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Even to this day, the approach of Halloween STILL gets me all excited.

When I was a kid, I would start planning my costume at the end of August. Everyone thought I was insane (which I am). But you see, this always allowed me that “extra time” for when I changed my mind every 2 days, about how I was going to dress up.

As Halloween got closer and closer, I would silently pray to God every night before bed, so He would not allow it to rain that evening. I couldn’t bare the thought of having all my efforts stifled by some shitty freak of nature.

One year I decided to dress like Aunt Jemima.

My mother did a fabulous job helping me put it all together. In those days (1960’s) you would use a burnt cork to create black-face. My mother would burn the end of a cork and rub it all over my face and neck. When I looked in the mirror, it appeared as though I had been on a two year mining expedition. She finished it off with some bright red lipstick. After I put on the dress, apron and kerchief, I stood back and admired my reflection in a full length mirror….HOT DAMN…I was the BOMB!

We would stay out trick or treating for hours. I would always come home in between, and dump off the first bag, and then go back out for a second.

Then, at about 10 p.m. we’d all go home and check out “our goods.”

And only ONCE did I ever receive a small bag of rocks for a treat.

(I guess someone felt the need to be a dickhead)

We’d eat the candy until we almost threw up.

(But it was so much fun)

Now, as an adult, I always rent the movie, “Halloween” with Jamie Lee Curtis.

I turn off all the lights in my apartment, and then fire up about 12 tea lights.

I sit on the floor, with my hands covering both my eyes; as I peek through the cracks of my slightly opened fingers….scared out of my mind…just WAITING for Michael Myers to rise up off the floor again; after being shot, stabbed with a knife, and then poked in the eyes with a wire coat hanger!!!!

I’ve seen the movie a million times…and it STILL scares the shit out of me!

(But it’s so much fun)

Wishing you a fun, safe and “Michael Myers Halloween.”


Photo: Pete The Chop


  1. I was the same way. We always had ways of being very creative when it came to our costumes. We even went to the Catholic Nuns convent and they always gave us apples. We would bring them home with the candy loot and the poor thing sat on the counter for weeks before we threw it away. But, we always would slip sister Monica Marie a chocolate bar and let her live with a sugar high for an hour or so. One year I went as me, and no one could guess it.
    Happy Halloween my ghoulish friend. By the way spending Halloween with Jamie Lee Curits is my idea of a treat.

  2. Oh you big 'Wuss' hiding behind your fingers! Use a cushion, that's what I do!

  3. Oh Dave....

    That is too, too FUNNY!!!!

    (I'm dying of laughter here)

    Sister Monica Marie probably went to confession after ingesting those candy bars!

    (say 1 Hail Mary and 10 Our Father's)

    And what is it about all those poor little apples that NONE of us EVER wanted????

    Nowaday if they were "organic" no one would EVER think to throw them away!

    Thanks so much for stopping by for a Trick or Treat, Dave!


  4. A cushion?????

    Damn...why the hell didn't "I" ever think of that??????

    Ok....tomorrow's a cushion!

    Thanks for the brilliant suggestion Akelamalu.

    And have a GREAT BOO-DAY!

  5. I ADORE HALLOWEEN! :-) AND I LOVE to dress up!!! Only prob is Hubby is so against halloween :-( He is such a party poooper!!!