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Much to my surprise and delight...the Awesome Miss Grace at The Wild Pomegranate gave me, not ONE...but TWO early Christmas gifts!

And I swore that I would not open them until Christmas day...however, I lied.

(I'm extremely evil)

Grace and I have just recently became "Blogging Buddies" - but since I believe in reincarnation, I know that she and I have met in a past life. We both worked at a 7-11 in Rome, Italy, B.C. and sold lottery tickets and lemon gelato.

(somehow I just know that)

Anyway, Grace...not only do I thank you for these wonderful gifts that you have passed forward to me, but I thank you - for meeting again in this lifetime. You're just the COOLEST lady...who I'm honored to know!

The "Be The Blog Award" is for bloggers who make their blog their own. They stay with it. Interact with their readers. Yet, most importantly...have FUN!"

The "Best Blogging Buddies Award" is to me, an award that you want to share with a good, loving buddy (and isn't it just the cutest damn thing you ever saw?)
Passing Them Forward....
I would like to share BOTH these gifts with 3 wonderful human beings, who I've know now, for
almost a year. They are loyal, consistent, and just about the nicest bloggers anyone could know.
Akelamalu at "Everything and Nothing" just totally blows my mind. She has the most readers of any blogger I've ever know. And what's amazing about this lady, is the fact that she consistently answers each and every comment (individually). She posts every day, and always finds the time to visit everyone else's blog....AND she works a job! Thank you Akelamalu...for being one of my Best Blogging Buddies. You are loved!
Loving Annie at "Loving for Your Heart" is JUST what her blog states...she's LOVING. Here's another awesome lady, who always finds the time to visit both my blogs, whenever I post. She shares her life, openly and honestly with all of her loyal readers. She also runs two blogs - and does so - remarkably! She's kind, caring and always attentive. Thank you Annie...for being one of my Best Blogging Buddies. You are loved!
Dave at "Serenity and Love" is by far...the most, gentle, kind, wise, caring and awesome man I have ever met - he makes me proud to a male. His blog reflects all of these aspects of himself. In so few words...he speaks great volumes. To me...Dave is one of God's Loving Angels...that sprinkles love, wherever he goes. Thank you Dave...for being one of my Best Blogging Buddies. You are loved!
Thank you, Grace, Akelamalu, Annie, and Dave...for making my life all the better!
(Sorry about the sudden "tight" text...I don't know what the hell happened?)


  1. Good Monday evening to you, Ron !
    How are you doing ?
    You are so sweet - THANK YOU for this great award !!! I appreciate it - and you :)
    Loving Annie

  2. You are so VERY welcome, Loving Annie!

    You're a special lady...who's always loved!

    Enjoy the Oscars!


  3. Good Tuesday morning to you, Ron !

    In another hour or so, will have 'special blessings' on the uppper right hand corner of my blog, and a post up, both with links for you, as my way of saying again... THANK YOU !

    Loving Annie

  4. My Friend you do me honor. I bow to you and your kindness. The Oh, so kind words are such a wonderful gift. You are the gift that we all enjoy.
    Like you, I too believe in past lives and I know that we have connected on several occasion in past lives and that we still are making the connections proves that life is forever. I may have been to the 7-11 in rome and bought some gelato I know I bought the lottery tickets. I feel the quiet energy and concern for giving people relief and love everytime I read your blogs. I am thrilled to call you friend. Thank you again.


    I love the look of your site.

  5. okay, sweet one -- it is up and running :)

  6. Hey Annie~

    Thank you my dear friend!

    I just got on-line, so I'll be over in uno momento!

    Grassy ass,

  7. Evening Mr.Dave~

    It gave me great joy to pass these on to you!

    Enjoy, buddy!

    Oh...I HOPE I gave you a winning ticket?????


    P.S. Thanks for enjoying the "new look" - I'm teaching myself html coding...and having a BLAST experimenting with things. This is one of the reasons I wanted to host Vent at Blogger (the freedom to TRY). I think I'll keep this one for a while - it FEELS like me!

  8. Ron I'm overwhelmed - thankyou my friend. xxxx

    Congratulation you so deserve these awards. :)

  9. Good Morning Akelamalu~

    It was my pleasure and honor, fine lady!

    You can place them with the other 150 Oscars you've received!


    Ciao Bella,

  10. Hey Ron,

    Another good post! I feel better already. =]

    I seem to be hearing a lot about gratitude recently. I do hope that what goes around comes around, in the best way.

    Great new look. WP is cool so far, I've found a template that I can comfortably mess around with, and the code is laid out quite well. That seems to be the key with each one, as a couple that I tried earlier were difficult for me to interpret and got quickly dumped. Looks like you're having fun, and that's the main thing.

    More coffee!

  11. Hey Greg!

    So good to see ya buddy! Thanks for dropping by!'s something about gratitude isn't it? This past Thanksgiving, I felt especially grateful - and not because of anything in particular...but for ALL the "little" things I seem to overlook a lot of the time.

    Thanksgiving Day I felt very FULL.

    (and not because of the turkey)

    Thank you for enjoying the new look on the blog. It's funny, because I ALWAYS said I would never have a dark page...but Grace (the woman who gave me these cool gifts) has one, and it I love the feel of hers.I wanted this to feel like an old black and white film, with a touch of color. I fiddled with the default settings and changed a few things. I'm gradually getting braver with the code.

    Oy vey!

    Wordpress,(because I don't have my own blog template) is too limited. YOU actually did the best thing, by downloading your own plate (which I love all your add-ons) - it's wonderful!

    Blogger gave me the best of both worlds. Free templates and hosting...and creative freedom.

    I'm having a ball!

    Thanks again for stopping by, Greg. It's always a pleasure!

    Coffee mugs up!

  12. Akelamamlu~

    oops, sorry...250!

    Cheers, my friend!


  13. Cute award!!!

    Ahuh! I knew I'd learn something 'WOW' new about you!

    So you believe in past lives huh? Well cool! :-) I've never looked into that kind of stuff but I'm pretty open minded! xx