cell phone?
6) Fax number?
7) Social security number?
8) Banking PIN number?
9) Blood type?
10) Would you like to donate your organs?
11) Would you like us to email you 10 -15 coupons a day?
12) When would be the best time to call and inconvenience you?
13) Would you like to receive obscene phone calls?
14) Do you mind if we called your aunt in Iowa?
15) Would you like to receive frequent flier miles?
16) Who would you like to be in your next life?
17) How much money do you make?
18) Who do you love more, your mother or father?
19) Would you also be interested in opening a store credit card with a 0% interest rate for the first week; after which will only be increased to 50.6%?
20) And finally...have you ever wanted to slap someone?


What the hell ever happened to a simple, “Thank you for your purchase and have a nice day????”

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  1. LMAO!!! Oh thats shocking!!! Just run next time... just RUN!! :-) xx