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I started wearing reading glasses about 6 years ago, however, in the past 3 months I’ve noticed that my eye site has dropped considerably. I blame this on the compulsive addictive amount of time I spend on this damn computer.

(not my age…hmm)

I’ve gotten to the point where I habitually put them on every morning as soon as I get out of bed, so that I can see when I’m typing in my password to check my emails.

And what’s really bad, is that I keep them on regardless of whether or not I’m actually using them to read something. So now I’ve gotten to the point where I need them to see ANYTHING.

I swear to God….if I don’t have them on, I feel like I can’t breathe!

This morning while I was taking my first "poo" of the day, I brought in a book that I’ve been reading, so that I could throw down a couple of chapters. And as I got to the bottom of the page, my eyes happen to catch the bathroom floor.

Holy shit!

Now I’m a spotless house cleaner, trust me. But apparently, I need binoculars the next time I decide to clean. I couldn’t believe all the crap I missed (no pun intended).

(hair, little pieces of toilet tissue, cotton ball debris, a dental floss string, and a button)

What?…..was I wearing my SUNGLASSES when I cleaned the bathroom two days ago???

Anyway, about a week ago, I was so caught up in responding to a few comments on my other blog, that I completely lost track of the time. When I looked at the clock, I realized that I was way behind getting ready for work. So I jumped up from the desk and headed straight for the shower. I ran the water for a few minutes, stripped off my underwear, got into the shower and began to wash my hair, when all of a sudden I realized….I left my friggin' reading glasses on!

Well….I could definitely SEE myself much better to clean. was a Kodak moment.

Photo: Daniel Y. Go

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  1. *GiGGLeS* Hey thats a brilliant excuse for me!!! I'm gonna use that one as my reason to why I don't clean the house!

    "I did clean hunny, I just missed heaps because I need glasses"

    *GiGGLeS* shhhhhh xx